Oriflame Visions V Stardust Body Gel Review

Hi everyone..:-) today I am going to do a review on :

Oriflame Visions V Stardust Body Gel


Actual Price: 290/-
Bought it for: 175/- through bidding on ebay.in(100/-+75/- for shipping)

ingr body gel
ingr body gel

One day when I was browsing the makeup & cosmetics section of ebay I found a tempting item named “oriflame visions v stardust body gel”(that was quite a mouthful!) on auction.I fell for the name itself and visualized it as a fine diamond dust like shimmering body gel..mmmm…and whithout any further thoughts I placed a bid on it and I won! One fine day it arrived home.If you want to know what happened next..continue reading..

I opened the package with a 5 yr old like excitement only to almost faint!(you’ll know why). It was a small 15 ml jar with a silver lid(there were million scratches on the lid when I received it!).instead of fine diamond dust like shimmering body gel.I found a GLITTER gel!!!it is a transparent gel with billions of tiny ‘glitters’ in it!!!!

 lid & bottom
lid & bottom

I think they sent me a used one!do you see the amount of product in there??! ! it was not even boxed and I had to collect the ingredient list from the ebay page on which it was listed.

half empty container
half empty container

Look how sparkly it is.(lovely to look at though..:P)

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It has a very STRONG fragrance which feels nauseating when you smell it directly from the container(this is why I almost fainted!and event felt sick for a moment!ewwww..).the gel is fluffy and has watery non sticky feel to it when initially applied on to the skin.

 heavy swatch
heavy swatch

But when I started blending it in to my skin it got sticky and tacky..and the glitter particles don’t spread evenly.it takes a long time to dry up.it took about 15-20 min to dry completely. After drying up the tackyness was gone completely. look how matte the skin is..

swatch blended
swatch blended

and here comes the worse part.. as the tackyness which holds the glitter was gone they start falling off! And when you rub the area u can feel the gritty glitter particles on your skin!! It feels like you’ve applied some craft store glitter! After wiping with a dry cloth for 1 time almost 95% of the glitter was gone! This is what I was left with!

swatch blended
swatch blended

175/- down the drain!

And you know what! I figured out the recipe of this gel! This is how it can be made at home:

Ingredients required:

  • glitter(any craft store glitter of your choice will do)
  • a gel(any gel which has a watery fluffy cosistency..you can also cut a leaf of aloe vera and use that gooey gel too)

Mix both the ingredients thoroughly and if you feel like it is not sparkly enough,feel free to add some more glitter..and ta ta tadaaa..your glittering body gel is ready! 😀
Follow my recipe and save your money.

Pros of Oriflame visions v stardust body gel

NONE.. except for the lovely sparkly look of the gel. 😛

Cons of Oriflame visions v stardust body gel

  • It is a GLITTER gel. Which makes it totally unfit for common use.it is strictly for theatrical/stage performers and even among them, only for those who don’t mind if all the sparkly glitter falls off after few minutes!
  • It contains parabens and alcohol which I believe are very harmful in the long run.
  • It has a very strong nauseating fragrance which will make you feel sick!
  • Takes a long time to dry completely.
  • It has zero staying power..because as soon as the gel dries up the glitter particles start to fall off.
  • Glitter particles are gritty and feel uncomfortable(it is almost a craft store glitter)
  • The glitter particles makes you look like almost a disco ball.

IMBB rating:  :-* (only for its lovely sparkly look)

Would I buy it again? I am using the current one as a decorative piece on my computer desk! So if I feel like I need more decorative pieces on my desk I will definitely buy it again!:P)

Have you used Oriflame Visions V Stardust Body Gel. Please rate in the box below.


28 thoughts on “Oriflame Visions V Stardust Body Gel Review

    1. ya..poor me.. 🙁 but not everyone on ebay is like that..there are some good sellers from whom i always buy stuff and they never did anything like this.

  1. These products are meant to make people “buddhu”…. 🙁 …BTW..I loveddddd your writing Shireesha!! :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: …And this is always a problem with oriflame products…None of the products are sealed!! :(..I am happy that the night cream and the eye cream I received were sealed from inside…Gave me some relief!!! 😐 😐 😐

    1. thanks cali..i am so glad that you liked my writing :blush: and ya.. now it is me who became that “buddhu” :reallypissed:

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh..you bought it from ebay!!! ….brrrrrr..I’ve known enough of such experiments on ebay now!! I think I might buy other stuffs from there, but definitely not cosmetics. I will stick to amazon for that!! :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

    1. there are some good sellers from whom i always buy oriflame products..they never sent me bad products..i always check the feed back of the sellers before ordering anythig..but dunno what happened to me at that time that i did not even check the feed back of that seller before bidding for this stuff. 🙁

    1. :(( dont get scared of ebay rati..you just have to check feed back pecentage of the seller and then buy stuff from them..every thing will be fine..i did the mistake of not checking the feedback and this is what happened.always buy from sellers who have feed back percentage of 97-100%..you will be safe..

  3. awww that was bad!!! used cosmetic and all that too a tub one!! now im all the more scared of ordering stuff online…
    its looks pretty in that jar though… but looks soo silly after applying 😛 😛 too uneven…

    1. one has to be very careful while ordering stuff online..i always order stuff from ebay and has never experienced anything like this..and ya..

  4. omg !! so sad to hear tht ebay ripped u off……. are u sure u checked the new conditions in options.. u should specifically read the condition of product – they mention whther its used or new . . . anyway .. m not fan of glitter gel …..

  5. using it as a decorative item???? :toothygrin: :toothygrin: that totally cracked me up!! loved ur review! :waytogo: :waytogo:

  6. Oh God you remind me of my craft days.. at the end of each such glitter work my hands looked the same glittery like your in pic now 😀 poor you .. all you money went into drain

  7. i am sooooooooo sorry guys :(( ..for replying this late..the moment rati posted this article my system got attacked by some stupid virus :pain: and had to be formatted..they took the cpu and bought it now..

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