Oriflame Beauty Blush Touch Duo Review

Oriflame Beauty Blush Touch Duo

The blush touch duo is a multi-purpose blush from Oriflame that contains both matte and pearl finishes in one. The pearl finish colour is supposed to double up as a highlighter.

Description from the Oriflame website: Sculpt your cheeks with this ingenious fusion of matt colour and luminous powder. Soft matt pigments help contour while pearlescent powder adds a fresh glow, giving your cheeks naturally healthy colour. Long-lasting formulation. Includes mirror.

Shades available : Peach Blush, Pink blush and Bronze blush.

Cost : Rs. 449 . Available through Oriflame consultants.

What I think about this:

  • I got the shade “peach blush” as part of an offer from Oriflame for about Rs. 129. Since I had no idea how good this product was. And I am really glad I did not pay the full price for this one. I‘ll tell u why.
  • The concept of two finishes combined in one blush seemed like a very different one from Oriflame. This one seemed pretty compact too.

This is how the packaging looks like: Oriflame Blush The peach is more of a pale pink and the pearlescent finish colour in the middle is a shimmery pink.

See swatches of the colour below.

The first pic shows both the colours, the one below that is the highlight colour and the one on the right is the matte colour. Oriflame Blush

  • The minute I opened the blush, I could see more fall out than I could see colour. Man, the whole brush was covered with colour from the blush!
  • I could hardly see any pigmentation with this one. Once applied, there is NO element of colour whatsoever. The matte finish is nothing but plain old matte colour that literally fades once we start blending and the pearlescent shade is nothing but shimmer! At least I can work with the shimmer by using it as a highlighter but what the heck am I supposed to do with the other one…I don’t know.
  • In fact, it’s so damn powdery that the minute I apply it on my cheeks it starts to fall off like dust.
  • I even tried using it on top of cream blush to give it a good base to adhere to. But no! It just won’t apply well. 🙂
  • And by the way, the brush that accompanies this one is pretty small since the packaging itself is that compact. I don’t see major usage with this one. In fact, I use it to dust the blush fallout before using it!

I was able to put up with the shimmer colour in the middle by using it as a highlighter here and there, but the matte colour a big NO! I am not really good at applying blushes, but this one, I just can’t work with!

What I like about blush duo:

  • The mirror inside the case and packaging.
  • Thank goodness I did not break out.

What I dislike about Blush duo:

  • Colour fall out like crazeeee. I can see colour all over the place the minute I open it! Even a very good quality blush brush is unable to pick up colour very well . 🙁  I swatched it using a q-tip.
  • Price is tooo much and quantity is too less.
  • Pigmentation. The matte colour just disappears with no trace of colour and the pearl finish has nothing but shimmer that too, tacky looking shimmer.
  • I love how the colour looks in the pan. Wish it worked better. 🙂

Will I re-purchase this? No. I thought if I could make it work, I would try the bronze version too, but no.

IMBB Rating: :star: :star: + 0.5

This one was pretty much a failure for me. I could not make it work although I tried alone, over makeup, using cream blushes as base etc. I don’t know if it’s the shade or the formulation .I have tried many of Oriflame products that have worked really well but this one was a total let down . 🙁

If any of you have plans of buying this one, please try and check if you can test it out first and then buy it.  I don’t think Oriflame has testers for blushes, but just a word of caution from my side.

Have you tried the blush duo from Oriflame?

Is there any way u could make it work or do you feel the same as I do? Share your thoughts.

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11 thoughts on “Oriflame Beauty Blush Touch Duo Review

  1. Appu… I guess u shud never buy cozsmetics from such companies.. heard great reviews about their skin and body care ranges but… I think cosmetics just r’nt their forte…

    1. i love oriflame appu 🙂
      oh god but this is a disaster and they want so much money for it 😕
      i am gonna pass it after ur reveiw thanks

      1. Hey Neha,

        Yeah…they want 400 something for something thats so cheap in quality…don’t get this one…there are much better blushes out there…Bourjois has such good ones 🙂

  2. God, this was such a flop product. I mean what were they thinking? Good that you could get it at such a low price, it would have been such a pain otherwise.

    Oriflame is a hit or a miss. Guess you can never be sure of the quality with this brand.

    1. Yeah Rati…the main problem is that they don’t have testers for these ones…thats marketing mayb 🙂 …if they had nobody would buy them I suppose 🙂

  3. I have this blush and its just lying there. There is no colour pay-off at all except for the shimmer, a bit, and the brush doesnt have any strength in it and you are right, the powder comes off all over the place.

    1. Yeah Jomol…their catalogues are drool worthy 🙂 They try to throw in some innovative ideas into their makeup but fail 🙂 I used to like their coconut shampoo 🙂 I love anythin coconutty 😉

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