Outfit of the Day: Red Shorts and Striped Espadrille

Outfit of the Day: Red Shorts and Striped Espadrille

Hello Lovelies!

You know, I am so happy ticking letter fast on my keyboard as I comment on every post here in IMBB and writing this post to share. Well, there are major changes happening in my life right now and that kept me so busy lately and I can’t wait for all day’s work to get done so I can check IMBB. Funny but true!  So this time in the evening I have with IMBB is a happy time for me!

OOTD Red Shorts and Striped Espadrille

Today let me share with you some of my photos that my husband took on one of our stopovers during our long travel. Since it’s a 6 hours travel time, I wore a comfortable and mood lifting outfit to stay cool on a tiring, hot summer day travel. I am hoping you’ll like it.

OOTD , Red Shorts and Striped Espadrille (9)

I wore my favorite blue polo shirt this time. I love it for its color and fit. Also, I can pair it to most of my pants, skirts and shorts and it always give this neat look on me. I paired it with my red shorts and wore a sliver belt on waist. The color contrast gave life to my simple attire.


OOTD , Red Shorts and Striped Espadrille (8)

I am most happy about my red and white espadrille! It is so comfy, stylish, colorful and fun to wear too. It’s so summery.

OOTD , Red Shorts and Striped Espadrille

For my accessories, I wore my round, beaded, summery earrings. I paired it with my slim studded red bracelet and slim silver watch. I kept my accessories simple so I’ll stay comfy on a hot weather, but they are with variety of interesting details.

OOTD , Red Shorts and Striped Espadrille (6)


Striped Espadrille (10)

For makeup, I use my reliable Maybelline BB Silk Cake Powder and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Sweetheart for that reddish moisturized lips. I used no other make up so I wore my red sunnies to cover up dark under eye.


Now, let me tell you some things about this place where we had our stop over and lunch. It is a well known restaurant in Tarlac City, Philippines. It is called “Isdaan” which means fishery. It was like a themed restaurant serving Philippine delicacies and featuring Filipino culture. Guests sit on a nipa hut floating on water. There are lots of big koi fishes swimming underneath the huts and you can feed them! Restaurant staffs will provide you with fish food so you can enjoy the sight of hundreds of fishes racing towards the food you threw for them. There are singing cooks and waiters to serenade you while you are eating. Kids get free balloons, face paints, bike rides and so on. There are lots of other attractions being offered in this place, too many to mention here. For now, let me post few photos of this nice place and will try to do another OOTD here showing other nice things you can find in Isdaan.




Thank you for reading this post. I hope you like this OOTD and travelogue I wrote. Have a nice day lovelies!


Outfit details:

Blue Polo Shirt: Abercrombie and Fitch
Shorts: Old Navy
Espadrille: Ziselu
Silver Belt: SM Accessories
Watch: Timex
Accessories: Some random shops in Manila

Always wear beauty!

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    1. *happydance* i am sooo glad you super duper like it Neha. *happydance*
      you are welcome! 😛 and thank you for joining me on this trip. *hifive*

  1. U r looking so cute val *whistle* Loved the OOTD as usual and place is so beautiful… *happydance* These crocodiles are real ones? *scared* *scared*

    1. *thankyou* shilpa. happy to know that you like *powder* d this ootd. 😛
      yup its a beautiful place. one of my favorite places to visit. 🙂 no, thosw crocs arent real. ill be too scared too if they are. *scared*

    1. 😛 hello aru. this place is around 3 hours away from manila. but it was such an interesting place to visit. hope you get the chance to viait this place on yout next visit to Philippines. 🙂 *thankyou*

  2. you look wowww… *jai ho* i specially like the pic where you and minnie mouse seem to pose alike.. *hihi* very pretty pics and place… *haan ji*

  3. u look amazing *haan ji* *haan ji*
    perfect balance of hotness n tenderness *jai ho* *jai ho*
    lovvvvvvv ur avatar here *puchhi*

  4. u are looking hotttttt and sexxxxyyy *jalwa* *jalwa* what do u do for ur fitness dear… i need to do a lot of *jogging* *jogging* for such a figure *waaa* *waaa*

  5. lovely asusual val..d trip photos r great too..thanks for sharing..u look sooo chic and glowing val…u r d doll here *puchhi*

    1. Ohhhhhh hottiieeeee *whistle* lukin ekdum sexyy *powder* loved your comfy look and all the travel pics as well especially the alligator one.. *happydance* the kid with you in the pic is sooo cute *puchhi* *woot*

  6. omg……………… classy yet sporty look n comfrt lvl on top………………… u alwys look suprbly fntstic to again full score MASHALLAAHA……………. KISSABLE *preen* *preen* *preen* *preen* *preen* *preen* *preen* *preen* *preen* *preen*

  7. my gosh u look so fresh, chic, hot, gorgeous wt not.. *whistle* *whistle* seems u had great fun here.. *happydance* *happydance* m always rejoiced by ur eye n heart warming posts.. *happydance* keep them coming pretty gal.. *clap* *clap*

    1. *thankyou* Vini. Yup, I did. That resto is such an enjoyable place to dine. *pompom* *happydance* *thankyou*

  8. You are super cute Val.. *puchhi* *puchhi* oh and I would love to visit Philippines someday.. lovely pictures…. 🙂

    1. *thankyou* *puchhi* Dipti. Hope you can visit Philippines. Just let me know so I can recommend some place you should not miss. Me, Id love to visit India. 😛

  9. Val dear u look soooooooooo fresh nd hot 22222222222222. luv ur outfit…..nd ur shoes r really cute *puchhi* *whistle* *whistle*

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