Oriflame Visions V Lipsticks: Six more Lipstick Shades

Oriflame Visions Lipsticks: Six more shades from the collection

(For diao5 and ame, lovely Chennai girls who read my lipstick reviews without doubting my sanity 🙂 )

I am famous (or rather infamous :() for my lipstick collection which is increasing by the day. I marvel at girls who wait for a lipstick to finish before buying a new one. But there are way too many colours out there and it will be eternity before I can buy some more if I wait for my lipsticks to finish. As a result I pass on lipsticks to my friends and family, as I usually know their preference of colours. Many of the following colours by oriflame are safe to be passed on because I bought these through catalogue shopping as I was very curious to try the remaining shades of these mini 2.5 gram lipsticks. I already have reviewed six shades of these on IMBB and these are some more I picked up. The shades offered in total are 18 and I have exhausted all those that I like and hence can ignore these visions lipsticks in the future.

Oriflame visions v lipsticks
Oriflame visions v lipsticks

Price: Rs 79 for 2.5

Description: Great shades of lipstick to suit your every outfit.take care of ur lips at the same time.contains aloe vera and vitamin e to moisturise and condition.

Oriflame visions v lipsticks
Oriflame visions v lipsticks

What I love about these:

  • A lot of shades for everyone’s liking
  • The right size so you can rest without worrying about picking up the wrong shade and wasting money
  • The right size and money to pick up more as back up
  • The price that suits college goers and office goers in case they want to match colours to their outfits
  • Variety of colours and finish to match all your outfits
  • Variety of colours to suit all complexions
  • All the colours I have are quite pigmented
  • None of these I found to be drying on the lips
  • I have not had any unwanted reaction or problem with these even though they are cheap
  • The packaging though looks flimsy is quite sturdy, I have not had any problem with the tube of any of my twelve from the collection
  • Cute small packaging to carry along
  • Corals, mauves, browns, reds, picks and nudes, the collection offers a great choice
Oriflame visions v lipsticks
Oriflame visions v lipsticks
 visions lipsticks
visions lipsticks

What I dislike about oriflame visions lipsticks:

  • Catalogue colors are misleading
  • Packaging could have been better, but considering the cost, it meets expectation
  • Some colors are little similar
  • The shade names printed at the back are so tiny so i have a hard time reading them, although this is not major flaw or anything
  • Some shades stain lips

Hope these shades along with the previous review help u guys to have an idea on what experimental colors you can pick up. I will start with my favourite

 visions lipsticks
l-r almond brown, ice caffe, cocoa cream , sparkling ruby, storm, mauve magic

Almond brown: it’s a nude very light frosted light goldeny brown lipstick. It comes close to the natural lip color with just a light shine. It is not creamy or shimmery but a nudey brown color with a little glaze. It is one of my favourites and also helpful to tone down some dark colors.

Iced caffe: it’s a light brown darker than almond brown lipstick. It’s a kind of nudey brown again. Will suit all I feel.goes on very light on the lips.

Cocoa cream: It’s a chocolaty brick brown lipstick. It is a cream finish shade and will be a favourite with people who wear browns. It would be passed on to some friend. It could have been my favourite if it was more brick. The texture is very creamy and smooth, very pigmented.

Sparkling ruby: It’s a bright red with golden undertones. Definitely a party wear but some how a very decent red which I can carry. This lipstick not creamy but shiny. Can be used as a bridal red too as it perks up the complexion. This is the only red in the range.

Storm: This lipstick is a mild mix of brown and mauve and has a glaze finish to it. Donno how to else to explain this shade. Its slightly hard to get the exact color on the lips and comes on light. Its great for office wear and will suit most Indian complexions.

Mauve magic: It is an obvious mauve color on the darker side. Its on the shiny side, not matte. This is also finding a new home, I cant carry mauves. People who like purples, will love this shade.

The remaining colors from the collection which I do not intend to pick up are party purple, vampire, pink lips, chestnut brown, black cherry and damson crush.

These are all on the darker side. My favourites will be almond brown, hot chocolate, pick berry, coral red and nut brown. I don’t regret buying these lipsticks as these are totally worth the money. They are close to the simply pretty range from avon which is 4 gram but has a lot of shades to offer. The best part is that u can pick up many experimental colors which u would want to try but not want to spend much on like purples and reds. They are so cute and compact to carry and are not fragile in spite of the delicate looking tester-like packaging. If you want to start with oriflame, I recommend picking up at least one of these. Hope the 12 lipstick shades I reviewed help. 🙂

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30 thoughts on “Oriflame Visions V Lipsticks: Six more Lipstick Shades

  1. Hey Neha………….me need to thank you for doing swatches of most of the shades in teh catalogue because there is a lot of difference between what is shown and what actually comes in hand….so thank you neha…I liked almond one this time……………. :-))

  2. nice review neha….. even i have few of these….. got the mauve one this time and i quite liked it… something that i’ve not worn before….. got it during the offer so thought of experimenting 🙂
    so far nut brown has been my favorite…… will try almond brown next time….

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