Mac Select Cover-up Concealer Review, Swatch, Photo

Hello girls, hope you all dong well.

Today I am going to review my MAC concealer. Many other concealers have been already reviewed here. I didn’t want to keep this one being left out as I do like this concealer a lot. 🙂

mac select cover up concealer

Price: INR 1000/-

Quantity: 10 ml

mac select cover up concealer


mac select cover up concealer

What MAC claims about this concealer?

Liquid camouflage for the skin. Texture-free, virtually invisible. Comes in a tube. Blends in. Brightens and lightens dark areas, erases spots, evens-out skin tones. Makes skin flaw-free. Use pre-foundation, or on its own. Liquid camouflage for the skin. Texture-free, virtually invisible. Comes in a tube. Blends in. Brightens and lightens dark areas, erases spots, evens-out skin tones. Makes skin flaw-free. Use pre-foundation, or on its own. Don’t reveal it, conceal it!!

mac select cover up concealer

My take on Mac Select Cover Up Concealer

I had got this concealer about a year back along with the complete MAC base products. Since I have an oily skin type and dark shadows, I require good amount of coverage. And hence this was what the MUA suggested me. I mainly got this for concealing my dark circles and hyper-pigmentation patches. The formula is thicker than the MAC moisture cover and thinner formula than Studio sculpt and Studio finish which are cream concealers.

If anyone is not aware of basic facts about concealers let me brush up in brief. Concealers are basically base products applied to conceal dark spots, uneven skin tone, under eye circles, moles, tattoos, birthmarks and other discolorations. But do you know not the same concealer work for hiding all of these??

Yes, different formulas work for different types of coverage. For example, the blemishes and moles are best concealed with a creamy formula and discolorations as well as under eye circles are concealed using a liquid formula.

The concealer I am reviewing is a liquid concealer which effectively covers up my under-eye circles and pigmentation around the mouth.

It has very nice tube packaging which I prefer.

mac select cover up concealer

Swatch of the product :

mac select cover up concealer swatch

This drop is more than enough to conceal eyes, mouth area and side of nose.

This is how I apply on my under-eye circles. Hope you notice the difference in before and after pictures. :))

I chose early morning to take pictures as this is the time when I have really bad under-eye circles and puffy eyes. (sorry for the unruly brows)

Product applied as dots around the eye.

mac select cover up concealer under the eye

Left-Before concealing. Right-After blending the concealer.

mac select cover up concealer under the eye

P.S- In my tutorials I do use a color corrector along with this….will be reviewing that soon. 🙂

Pros of Mac Select Cover up Concealer

  • Definitely keeps the promise of good coverage.
  • Finishes with a satin smooth texture hence amazing for oily skin.
  • Blending is like dream.
  • Tube packaging is something I prefer than pot.
  • Liquid formula works brilliantly for the delicate eye region.
  • Many shades to choose your perfect skin tone match.
  • Quantity is good enough to last me 6 months even if I use daily. I just require a small drop of it to conceal my whole face.
  • It can be worn just on its own. You can skip foundation if you want more subtle, natural everyday make-up.

Cons of Mac Select Cover up Concealer

  • Inspite of good coverage I have to use color corrector because I have very dark under-eye circles.
  • Cost might be a good factor as all MAC products tend to be at higher end. But if the base is good anything over it will look good. So I don’t mind spending so much on my base product.

My rating: :-* :-* :-* :-*
-1 because I still require the color corrector with this to hide my dark circles completely. But that’s just because of my low hemoglobin. This might work differently and more effectively on others.

