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Hi everyone!! This article is dedicated to Jomol . πŸ™‚ I recently got in touch with new friends from IMBB on FB…. jomol browsed through my pictures I put up on FB and asked me to write an article for paper quilling – at least about basics of paper quilling methods and materials. πŸ™‚

paper quilling
So here I go – I am no expert at paper quilling but I came across this hobby when I saw beautiful paper quilling work by a lady at β€œhobby ideas” store at Inorbit Mall in malad. The quilled card she made looked like a delicate fine lined drawing. She had made such beautiful cards and paper bags using simple materials that it inspired me instantly to try a hand at this.
According to Wikipedia, Quilling is the art of creating decorative designs from thin strips of curled paper. This age-old art of paper quilling has been around since Renaissance which dates back to about 3 to 4 centuries during the time when the nuns used small edges trimmed from the Bible pages to create simple but beautiful form of artistry.

The be best thing about this art is that it doesn’t require using hi-fi complex tools; long strips of paper are tightly wound and released to form complicated and complex shapes.
Because of how the scrapped of paper were wrapped around goose quilles to create “coiled shapes”, it was later known as “Quilling”.

The basics:
In this article I will give you idea about getting started with paper quilling. Your first investment, I should say inexpensive investment will be paper quilling strips and paper quilling tool (this one is optional – I don’t have a tool). This hobby is not at all expensive since most of the other things you will require will be already present at your place – this includes bottle of glue ( fevicol works the best), toothpicks to apply the glue etc.

Now the basic and important thing you need to buy is paper quilling strips – these you’ll get in any stationary store. I got mine from a huge stationary store called ANUPAM in Mumbai. You get these in β€œhobby idea” stores also but I found prices at Anupam stores quite cheap. I would suggest you invest in a multi-colored pack, it will give you array of colours to experiment with. It has enough quilling strips to last for quite a long time. I got one last year for 70 rupees and I have still not finished it yet. Also one more thing, quilling strips are available in a variety of widths, I have started with the basic 3mm width strip that is available, you should experiment to see what suits your creativity best. πŸ™‚Β  Quilling paper comes in over 250 colors and they come in variety of types such as – solid colors, graduated, two-tone, acid free, and more.

Acid-free quilling paper completely free of any acid, which makes it great for scrap booking, rubber stamping, and creating frames for pictures. I have not seen this paper in Mumbai so far..

Graduated quilling paper has a solid, concrete color on the edges, but will gradually fade to white, or visa versa. This one is available here.

rati beauty ad

Two-tone quilling paper has a solid color on one side and a comparatively lighter solid color on the other side. This one also I have seen them here.
Here is the pic of quilling strips I got from anupam store –

paper quilling

paper quilling

Next thing you ll need is – quilling tool – a metal instrument with a tiny slit in one end. It is used to guide the strip and coil it. I don’t have a quilling tool, I simply use a metal paper pin and coil the strip around it ☺. If you buy a paper quilling kits that are available in the market, it will have the tool along with quilling strips.

paper quilling

Another optional tool is the quilling boards- I don’t personally find it to be that important to buy – at least for beginners like me – if you thinking to do quilling professionally then you may require one of these to create coils. Made from cork or firm foam it usually has a template attached to the top in which there are holes of different sizes. As you make your coils you can drop them into the holes which helps them open out to just the right size.


paper quilling


Quilling fringer –

paper quilling
This is used to create fringed flower. Again I don’t have this tool. This tool helps you to use sharp pointed scissors to cut the quilling paper but a quicker way, if you are intending to make lots of them. You pass the paper through this and it comes out the other end evenly cut and ready to roll. I prefer wasting my time by manually cutting the strip very finely and making a fringed flower. πŸ™‚

Creating a basic curl:
Cut a piece of strip – few inches long and then holding the quilling tool (metal paper pin in my case)in your right hand ( left for lefties) – insert one end of the strip into the slit. If you using metal paper pin like me , just place the pin on the end of the strip and roll it along with the strip to curl the strip tightly around the pin. ☺ After you insert the paper into the slit of the quillin tool – turn the tool clockwise gently guiding the paper strip.

paper quilling

paper quilling

After you are done with the paper curl, release it from the tool/ metal paper pin. Then you can let it expand as much or as little as you want – shape it by pinching or pressing it with your fingers and when you’re happy with your result – carefully dab a glue to the loose end of the paper strip and stick it to hold shape. Hold the paper together for a moment or two until the glue dries.

paper quilling

To gain confidence, begin by experimenting with the basic shape. You can combine individual shapes to form an endless variety of flowers, snowflakes, butterflies, birds, and abstract art. When you’re satisfied with the design, glue the shapes together.

Here are pics of my creations – –
First two are the envelopes I made .. it was the very first thing I made. πŸ™‚

paper quilling

paper quilling

This one I made for my bf for valentine’s day πŸ™‚

paper quilling

This one I and my friend made πŸ™‚

paper quilling

This much is enough for now – next article I can teach you to create a variety of shapes . πŸ™‚ let me know what you wish to learn. πŸ™‚


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    1. Jomol, there is a shop opp to China Bazar in General Bazar Sec-bad which sells all craft material, you could check there OR Ramkote has shops like Jagadamba which sell craft material, hope this helps :yes:

      1. Thank you so much Uzma….I will definiately go to the china bazaar in General Bazaar and pick up the things…….I am so happy I have my own justdial in Uzma :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

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