Oriflame Visions Lipstick and Street Wear Lip Gloss Review

Oriflame Lip GlossI am a sucker for lip glosses and lipsticks and love buying and trying on new colors. I love the feeling and confidence that I get when I have the lip paint on. Lip glosses and lipsticks are my favorite makeup items and it’s the one thing that I carry around with me wherever I go.

Lipsticks are a great confidence booster and it’s not only me, who uses lipstick to perk up when feeling low. Do you know that there is a phenomenon called “lipstick effect.” Explaining it in clear terms, “lipstick effect,” is a term coined by Leonard Lauder, the chairman of cosmetic giant Estée Lauder, during the downturn of 2001. The theory goes that the sale of lipsticks shoots up during recession time because women who are unable to spend on luxury goods like costly Louis Vuitton bags, branded clothes, diamonds, jewelry, and Swaroski crystals find solace in cheaper feel-good stuff such as lipsticks to work as retail therapy during such an economic slowdown. In other words, when women feel down, on an average, they tend to purchase lipsticks to pull themselves up. In fact, during the Great Depression in the 1930s, cosmetic sales went up by 25 per cent. In the post 9/11 recession of 2001 too, lipstick sales in the US rose by 11 per cent. Even last year, which was the worst recession of all times, lipstick sales in India and all around the world shot up by a great margin.

Coming back to Oriflame Visions lipstick, I was recently approached by an Oriflame agent, who showed me multiple glossy catalogues with attractive products comprising of sunscreen, fairness, anti-aging products, perfumes, shampoos, conditioners, bath gels, anti-cellulite, hair care, makeup, foot care products, and what not. I found that their makeup range is quite limited with only two shades each for foundation and concealer, but otherwise Oriflame’s skin care and hair care range is quite remarkable. I was pretty impressed with what they had to offer, but the high price completely put me off.

To honor the time and energy the agent spent on me explaining each and every product in the catalogue, I very sheepishly pointed out to the cheapest item in the catalogue, which was Oriflame Vision Lipsticks (2.5) g, each costing Rs. 39 (Indian Rupees), just to oblige the agent. I randomly chose 4 shades and placed an order.


Oriflame Cosmetics S.A. (Luxembourg) is a cosmetics group, founded in 1967 in Sweden by the brothers Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick. The company sells skin care, cosmetic products and other related products through an independent sales force. Source: Wikipedia.

PRICE: Rs. 39 for 2.5 g (it’s too small).

Oriflame Visions Lipstick


I would like to call these lipsticks “cheapsticks” for the simple reason that they are very cheap. The Visions range of lipsticks come in 18 shades including Mauve Magic, Cocoa Cream, Coral Red, Pink Berry, Hot Chocolate, Damson Crush, Fudge Brownie, Black Cherry, Sparkling Ruby, Vampire, Storm, Chestnut Brown, Party Purple, Nut Brown, Two Twigs, Pink Lips, Iced Caffe, and Almond Brown.

I had ordered Pink Lips, Coral Red, Black Cherry, and Chestnut Brown from the above range. When the cheapsticks did finally come, I was quite amused at how tiny they were, well, can I complain, “beggars can’t be choosers”, as they say. But, remarkably, the cheapsticks did not disappoint me at all. Each cheapstick comes in a greyish-silvery-and-transparent package, which is not at all appealing. The cheapsticks have a pleasant fragrance about them, which is not overpowering. Upon applying the cheapstick, it glided smoothly and the consistency was quite creamy. These cheapsticks are neither on the glossy side nor do they give matt look. I had to apply my usual lip balm over it to get a glossy look. These lipsticks impart a nice color to the lips and the shades I chose were bang-on with the exception of Coral Red and I deserve to be spanked for choosing such a shade for my wheatish complexion.

Oriflmae Visions Lipstick Swatches
Oriflmae Visions Lipstick Swatches

P.S.: My mom lend a helping hand to me. 🙂


These cheapsticks are not at all long staying and will need application and re-application every now and then. A sip of coffee from the coffee mug or some jabbering over the phone will take out the color completely off from your lips. But, surprisingly, I did not mind it that much since I kept on reaching out for the lovely-smelling cheapstick with much relish. On the flip side, I think the art of re-touching and re-applying lipstick with a small vanity mirror in the hand is oh-so-seductive.