Have you used Mac Select Cover up Concealer? Please rate in the box below

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82 thoughts on “Mac Select Cover-up Concealer Review, Swatch, Photo

    1. yeah its nice…..awesome coverage!! :yes: :yes:
      But I am liking the dual concealer more now :inlove: :inlove:

  1. jinal, dont mind but u look ill babyyy .. what wronng ? u stressed about something ??? just relax n be happpyyyyy :-*

    1. hmmm…..actually these days I keep on fighting everyday with beau….so end up sobing at night….and then my eyes look disgusting in the morning…….. :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
      Sorry for such horrible pics…. :)) O:)

      1. abbe !!! fights toh hote rehte hai !! chill yaar !! apde ayne rovdavsu !!! hahahahahaha … relax and jadga jadgi :violinbash: :violinbash: kaam karo gandhiji ko yaad karo :toothygrin:

        1. hehe…..yes Rids…..ab kam hi karna hai….can’t afford to waste energy on all this….have important works to do :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

    1. its really nice…..really brightens up your eyes Rati…..since you don’t need much coverage asyou hardly hv dark circles I think this will work fab without the corrector only on you…do try it next time at M.A.C store :-* :-*

      1. I will… pakka.. also the fact that this is the only concealer I have not used from MAC>. i think sculpt also but this one i am more curious to try. 🙂

            1. hehe…..I dont have a bronzer!
              What I do is use my dark brown matte e/s for contouring and then I apply my blush and upar se highlighter….so no need of bronzer :yahoo: :yahoo:

            1. its creamy na Rati the sculpt and studio fix…thicker that this liquid concealer… does not blend that well. So its mostly used for blemishes and discolorations :))
              Liquid one is thinner and blends superbly with delicate under eye and mouth area skin!! :))

  2. hiii jinal… 😀

    seems like a great product.. i always wantes to try a liquid concelaer.can’t afford right now.. but will def try sometime in future.. :))

  3. Amazing review Jinal…One question…I’ve read that concealer should be a shade brighter than the founation ….Howz your take on this? Do you use brighter concealer than your foundation?? ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:)

    1. No Cali…..I use same shade as my foundation. :))
      If you have really bad dark under-eye circles like I do…then I suggest to use a color corrector. Then same shade of concealer. And to reflect light and to make it brighter you can use an illuminator. Hope this helps. :-*

    1. :thanks: :thanks: Shalini… try this one….its superb. And do try dual core if its still available….I love that one too. 🙂
      I am NC 43 in Studio tech and NC 42 for Studio fix :))

  4. when will i start buying MAC stuff is an intriguing question.. 😐 😐
    i’m so in luv wid soo many MAC products tht i’ll go bankrupt buying them all.. :wilt: :wilt:
    again luvly review jinal.. :))

    1. :thanks: Nids…..dont worry I too begin using M.A.C just a year back….when I started getting my pay cheques :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  5. looks awesome product … but i definitely needs to w8 till I join my job :yahoo: :yahoo:
    btw nice review Jinal :haanji:

    1. haha..i saw that today and I was like what the heck is that :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  6. Jinal……………I didn’t know so much about concealers…….. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: you gave so much information…..and you know there is a lot of difference between the before and after pics…..but you dont have that horrible under eye circles…………………..

    1. really Jomol you are first person to tell me I dont have horrible dark circles :panda:
      I love you for saying this :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
      :thanks: :thanks:

  7. nice review Jinal!! i think i will try it sometime..U said its for oily skin na?? me have oily skin in summers… :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

    1. thank you Anupam…..yeah its great for oily skin :))
      For dry I think M.A.C MUA will suggest Studio finish….do take their advice :))

    2. I dont have dark circles but I have blemishes and acne scars as I have started breaking out after I stopped certain medications!!..hope it will help on these!! :thanks: :thanks:

      1. Anupam for blemishes I would suggest a cream concealer like studio sculpt or studio finish. This is great for pigmentation and dark circles. I personally feel you should go at M.A.C store and try it on yourself…. 🙂 🙂

    1. yes Jomol….its the sole purpose of me buyin this….hiding my pigmentation…though now they have reduced a lot…but it works superb on pigmentation…you can say full coverage :yes: :yes:

  8. u hav really done a detailed review jini… :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:
    i m sure abt my next purchase from MAC now… :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

      1. hey kimi…my weekend was grand … i did some more shopping…n also coz i met pooja yestrday…!!
        how ru b/w… i kept thinking abt wht happnd wid u guys ystrday..!! it ws 5th naa.. n u wer suppozd to go somwhr??? is it all sorted..!!!

