Oriflame Concealer: Part 1 Review, Swatches

Oriflame Concealers: Part 1 Review, Swatches

I have to admit that Oriflame does not have very exact shades for our skin tones frankly. That is the reason I ended up buying so many of these, starting with medium and then ordering the dark ones. The variety oriflame has in concealers is good and they offer some for blemish treatment as well. Most of these are great for spot application on blemishes. They may be too light for under eyes. But will have to be mixed and matched with some other shade to be precise and need to be covered up with some thing matching ur skin tone. Otherwise these may look like white medication applied on spots on the face. I tried blending missing matching but u will still need to cover it with pressed powder matching ur skin tone. They have a separate one for undereye problem with light reflecting shimmer and the shades available in those are gold and pink, again a complete mismatch for Indian skin. So here we go, these are three of the six concealers i have:

The unique one that drew me towards these was the tea tree purifying corrective stick:
Product description: concealing stick with pure organic tea tree oil hides and dries out blemishes. Smoothes and blends perfectly to conceal blemishes whilst it treats them. To use, apply green corrector first to treat blemish and tone down redness. Follow with beige to conceal and brighten skin. Dermatological tested. 4g.

Oriflame COncealer
Oriflame COncealer

How it works:
The stick comes in lipstick tube form with two sides to it. A green and picky beige side. The green side is supposed to hide the redness of the blemish as that is how it works on the color wheel. Once we apply the green concelaer to the blemish, we need to cover it with the beige skin color concealer covering up the green

the tea tree purifying corrective stick
the tea tree purifying corrective stick


  • The concealer is extremely smooth. Both green and beige sides melt into the skin due to the smoothness.
the tea tree purifying corrective stick
the tea tree purifying corrective stick
  • Must have green concealer for redness on skin.
  • It has tea tree oil to treat acne.
  • You will need very little as its smooth and pigmented.
  • It does dry out the pimple or at least does not let any more inflammation happen.
  • Good for the price of rs 249 for 4 gram!
  • May get it on offer if you watch out.
  • I like the fresh green packaging.
  • The lipstick tube form is also convenient.
  • So easy to carry along 🙂


  • The green is stark
  • The beige side is total mismatch to Indian skin tones so use pressed powder on top
  • Use very little or u will end up looking like a spotted alien
  • Extremely smooth so be wary of dropping it or exposing to heat…it will be gone forever.
  • Only one shade available

Rating  :-*:-*:-*:-* for the unique concept of tea tree, green and beige concealer all in one tube

Next is visions v naturals retouch concealer in dark secret:

retouch in dark secert
retouch in dark secert

The two shades available are dark secret and perfect light
Dark secret is the darker one out of the two
Product description:
Easy-to-use concealer that gives you even coverage and a natural finish. Contains tea tree oil and vitamins to help soothe your skin, hide dark circles and calm blemishes. No worries. 1 g.


Pros: The stick is in twist up form and has a very small tip to it as compared to other concealers in the market. So I feel this is great for on the spot pimple application

  • The contents are firm but yet smooth
  • Blends well
  • Does not let the pimple aggravate further I feel
  • Need very little
  • It is creamy and some what soothing to irritated skin
  • Price of 179 is okay to good
  • Works good as eye shadow base like any other concealer
  • The tube comes in fresh green cap and body has pretty green and brown leaves imprinted, I like the packaging
  • Use as lip primers before applying lipstick or gloss

Rating :-* :-*:-*


  • I gram is too less
  • The colours on offer are not that great for us
  • The tube contents, once twisted up do not retract back, so be careful
  • You will need to cover it up with a matching pressed powder
  • Use very little
  • Contamination chances on direct application to pimple
  • Mismatch for dark circles, will end up looking grey
  • Two shades not enough to choose from as both have pink under tones rather than yellow

Next is visons v top secret concealer in the shade james bond

top secret in james bond
top secret in james bond

The one I have is in james bond and the shades available are two in mata hari and james bond, latter being the darker one.

Product description:
Make Top Secret Concealer your weapon of choice. Trained to neutralise and camouflage your blemishes with Panthenol and anti-bacterial ingredients. With moisturising Vitamins E, C and soothing Bisabol. Suitable for sensitive skin. 1g.

This is exactly similar to visions v retouch one but it is older.

top secret in james bond
top secret in james bond

The tube is similar twist up and does not retract back. The tube is not green but juts opaque beige kinda. Shades are again not exact for our tones. Both the shades have pink undertones making it unsuitable for under eyes. These are good for on spot application and are very smooth and blend well. These will need pressed powder on top. I would say these are exactly like the retouch one and work well as eye shadow base as well as lip primer. The quantity is less though 🙁 but okay for Rs 119.

top retouch & below top secret
top retouch & below top secret

Rating :-* :-*:-*

Part two will have oriflame beauty dual skin correctors in the shades medium and dark and also absolute concealer for eyes in the shade gold. All great products but again shade mismatch problem. So please hold on your catalogue shopping before you place an order. 🙂


26 thoughts on “Oriflame Concealer: Part 1 Review, Swatches

  1. He he he..spotted alien!! :rotfl: …Lovely review Neha. I was planning to buy that beige and green stick. I think after reading your review, I can give it a try. I’ve got these three pimples on my face since last week and m not liking them at all :weep: :weep: :-(( :-(( 😥 :wilt: :wilt:

  2. Neha, Finally finally. Thanks a ton. 😀

    I have to say that you are very brave to buy concealers by just looking at catalogues. I get confused even after trying them. 🙁 I loved how you have reviewed these, super helpful. 🙂

    I liked the concept of tea tree one the most. you can mix match the shades and use the concealer accordingly. 🙂

          1. Oh…one of my friends told!! …Donno what she heard! She said she went to this MAC store here in Bangalore and the MUA told her that!! :-/..I also couldn’t believe how it could come here so fast!! …It usually take 3-4 months for any new launch to come here. Moreover their indian website is also not updated!!

  3. Concealers scare me………I never found any concealer that worked in a good way…I have totally give up concealers….but might try the tea tree one :-))

  4. Hey Neha, it’s so good to have the comparative info..

    I never got myself an Oriflame Concealer owing to the few and light shades… :-(( But their textures are awesome. So have restricted myself to colours wid Oriflame..

    I want a MAC concealer now.. So can’t afford experiments and money wastage.. 😀 😀

    1. ya true
      :-(( me wasting money all the time
      will be reviewing some more oriflame concealers and ELF also
      Elf has an amazing shade for indian skin..in tone 2

  5. Nice review Neha… :yes: never tried concealor but want to…still searching for rgt shade of foundation for myself… :-X once i find that then i’ll search for rgt shade of concealor…hehe.. :giggle: :giggle:

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