Oriflame Visions Lipstick


Well, it’s a yes because I really liked the shades I bought and also I would like to find out how certain shades like mauve and purple would look on me without going directly for expensive lipsticks offering such shades. I suggest that if you really want to experiment with shades, you can go for these cheapsticks, but 18 shades is a little too limited. Anyways, these lipsticks have that “old world charm” about them in terms of them being neither crystal shine/glossy/matt/glittery, they are plain lipsticks with no strings attached and hence I would love to have one or two of these with me always.


Street Wear Lip Gloss

A few days ago, one of my fellow bloggers, Divija had mentioned that Lakme lip gloss smells like a mixture of plastic and cough syrup, well, at that time, I could very well understand what she meant. Street Wear lip glosses too smell of molten plastic though the cough syrupy kind of smell is missing here, it just smells of raw molten plastic, that’s it.

During one of my outings to the cosmetic store, I chanced upon Street Wear Cosmetics and I thought of trying their lip gloss first. I bought two lip glosses, one in pink and one in chocolate brown. Please note that there are no shades allotted to them, I am just referring to the colors I could make out through the transparent packing. I could only swatch one lip gloss out of the two I bought coz the second one was a conked-out piece and it started bleeding and I had to toss it out. I assume that explains volume about how cheap the packaging is, the gloss container is not made of glass, but of cheap plastic, which cannot be thrown into your bag carelessly coz it will mess up everything there.

Coming back to the smell part, it has a very strong molten plastic kind of smell, which is very strong. The consistency of the gloss is very thick glittery-gluey-greasy kind. The gloss has a brush applicator and that’s the only “okay” thing about this gloss. Although the shade looks like it is light pink, when applied onto the lips, it gives a clear transparent greasy and shiny look, which my good old Vaseline can give. Staying power of this gloss is okay, but since I was starting to get a mild headache from the odor, I had to tug at it to get it off my lips.

Street Wear Lip Gloss


The answer is very clear, I would say, “no, no, and no,” due to the following reasons:
1. First of all, I really hate the odor; these kind of smells gives me a headache.
2. The packaging is very shabby, please note the kinked and lopsided mouth of the gloss in the second picture.
3. The shades are not mentioned.
4. Consistency is not good.
5. Its not worth the price and the gloss is not worth me.


Lip glosses and lipsticks are meant to make someone feel and look good, but this one just does not fulfill either of the two functions, so out it goes through the window.

PRICE: Earlier the Street wear lip glosses used to retails at Rs 195 but now the price is increased to Rs 215.

I would have stomach ache if I don’t tell this to you guys. 😛 Remember the stay on lip colour that I bought from colorbar yesterday? It has a gloss on one side and lip colour on the other. **Drum Rolls**The gloss has signature vanilla flavour that MAC lipsticks have. :rotfl: I was trying out the lipstick this morning and my MAC lippy was also kept on the table. I thought that the flavour must be coming from my MAC lippy. I smelled the gloss then went to the other room to confirm. It is exactly the same vanilla flavour. :razzmad: I think Colorbar has taken my compliment that “it is becoming India’s MAC ” way too seriously. :silly: – Rati


37 thoughts on “Oriflame Visions Lipstick and Street Wear Lip Gloss Review

  1. God Jomol, i finally got to see u in bits n pieces 🙂 did i forget to say…u luk sexy? luks like we have a tough competetion here 🙂

    I know the troubles of Streetwear lip gloss, so I started distributing htem like chocolates on Independence day 🙂 I couldnt stand the stinking smell, but some shades are so good 🙂

    I agree with the packaging, but who cares if we so like the colors? I love all the shades here 🙂 Wish these people come up with better packaging and appealing flavors 🙂

    1. Hey, Divija that was my mom 🙂 on whom I did the swatches. He he, I am still a mystery woman for you :chic: :chic:. I too cant stand the smell of Streetwear lip gloss, hey, BTW, did you download any video. ?:-)

  2. Jomol – your right, this is a great way to see if a color suits you before investing in more expensive brands!
    Rati – Well if Color bar is becoming India’s MAC thats good news for all of us!