          1. Coool noopur!! 😀 😀 Show the piccys and all that you shopped!! 😛 😛 Yeah..went there and came to know that the planned saturday was off for them, so things getting preponed now, coz no shubh muhurat after that…Weekdays mein its tough,lets see…will update here accordingly!! :))

  9. Nice review Jinal! I just picked up Select Moisture cover from the Mickey Contractor collection and I’m so happy with it. I don’t even do my foundation everyday..I just use this on my under eyes and set it with powder and I’m done. It blends so well and looks so natural. Btw what shade is your concealer? Also wanted to know what a color corrector is…Is it also MAC?

    1. Thanx Ankita!!
      You know I also got that duo concealer. And I agree with everything you said. Today I skipped my foundation. Actually I bought that concealer the day I met you. Remember I said I got stuffs from M.A.C. One was this concealer…Mickey contractor wala :)) I am so impressed.
      And my concealer shade is NC 43. :))
      YEah color corrector is from M.A.C only. I will review it soon. :))

  10. woww Jinal.. this seems so good. I have horrible dark circlesa nd I need a good concelaer for them.
    What do u suggest should I go for this one or the Mickey contracter wala dual one Which Rati had reviewd?

    1. Hello Bee….if you have oily skin then you can try both. I love both of them. This would be for special occasion and dual one for everyday. I love both. You try it at store and find out which one gives you better coverage! :))

  11. Hi Jinal, this is such a lovely concealer, esp. for oily skinners, and it has a wonderful texture, I really love this one. I use it only for special occasions!!

    1. Hello Prerana… can try M.A.C Studio sculp…its really nice for acne marks and blemishes (not dark circles as its creamy). They may suggest you Studio finish if you have oily skin. Actually any cream concealer will serve your purpose. For cheaper option try Maybelline Mousse Foundation at the counter if that works. Hope you find a good one! :-*

  12. Hi,
    Thanx Jinal for writing this review and starting the string of comments :yes: :yes: . I am new to the world of makeup….I came across this blog wen i was surfing for skincare routine n now i m totally hooked…..its only after reading u guys that decided to try out makeup…So a BIGGGGG Thank you for that…..I want to share my experience here….i am from Delhi but working in Guwahati…sometym back i had gone to mumbai….got the base makeup stuff from MAC there. The foundation i got was the spf 15 wala in NC 42 and i bought a select moisture cover concealer….after coming back i realised the MUA had given me NC 44 in the concealer….this does not give a nice effect….i feel i should have checked the shade there…but now its too late 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Hello Manika…..welcome to IMBB. I am glad you are liking it here :-*
      Ohh thats sad experience. Hmmm shade darker than skin will not serve the purpose of concealing. For now I suggest you to get a liquid concealer or illuminator 2 shade lighter than your skin tone. You may check Revlon, Maybelline or Lakme whichever you find there. And mix a little with select moisture one to get your shade. Thats all I can think of. :((

    1. ayelaaaaaaaaaaa……………………this is so cuteeeee………….I loved the cute little ponies…..remind me of my school days…. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  13. Jinal it brightened your undereye quite nicely. :)) Concealers are my most used cosmetic so I’m always looking for a good one. MAC seems to have nice ones huh. I just got a new one but it’s not MAC. Excited for the tutorial w/ the colour corrector! :)) :)) :)) :bravo:

  14. hi jinal thats s nice review….got hooked on to mac recently too…wanted to just share that at mac palladium at phoenix the same thing that happened with manika happened with me….i am a nc 42 in mineralize foundation and the mua theere gave me a pro longwear creme concealr in NW40 which looked okay in the store light but when i reached home i realised it gives off a huge red udertone which actually accentuates the dark circles :(((((
    will not go back there now…
    will visit inorbit

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