Quilled Flower Necklace: Do It Yourself

Quilled Flower Necklace: Do It Yourself

Hello Beauties,

Hope you all are doing great. So, this is my first DIY post, especially for you guys. I have been doing quilling since like 4 years now. It’s a great art to do. I also sell quilling stuff to stores like Anupam, the stationery giant. I have not learnt it or anything, just started it by myself. You can make many different kinds of articles and crafts like envelopes, boxes, jewelry, etc.  So, here is a tutorial for you guys to make a quilled necklace step by step.

Things you will need:


  • Coloured strips.
  • Fevicol or Fabric Glue (preferably fabric glue).
  • Sharp scissors.
  • A waste fabric.
  • Quilling tool( available in big stationery stores for Rs. 60 or so).


Stones or rhinestones (optional).

Step-By-Step Procedure:

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pic 2

Take the fabric and cut out a small rectangular piece measuring the size of your neck. That will be the size of your necklace and will act as the base where you will stick the quilling flowers.

Quilling Art 3

Take a coloured strip of your choice and put it between the two needles of the quilling tool. Hold it vertically and twist it downwards and keep rolling the strip till you reach the end of the strip. You will have a thick round circle at the top of your quilling tool. Now, remove it and put it down freely. It will look like a coil as in the last picture in the collage.

Quilling Art 4

Now, hold that coil between your thumb and the finger next to it. Hold it exactly from the point where the coil opens. Now, press the end portion in between your thumb and the finger next to it. You will get a drop shape. Leave it freely.  Apply a little glue at the end of the strip and stick it . The pictures will explain you much better.

Quilling Art 5

That was the drop shape that you made.  Now, by adding some more steps, you can make a leaf shape. Now, hold the drop shape and press it from the other side as well the same way as you did earlier. You will get a leaf shape. So, you can make two types of flowers now by making some more petals like these, leaf-shaped flower and drop-shaped flower.

Quilling Art 6

Now, a small different kind of flower.  To start with the same way, put the strip in the middle of two needles of the quilling tool. Keep on rolling it downwards. Hold the hand tight while rolling because you don’t want a loose round shape.  Apply a little Fevicol to the end and you will get a tight round shape. So, for one flower you need 5-6 petals and one round in between. So, accordingly make some more. You can decide the colour combinations you want.

Quilling Art 7

So, all the quilling work is done. Now, take the fabric and iron it so that you don’t face any problem while sticking stuff on to it. Sorry, I forgot to iron. Now, stick the petals the way I have done in the pictures with a fabric glue. After everything is pasted on the fabric, you will give it the final shape. Cut from the edges where the flowers end and you will get a final piece.  Now, take two equal pieces of ribbon and stick it to both the ends with the fabric glue.  Do a small stitch at the ends so that you don’t have the fear of it falling down.

Quilling Art 8

So, finally our neck piece is ready. You can try out different designs as now you know the basics of quilling. Also, you can try out different combinations as per your choice.

Quilling Art 9

These are some of the envelopes I made. You can pick up different designs from here to do it on your stuff.

It was my sincere effort to show you guys the basics of quilling and I hope it has reached you properly. I hope you liked my effort.   Thank you 🙂

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63 thoughts on “Quilled Flower Necklace: Do It Yourself

  1. very beautiful I too love quilling, I have made many cards and some other crafts with this it really gives that 3D feel to the whole thing which looks very nice 🙂
    and you know what I made a quite similar neckless some days back for niece and was planning to make one more for my self now (little different and more mature looking)and do the tutorial also ….
    Good job 😀

    1. Wow Sweta even i love doing quilling… do make one and post a tutorial so that even i can get ideas from you.. would be soo helpful.. n thanks a lot 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thankiesssss shoooo much Rati di… was just sitting ideal yesterday afternoon so thought of making something like this.. Glad you liked it 🙂 🙂

    1. Actually i knew quilling already and was browsing on the net and saw such pictures… so thought even i could make some 😉 🙂 and thank u 🙂

  2. Wow a super awesome DIY Saloni.. The necklace looks sooo pretty ans statement-y.. 🙂 Hats off to your mind blowing creativity!!!

  3. awesome creativity saloni! and yes i love your effort!
    have seen this kind of work before in gift shops…..never knew it could be done at home using a quilling tool! thanks for the info!
    i think it can even be used as a belt on a monochrome dress, if the ribbons used are longer!!

    1. heyyyy thankkkk you sooooo much Shreya… 🙂 🙂 yes it can also be used as a belt too… see thats your creativity.. try making your belt in free-time and follow these steps and i am sure you will make a good one 😉 🙂

  4. Saloni…hats off…..such a beautiful necklace you have made…..I want to get the quilling tools and paper and start asap 🙂

    1. Thankkies shoooo much Jomol di 🙂 🙂 you will get all the stuff very easily… soo many colours available… you will enjoy doing it 😉

  5. very creative Saloni…loved it 🙂 …Do you get everything in quilling kit or you need to buy these coloured papers separate and cut them into thin strips…i keep on searching for such crafting kits in delhi but never get any…I too wana try this 🙁

    1. Thankkks a lot 🙂 Actually its both the ways.. if you are hardworking enough then you can get coloured sheets and cut them into strips or they are readily available as well…. soo many colours are available.. a packet has one coloured strips or even multicoloured strips.. you can pick them according to your choice… n then get a quilling tool.. if you buy a kit then there are certain designs and instructions given… that would be easy for a beginner 🙂

    2. even me looking for one in delhi. all those g**gle searches are not enough. want to develope a hobby but anyways. do let me know if you find one here *haan ji*

  6. Saloni this is awesome…i wanted to do quilling too and i thought it was very difficult…now i know it is super easy…
    Thanks a bunch !! 🙂

    1. Your welcome Anushree *happy dance* Its super easy these are the basics, after you learn them you can keep on innovating *happydance*

  7. wow…that looks so beautiful Saloni.. what do u sell in Anupam ? I often go there the one at Borivili… I love Anupam stores. I go mad over all the craft supplies there..hihihi

    1. Thankss a lot Dipti 😀 I use to sell these envelopes that i made to anupam stores.. but now have stopped that because my final year so got to study *waaa*

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