Ojon Rare Blend Oil Moisture Therapy Review

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This review will be on the Ojon Rare Blend Oil Moisture Therapy.

About The Product:
Ojon Rare Blend Oil Moisture Therapy Medium Texture is a multi-benefit lightweight oil that revitalizes and protects hair. For hair with dry ends.
From tropical Tahiti to the Kalahari Desert in Africa, from the remote rainforests of Central America and beyond, Ojon gathered potent natural oils legendary for their “great healing powers”. One precious drop of this lightweight oil helps to hydrate, smooth and soften strands, boost shine, and reduce frizz.

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Price : $35 for full size. $15 for deluxe size.

• Ojon oil: Known as “nature’s hair-repairing golden elixir”, this 500-year-old beauty secret from the rainforests of Central America is rich in essential lipids similar to those in unprocessed hair.
• Rouge oleifera: The rich, red colored pulp of the Ojon nut has been shown to contain highly concentrated antioxidants. It helps reverse damage to hair follicles and restore shine, softness and strength to hair.
• Tahitian Monoi Oil: This rare nourishing coconut oil from Tahiti infused with fresh Tiare flowers is extremely rich in essential lipids. Its non-affinity to water gives it its unique protective property.
• Mexican Aloe Vera: Rich with lipids and well known for its ability to nourish and sooth.
• Grapeseed Oil: Delivers high-level essential fatty acids for moisturizing benefits.
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Synthetic Fragrances
– Phthalates
– GMOs
– Triclosan

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My Experience with Ojon Rare Blend Oil Moisture Therapy:

First, let me tell you a little bit about my hair. I have very fine thin dry hair which tend to get frizzy and lacks volume. I do not suffer from much damage on my hair.I love using oils on my hair mainly due to the immense amount of moisture and shine they deliver but oils usually tend to weigh my fine hair down.

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This product is a blend of different oils which can be clearly seen as the oil separates in 3 layers. You have to shake so the oil blends together. I find that 1-2 drops is enough to coat my below shoulder length hair. You have to be careful not to apply too much or close to the roots as it can give a very greasy appearance to the hair.

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I find it is best to apply this oil on damp hair just before I let air dry though it can be applied on dry hair to to give a boost of shine. This oil when applied lightly does not weigh my hair down instead its gives it a nice bounce. It gives a healthy shine to my hair and improves the condition of my hair by making it soft and smooth. It smooths out my frizz.

This oil has a very strong scent which is not unpleasant. It smells a little bit herbal but it is refreshing. The scent lingers on the hair for some time.

Overall, I do love this product. It is bit expensive but you do not need too much barely 1-2 drops, hence even the deluxe size bottle with last you forever. This product worked wonders for my dry hair but if your hair is oily or tends to get greasy really quick this is not the product for you. Also I am not sure about the effectiveness of this product if you do a lot of heat styling on your hair so you should use a heat protectant even though you are using this product.

I will recommend this product if you have dry damaged hair.

Pros of Ojon Rare Blend Oil Moisture Therapy:

• Does not weigh hair down if used sparingly.
• Gives hair a healthy shine and bounce.
• Smooths out frizz.
• Does not make my hair greasy.
• Has a pleasant scent but it is strong.
• 1-2 drops is all you need.

Cons of Ojon Rare Blend Oil Moisture Therapy:

• It is difficult to get a few drops out since the bottle has an open mouth. I have to use a another dropper.
• Oily hair will not like this.

IMBB Rating 4.5/5

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