    1. Nice review Jomol.. even i bought these for myself to check out just the shades. as usual i bought them when there was a discount on them. bought like 7 or 8 of them. but i guess im really not a lipstick person coz though my mum said they looked good on me, i gifted all of them to my sister.

      But i bought ones that are expensive now i dont remember which range was tht and i so want to order it. it was this very sheer baby pink shimmery color and it was very very moisturizing (actually almost all oriflame lippies are moisturizing) i used to top it with clear gloss.

      Rati you must give them a try and they have the makeup sponges you wanted for about 70 bucks. and you’ll love their lash curler as well.

      Jomol i dont know y you had such bad experience with streetwear, when i bought it the packaging was ok and so was the smell. i had this very nice pink color with golden very subtle shimmery effect. Hey can anyone tell me where to get streetwear in delhi. tried at some places but couldnt find it some said the company has shut down.

      1. Priyanka, I am thinking of trying other oriflame products coz the lipstick was good even though it was cheap, so I am guessing their other products might be good as well, thinking of giving it a try. Didn’t the plastic kind of smell of STreetwear gloss put you off?? :reallyangry: ?:-)

      1. I would be buying oriflmae stuff only to pick up stuff for trial basis. I want to try out colourful shadows etc and I saw that they have good deals. I am trying to save money and you guys are of no help. 😉

  3. Jomol,

    Thank you for this review. I have been contemplating on trying Oriflame for quite some time now. But somehow the thought of buying an MLM brand always put me off.

    Loved your lipstick=cheapstick nickname to bits 🙂
    :rotfl: :rotfl:

    Liking the Black Cherry and Chestnut.

    Streetwear gloss used to in my collection during college years.
    .-= Poornima´s last blog ..Nail Style – Lavender =-.

    1. Poornima, I too end up using Black cherry and Chestnut the most……do you like how streetwear fees on your lips. ?:-)

      1. Well..to be frank even I never found the Streetwear gloss or its smell offensive.It was a normal gloss without any phenomenal staying power and all that. But then in college years, you don’t think of all such things na..so..

        Now the time I am talking to you about is about 9 years ago k?

        Maybe recently their product has changed or something. :starving:
        .-= Poornima´s last blog ..Nail Style – Lavender =-.

    1. yes, of course, Smitha…Rati will give you my email id, anyways, if I type it here, Rati :fighterf: :fighterf: (Censor Board) will delete it..its quite sweet of her coz she does not want to get it misused.

  4. Hey! My friend has picked up these cheapsticks 😀 – as u refer to them – for me as a gift – I think she has got me this black cherry! 😀

    I have streetwear lipgloss in the shade strawberry – I have been using it for a year now.. I quite like this shade, and it never smelt weird to me.. But maybe then like Divija mentions – smells are very personal. What rocks for one person, smells awful to someone else.

    1. Tanveer….I guess so, may be after the surgery my nose has taken offence to many a smells…… :lying: :lying: . Did you try your black cherry yet?

  5. hehe yes Jomol I agree..she is looking out for us that way even if we don’t realise what a mistake it is to give out our id in the open…so nice of her 🙂

    thanks Jomol..will write to you soon 🙂

  6. Hey Jomol,

    Gr8 review!!! I agree that at this rate you can experiment all the colours that you want to before buying the expensive ones…I am also liking the black cherry…coincidently my mom is getting the oriflame booklet today eve from someone 😀 so I think i will buy this one to try out….

    anyone any other recos from oriflame ?:-)

  7. Hey, same pinch jomol, even i bought the street wear lip gloss…….few months back. n my experience was very very wried.
    For me , it was somewhat like a strong fruity smell, which i could hardly bare ,so often have to wipe it off.

    I hardly applied it for 4-5 times n do not think to apply it again… :no: the whole tube is a waste.. 🙁

  8. I ordered a couple of Oriflame’s Visions lipsticks, of which the Visions logo easily run off on holding. I am doubtful if duplicates are making rounds in the market 🙁 The ultimate lipgloss also has a sour stale smell, which cannot be used at all and now there is no return as it was a discounted Diwali offer. I need to know…Anybody having the same problem?

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