10 Personal Hygiene Tips That Every Woman Must Follow

Irrespective of one’s gender, cleanliness plays a pivotal role in influencing one’s good health and that’s why should always be given top priority. Each of our basic grooming routines like cleansing hair, brushing teeth, wearing clean clothes, and eating healthy food helps us in being healthy. And a person who is healthy also has a sound mind to enhance one’s productivity all day long. As women, we harbour key roles, so it’s also extremely important for us to take care of our personal hygiene as we are the ones who have to shoulder the responsibilities of keeping a family safe and happy. In this post, we will take you through 10 very basic yet extremely important personal hygiene tips that can change the entire ball game for you and keep you healthy and super-active in the long run. So, without any delay, let’s get into knowing 10 personal hygiene tips that every woman must follow.

1. Make sure to wear clean clothes: This is one of the first and foremost tips that come to my mind when we talk about personal hygiene. Your clothes can be a carrier of germs and can become an agent for contamination if not washed daily. So, make sure to wash them on a daily basis. Also, wear a fresh pair of clothes every day. This also includes changing your underwear and inner wear which can become serious breeding ground of germs if left unchanged. Clothes also contain sweat that can cause serious skin disorders. Hence, always make sure not to wear clothes with stains, wrinkles, and bad odour on them.

2. Don’t miss your daily bathing routine: A clean body helps in starting of a fresh day. And only taking your daily bath can help you achieve that well. Daily bathing routine helps you be fresh, clean and energetic. It becomes even more imperative to take your daily bath after workout activities as it helps to eliminate body odour, sweat and germs. Avoid using soap and use a mild shower to remove accumulated germs and impurities from the body. You can also engage in occasional exfoliating once a week to get clean and smooth skin. Also, replace the towel that you use every day for obvious hygiene purposes. Make sure you shower after sweating it out at the gym too.

3. Maintain good dental hygiene: Your dental hygiene can guarantee you a confident and happy smile, so make sure to brush your teeth twice for 3-5 minutes daily. It should be once in the morning and once before you retire to bed. Our teeth accumulate germs and bacteria due to consumption of different types of food items. Hence, maintaining a good oral hygiene safeguards your teeth and gums and also protects them from the risk of different dental infections and cavities. Clean outer, inner and biting surfaces of teeth with scrubbing motion. Also, engage in dental floss to remove food debris that stuck deep inside the mouth. Don’t forget to clean and brush the surface of your tongue daily because there is bacteria present particularly on the rougher top surface of the tongue.

4. Shampoo and condition your hair: Hair is the crowning glory of the body and must be taken care of in order to maintain its proper luster and health. Daily exposure to outdoor activities takes a heavy toll on the quality of hair and makes it oily. In order to keep your hair strands clean and fresh, shampoo your hair every 2 or 3 days with a mild hair cleanser. This removes dirt, oil and grime from your hair and gives a fresh feeling. Follow up with a conditioner that suits your hair type and apply it to the ends of your hair strands to prevent hair breakage. If you have really oily scalp, it would be better to cleanse your hair twice a day to get rid of excessive sebum.

5. Taking care of body odour: If you are someone who has the tendency to develop body odour, especially near the underarms, then using a deodorant/body mist is a must. When you reach puberty, your armpits naturally sweat more Hence, wear deodorant every day to feel and smell fresh. You must also wax or trim your underarm hair as it reduces chances of accumulation of sweat and bacteria. In addition to that, reduce consumption of foods that may contribute to body odor like spicy food, onion, and garlic.

6. Hair removal for clean and smooth skin: Imagine wearing a short dress which exposes your hairy legs? It would look embarrassing, right?? All women, irrespective of what dress they wear or what job they do, must make sure to trim their body hair on a regular basis. You can go for shaving if you find waxing painful. Shave your underarms, legs and hands to get smooth, glowing and soft skin. Change your razors at regular intervals to avoid infections. Also, use a good moisturizer post shaving to keep your skin hydrated. Be careful while shaving, else you may get cuts on the skin. For pubic hair, it is better not to go for shaving, you can try Brazilian waxing. If you have facial hair growth, you should also go for facial hair removal.

7. Taking care of menstrual hygiene: It is really important to clean yourself down there because menstrual hygiene should never be taken lightly. Avoid using harsh soaps near your vaginal area as this area is really delicate and has a different pH compared to the rest of the body. Use mild feminine washes  twice a day. Our vagina produces natural oils , so do not engage in excessive washing as soaps remove the protective barrier of the skin. Wear good panty liners that are not harsh for the skin. Panty liners made from cotton help the vaginal secretions evaporate easily. Your eating habits also determine your vaginal smell and health. You should consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water and stay away from junk and fried foods as far as possible. This will keep your vaginal discharges have a well-balanced pH level.

8. Keep your hands clean: Most of the diseases that we encounter are due to dirty hands. Our hands accumulate lots of germs and bacteria through the day. One must wash hands throughout the day to keep them clean and germ free. Wet your hands with lukewarm water and then wash them with a mild soap, lather for a few seconds and wash them and then pat them dry. You should also carry good moisture-based sanitizer to clean your hands every now and then, go for alcohol-based sanitizers. Even though it dries your hands, it’s really effective in wiping off germs and bacteria from your hands.

9. Makeup hygiene should never be neglected: This hygiene tip is for all beauty and makeup lovers out there. This starts right from proper cleaning of beauty blenders, makeup sponges, brushes to eyebrow pencils. Yes, your makeup brushes and beauty blenders can turn up for a breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned at proper intervals. So, clean them regularly with a mild baby shampoo before repeated usage. You should never apply makeup with your fingers without ensuring that they are properly clean. This can give rise to acne and breakouts. Along with that, replace all expired makeup products with new products to avoid skin infections.

10. Peeing Etiquettes: This needs extra attention if you work in an office. In places where you use public toilets, there are high chances of getting urine infections. Don’t forget to spray your pee sanitizer on the toilet seat before you pee. This saves you and your colleagues from chances of urine infections. Wipe yourself well after peeing and keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day.

Though the list seems endless, these are some of the most vital personal hygiene tips that we can think of. Implement them in your daily lives and lead a healthy, clean and beautiful life.

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