10 Oils to Tighten Sagging Facial Skin

The concept of “ageing gracefully” is extremely relevant in today’s world where more and more women are bending backwards to prevent the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet on their face – from popping dubious age-reversing pills to going through series of Botox injections, they are doing it all. However, to age gracefully doesn’t mean you stop giving TLC to your skin, which may actually accelerate the premature ageing process. In this post, we list down 10 oils to tighten sagging facial skin.

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What Causes Skin to Sag?

As we age, the production of collagen and elastin, which are protein fibers found in the skin, declines and as a result, skin starts to lose its elasticity, firmness, and suppleness. Our skin is made of 80% collagen and when it starts to drop, the effects are more than obvious in the form of fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin. Also, when there is a drop in collagen production, facial muscles tend to become weak, causing the skin to sag. Constant exposure to harmful sun rays can also damage the collagen and elastin fiber in the skin and as a result, the skin starts to become loose.

What Factors Accelerate Premature Ageing?

Some factors can actually speed up the ageing process of skin and it’s important to list them down so that one can avoid these factors completely.

  • Not wearing a sunscreen while going out. Remember,  the sun can cause real damage to collagen and elastin by degrading them. Pick a good SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.
  • Lifestyle habits such as drinking, smoking, too much junk food can lead to rapid drop in collagen and elastin levels on the skin.
  • Lack of nutrients: Our skin needs nourishment to remain youthful and supple and when there is a deficiency of protein, vitamin E, and other nutrients, it shows up on the skin.
  • Change in weight/weight loss: When someone rapidly loses weight, through crash dieting or other unhealthy means, they tend to lose subcutaneous fat as well (which is the tissue between muscle and skin), leading to loose skin.
  • Excessive use of Sugar: Cutting down sugar will have an amazing reaction on your skin because insulin spikes caused by high refined sugar in the body causes inflammation of skin which leads to premature ageing, wrinkles, acne, and uneven skin tone. If you want to look 10 years younger, then the first thing you should do is eliminate sugar from your system. Sugar in the bloodstream leads to a process called “glycation,” in which sugar molecules damage the collagen and elastin (responsible for suppleness and firmness) in our skin. Cutting down glucose will eliminate insulin spikes which will eventually lower down inflammation of the skin and you can get your youthful glow back within two weeks. So, when you cut back on sugar, you can say bye bye to acne and wrinkles for as long as you want.
  • Stress: Increased stress level can cause sagging skin, especially under the eyes, called as eye bags. Stress which also leads to sleep deprivation, dehydration, and reduced blood flow to the skin.

What are the Typical Signs of Ageing:

  • Dry patches on skin
  • Fine lines
  • Age spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Loose skin
  • Sagging skin

Can Oils Tighten and Firm Skin?

Yes, some facial oils work amazingly well to boost collagen production, toning up the outer layer of skin, and nourishing it with the right nutrients. Some natural oils can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also make it radiant and glowing with regular use. In fact, women of all ages should use facial oil to pamper their skin.

How To Add Facial Oil into Skincare Routine:

Some women dread applying facial oil because they feel it might aggravate the acne situation; however, picking up the correct facial oil can work magic on the skin – it would glow and radiance, and delay the appearance of wrinkles, and tighten up loose skin as well. Here are some ways through which you can incorporate facial oil into the skincare routine:

1. Mix a few drops of facial oil with your regular moisturizer.
2. Mix a few drops into your makeup foundation.
3. Add a few drops to your cleanser and massage for 2 to 5 minutes on the skin.
4. Add a few drops to your homemade face packs/masks for added benefits.
5. Add it to your homemade scrub or regular scrub.

The Correct Order of Facial Oil in Skincare Routine:

Morning Skincare Routine: Cleanser, eye cream, toner, serum, moisturizer, Face oil, Sunscreen

Night-Time Skincare Routine: Makeup remover, cleanser, eye cream, toner, serum, moisturizer, facial oil.

10 Oils to Tighten Sagging Facial Skin:

1. Pure Vitamin E Oil: Vitamin E oil is rich in antioxidants which have amazing effects on both skin and hair. Vitamin E oil and capsules are hugely popular all over the world to tighten up skin. Vitamin E protects the skin from anti-ageing effects caused by sun by absorbing harmful UV light when applied topically.

2. Olive oil: Rich in antioxidants, olive oil also has high vitamin E and A, that provide nourishment and hydration to the skin. Regular use of olive oil firms up and reduces sagging of skin.

3. Sweet Almond Oil: Almond oil, with its high vitamin E content, should be part of everyone’s skincare routine because it has anti-inflammatory properties, boosts the production of collagen, and tightens up skin by penetrating into deeper layers.

4. Wheatgerm oil: The vitamin B content in wheatgerm oil is what does the magic on sagging skin by triggering tissue growth and the production of collagen. By the way, it’s also rich in vitamin E, which can take care of a lot of skin woes including fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Evening Primrose oil: In fact, evening primrose oil is used in a lot of anti-ageing supplements and helps to tighten up the skin with regular use with its fatty acid content.

6. Castor oil: Like evening primrose oil, this hair-growth boosting oil, is also rich in fatty acids and that’s why is good news for loose skin. It can also reduce hyperpigmentation, acne scars too.

7. Coconut oil: Coconut oil is a natural emollient which promotes soft skin, while Vitamin E oil supports generation of the cells, thus, preventing sagged skin. To get maximum benefits out of coconut oil, mix two spoons of coconut oil with two spoons of Vitamin E oil. Apply a thick layer of this mixture and leave it for an hour. Wash off with lukewarm water.
8. Emu Oil: It’s not a plant-derived oil, rather it’s an animal oil that boosts collagen production and improves the overall texture of skin.
9. Rosemary Oil: This oil is better known for its use in hair treatments. But this antioxidant rich oil is great for treating ageing skin too. It rehydrates and adds texture to the skin. It helps to remove under eye bags. It aids cell regeneration and makes the skin more elastic. It removes fine lines and wrinkles to make the skin smooth and firm.
10. Soybean oil: Genistein, which is a natural hormone found in soya, boosts the production of collagen, making skin firm. It also inhibits the action of enzymes that counter collagen and degrade its function.

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