Palmolive Skin Garden Peony Shower Gel Review



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I have a fetish obsession for shower gels. Most of the times, I do not finish the whole bottle as I get interested in another one. Recently, I picked up 3 shower gels from Palmolive Skin Garden range and today’s review is all about Palmolive Skin Garden Peony Shower Gel. Read on to know more details:

Palmolive Skin Garden Peony Shower Gel Review

Price and Quantity:
$4.50 for 250 ml.
Product Description:
Discover the lusty and subtle perfume of flowering peony roses with the sensual Palmolive Garden Peony Rose Shower Gel

Palmolive Skin Garden Peony Shower Gel ingredients

My Experience with Palmolive Skin Garden Peony Shower Gel:

The shower gel comes in a transparent bottle with a green flip cap. The product is unsealed and there is all the information needed on the back of the bottle. The transparent bottle is made with good quality plastic and you can clearly see the quantity of the body wash remaining. The flip cap doesn’t lose with a click and is a bit flimsy so this makes it easy to leak if not kept vertical for longer periods and thus, the product is not a travel-friendly one.

Palmolive Skin Garden Peony Shower Gel bottle

The shower gel is almost transparent in color and has a very light hint of pink in it. The texture is runny and gel like. The fragrance of the shower gel is amazing. It smells just like a garden of peony roses. I feel there is an artificial rose scent added too which makes the shower gel smell like roses when being washed off or at the end. However the fragrance do not last long and fades away immediately.

The shower gel doesn’t lather very well and only with a loofah you can get a good lather. The scent spreads everywhere and I love it. I recently came across an article that you shouldn’t use strong perfumed shower gels near your private parts and I had some irritation on the first day that I used this shower gel and from then on, I have been a bit careful.

Palmolive Skin Garden Peony Shower Gel open

The product doesn’t exfoliate the skin when used alone. The product rinses off thoroughly and makes your body squeaky clean. While I am happy that it cleanses the skin thoroughly, the product strips away the natural oils too and this makes the skin very dry. I felt dry, scaly skin within 10 minutes after the shower and intense moisturization is a must. I also noticed that when I use a normal moisturizer when I use this body wash, it lasts shorter time than usual. My skin feels very dry and flaky and I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone who has dry skin. The product does make the skin supple and smooth. It also takes care of body odor. This shower gel contains sulfates. The product is good only for its fragrance and I have limited its use for manicures and pedicures. The shower gel is a waste of money and is only a cleansing product and is one of those products which can be skipped! So summing up:

Palmolive Skin Garden Peony Shower Gel swatch on hand

Pros of Palmolive Skin Garden Peony Shower Gel:

  • Amazing fragrance.
  • Rinses off thoroughly.
  • Makes skin soft and supple.
  • Removes body odor.

Cons of Palmolive Skin Garden Peony Shower Gel:

  • Makes skin very dry and flaky.
  • Not travel friendly.
  • Contains SLS.
  • Strips away body’s natural oils.
  • The moisture on the skin lasts very less.
  • Can cause irritation in private areas due to its strong fragrance and care must be taken.

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