The Giordani Golden Bronzing Pearls from Oriflame Review

The Giordani Golden Bronzing Pearls from Oriflame

What are they: Bronzing powder pearls in five hues of sun-kissed colors. Skin gets a radiant glow thanks to micronised pigments which reflect light. Use as a bronzer or a blush over face and eyes.

Priced at: Rs.890

Amount you get: 25gms

It comes in two variations. One is Natural bronze and the other Natural Radiance.

Natural bronze as the name suggests is a brownish bronze shade with the pearls colors ranging from golden shimmer to light brown to dark brown. Whereas, in Natural Radiance the colors of the pearls are a mix of pinks and peaches.

The one I have is in Natural Bronze. I bought this from a friend of mine who used to be an Oriflame consultant then. Though it’s sold for Rs.890, I got it for Rs.534.. yes you read it right darling Just Rs.534. How..?? The Oriflame consultants get 20% of the products value. That is what they earn. Now my friend didn’t took her 20% from me. Also the product had a 20% off in the catalogue. So it came to 40% OFF for me. Isn’t it great..??

Even I was an Oriflame’s consultant once but I very truly admit I never sold anything to anyone. I just used to order for myself and then when I would get the next months catalogue with my order, I would get ecstatic and jotted down my next order and the cycle continued for a whole year and I realized I’m spending all my pocket money on Oriflame. So when the time came to renew the membership I very well mannerly controlled myself and didn’t got it renewed. But one thing I’d really like to tell you is, when I got the membership for this I had the option of buying a tester kit for I guess about 800-900 bucks. It had testers of lippies, some perfumes, foundation samples and some other skincare samples. Now I so knew that I won’t be selling the products to anyone. But I still ordered the Tester Kit. Yes I did, for my Mom. I gifted it to her and she was so happy to get so many shades of lippies at once. She has that kit with her even now. Though the lippies are like really really really tiny but they are good for about like 15-20 applications, and there are approx 70-80 of them in there. So it was a really nice deal. I’m thinking of getting the membership once again *god help my parents* 😉

As usual I started rambling.. now that’s a regular feature with me.. Isn’t it..??
So back to the review dolls..

What I like about Giordani Golden Bronzing Pearls :

Oriflame Bronzing Pearls 1

Packaging: When I bought this product the packaging was a jar with a sponge to protect it from creating any mess by swirling inside everywhere leaving specks of color on the lid.
Though now they have reintroduced the packaging and now it is a flip open jar with a mirror. I don’t know whether they have a sponge or something to protect the mirror or not.

Shimmer: The shimmer in the bronzer pearls is so finely milled that its difficult for you to make out it has shimmers. All you will see is a very radiant and metallic kind of shine (I’m very bad at descriptions. I know. hehe)

Ease of use: You just have to swirl your brush once over the pearls and you don’t have to worry about your brush picking up more than required. This is my touch up blush because of this reason since I’m very bad at judging how much product is there on my brush and can end up having a lot on my cheeks and then I have to dab it off with a tissue. So it saves me the hassle when I’m on the go.

Pigmentation: It’s a sheer bronzer but one that can be layered for heavy pigmented look as well. I usually sweep it twice on my cheeks for my desired color.

Staying power: This stays on me for more than 4 hours, but it starts to fade after that. Also I sometimes use it without any foundation or base on my face and with my super oily skin it manages to stay there for about 2-3 hours. This is not streaky as well.

Value for money: I bought this product like about 2 yrs back I guess and with my mom and me both using it, I still have a lot of it left with me.

Oriflame Bronzing Pearls

Multiple uses: I do use it as an eye shadow sometimes.

Discounts: This is not valid just for the product but for Oriflame in general. They have these discounts on various products every month. Me being a bargain lover, alwaya try to grab products I want when they have a discount on it. Unless it’s something, that’s a staple like, soap or moisturizer.

What I dislike about Giordani Golden Bronzing Pearls:

Uhmmm uhhhh *thinking hard* harder* No I don’t dislike anything in this product.

Oh yes they could decrease the price of the bronzing pearls by giving us lesser quantity of product (any ways a lot will go wasted after its expiry).

Will I repurchase?? Yes I would but now in Natural radiance or if I get lucky *fingers crossed* and get a 40% discount again then yes both of them.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: 4/5

Mine expires in September and I have a lot remaining. So I’m planning to crush the balls in powder and see how the powder blushes feel like before investing in one. Or I’ll just mix the powdered bronzer in moisturizer and use it for my décolletage and arms for the sun kissed bronzed look.

P.S. Divija before you mention darling. I have to say this, I’m sorry I will have to… “TBS also has something like this with them” yes I said it out.. hahaha.. sorry for spoiling your fun baby… 😉

P.P.S. I hope you don’t mind the silly joke of mine.

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35 thoughts on “The Giordani Golden Bronzing Pearls from Oriflame Review

  1. Priyanka dear,

    How I love the Oriflame pictures 🙂 especially the Giordani range of products! I never fancied the Natural Radiance, but I think its high time I try one 🙂

    Ur deal was definitely a steal…that makes the product more attractive…enjoyed ur rambling to pieces, priyanka 🙂 i am always into ramblings myself….so dont worry….u r not alone…

    Absolutely loved ur PS and PPS 🙂 now, I dont wanna spoil ur fun…wait n see…

    1. Oh so where r u going to buy the pearls from TBS or Oriflame 😉

      Yeah a good bargain is always so therapeutic.. all stress forgotten..!!

      I know.. i’ve read your comments here so many times.. cheers to ramblings wouldn’t a post get all boring without them..

      “wait n see” now was that a threat or word of caution bby.. hahah

  2. For once I’m happy to announce that we have oriflame in pakistan but only in Karachi D’OH where was this review when I was in karachi ?? Argh I didn’t buy a single makeup product :p I’m proud of myself and back to review, well done priyanka, I loved reading it and it made me smile here and there 🙂

    1. You didn’t buy a single makeup product from Karachi.. wow how did you manage that??

      Thnk you so much bby.. im happy i made you smile.. 🙂

      Oops sorry for the late review.. but had it been earlier then you wouldn’t have able to come back feeling proud.

    1. You have them in the bronze variation or radiance one..?? even id like to buy them but they are quiet expensive as you get just 60gms of product for i guess almost the same price.

  3. Dear Divija…you can download any video from the internet using Realplayer (latest version)…while you are installing the Realplayer, it asks you whether you want to have the “Download This Video” option, you should tick it and whenever there is a video in the internet that you are watching, a small sign board pops up to right, asking “Download This Now”….and then you can download it to your system.

  4. Hey Priyanka, we have got a glimpse of what you look like…..even your jhalak looks quite pretty I should say!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

  5. Wow… That looks pretty.. I like colours that are subtle and don’t shout out Especially in blushes… This one is definitely my kinda product…

    1. Same here M even i dont like ones which are very loud.. shall i tell you the one i like in pink.. don’t kill me after i tell you.. its maybelline mousse one.. :giggle: :shutmouth:

      Do try this one though and keep a lookout for the promotions to get it cheaper.

      1. Oh I am a fan of Maybelline mousse range Honey.. I am sure you are talking about the Pink Frosting… I have one called the Coffee cake..A nice brown bronze colour.. :inlove: :inlove:

  6. i too have something similar 2 that its called glitter srips & manufactured in aunt got me that.they too r beonzing strips.i use it as compact if i want a golden look.i use it as eyeshadow using colrs frm individual strips & alsi as blussher, bronzer, highlighter etc.anyways nice review.i will get this 1 when i m finished with thise glittery strips.i m also using oriflame essentials line of products.i m licking it 4 now.have a nice day.bye bye.

    1. Hey i guess the strips are somewhat similar to Bobbi brown shimmer brick..

      Can you tell me what are you using in the essential line. I’m thinking of buying their moisturizer for oily skin that balances the oiliness and dryness of the skin.

      1. i m using essentials 3 in 1 cleanser which says that it works as cleanse,toner & cleanses so well.haven’t tried it 4 removing make up though.its like cleansing lotion.its so mild on my skin & does not dry out my face.then i use its day cream for very dry skin.the best thing abt it is that it has more of water content than oil content and it moisturizes face so well without greesy feeling.then i use its night cream.its also non greasy oppose 2 other night creams so i m not left with an oily skin is sensitive and dry with acne prob.its so hard to take care of it.but these three products suit me.if u want moisrurizer 4 oily skin then go for there grapes frnd uses it & she is liking it.& my cousion also liked the grape range.but my advice 2 u is always go 4 mild cleanser, alcohol free toner that r salicylic acid free.i hope i helped u.

  7. Thanks for the info.. will order one of them for sure. im using the loreal pearl perfect relighting whitening facial foam and im quiet liking it for now. thats my only skincare product right now. I only use a moisturizer when i have to put on makeup on my face and that is like very rare since i always try to skip the base.
    But by reading makeup and beauty regularly im feeling guilty of treating my skin so badly and im thinking of buying some skincare products now.
    thnks for the quick response 🙂

  8. I was on the verge of buying the TBS pearls. They are gorgeous. Now I am convinced that I have to buy either these or those. 😛

    And do take care of your skin. Prevention is better than cure.

    OMG!! Now I am giving gyaan. :silly:

    1. The TBS ones are expensive but i’ll defo check them out when will go shopping..

      And i really dont mind any gyaan coming from you 🙂

  9. Pri, even I have the same bronzing pearls in that older packaging !!

    Pta h .. I even swatched them yesterday , so that I can write a review on them :p
    great timing 😀

    buh for some strange reason I dont like them much (nothing wrong with the product ) but I can’t see myself using bronzers(or as a matter of fact, anything beyond an oil free moisturiser) in these cruel Delhi summers .. but in evening .. these are my Go to products 🙂
    I got these for 400 , I think ( total rip off :P)

    btw I also tried the Loreal pearl perfect face wash and wow, it works great !!
    Lets see if it beats my Lush coalface 😀

  10. You got it for 400 bucks wow.. im finding someone who sells oriflame or i might even get my own membership now since i want some stuff from them. the other day my cousin came at my place and she was wearing this lip crayon thing from oriflame in hot pink (but it was not not pink) and it was so awesome. and i found the crayon really cute. silly me, yes i can fall for cute packaging very easily.

    Oh really you bought it because i said it was good.. *tears of joy* someone did listen to me.. i so like the clean and fresh feeling after using it. :kissblow:

  11. oh yeah , this lip crayon thing also mesmerized me and I even got one but its not very long lasting 🙁
    buh its looks cute nonetheless !

  12. oh yes you are right on that one but then its a lipgloss so i dint expected much of a staying power anyways.. what shade you have it in..??

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