Philips Satinelle Ice Rechargeable Epilator HP6503/10 Review

Philips Satinelle Ice Rechargeable Epilator HP6503/10

Hi girls !! So , here is the review of the epilator I have been using recently. When I wrote the article on hair removal, it was really good to see women today still prefer waxing for hair removal. I was thought I was the only one whose two timing between epilators and waxing . 😛 ANYWAYS , like I said I am in love/hate relationship with this epilator and now you all will know the reason why . It is more of a mini- review.  I’ll be posting many pics in this article . .

PRODUCT : Philips Satinelle Ice Premium
Price : It was for around 5000 BUCKS ! (I had to convince my mom BIG TIME to let me buy this one ) 🙂

The main reason I got this was because it had two attachments that came with it – EPILATING AND SHAVING ONE. So I had option of shaving the hair if I wish not to epilate them. This is especially good if you want to shave your underarms etc.

Philips Epilator
Philips Epilator

The epilator comes in a cute purple case. Lets look what inside – – – –

Philips Epilator
Philips Epilator

The case has two compartments – one side there is the machine which is attached with epilator attachment. In the middle , there is shaving attachment. On the left hand side, that’s the ice pack (which is meant to be attached with the machine). There are two ice- packs provided. The one in the left, is meant for epilating/shaving smaller areas like underarms and bikini line. The other one ( which is in my deep-freeze compartment) is meant for epilating/shaving arms and legs. Lets look at the other compartments- –

Philips Epilator
Philips Epilator

This has adapter, cleaning brush and then exfoliating body puff (which I have not even opened). 🙂 let’s look at the machine now –

Philips Epilator
Philips Epilator

Its a cute purple color thing. Right now I have attached epilating attachment. If you want to change the attachment, just press the “round” button which is on top. The light purple attachment detaches and you can connect the other attachment. Lets look at both the attachments. .

Philips Epilator
Philips Epilator

The machine has to attached to the ice- pack ..let me show you girls that also . .

Philips Epilator
Philips Epilator

The ice pack is supposed to be kept in deep – freeze. Once its completely frozen, it will turn blue. Just take it out when you need to epilate, attach it and use. This ice pack which is shown in pic – is meant to be used for underarms and bikini line area. The other one is in deep- freeze. . . hehe

Satinelle Ice Premium is designed to remove unwanted hair, combining Philips tradition with revolutionary technology:

  • New ceramic epilating system
  • Contour-following skin cooler
  • Improved Sonic Massage system

Satinelle Ice Premium HP6517 mixes the previous features of the Satinelle family with the constant evolution Philips brings to design and technology. The Philips Satinelle Ice Premium Epilator has a premium ice cooler and sonic massage system. The sonic massage system minimises the pulling sensation when epilating because of its body contour defined design.

Why I have Love and Hate relationship with The Philips Epilator
This epilator works great for my legs.  The ice pack is really effective in numbing the area and minimizing the pain while epilating. But somehow, the ice pack has no effect whatsoever on my arms. So should I say that I have extra sensitive skin on my arms? .look what happens when I epilate my hands .

Philips Epilator
Philips Epilator

Don’t worry girls .This also happens when i get my arms waxed, so this is no new affair for me .  I am very used to these bumps and red skin when I wax or epilate..These dissapear as soon as I put some lotion and massage it for a while. It disapears after good 30 minutes or so . I read somewhere that red bumps and skin are good because it shows that the hair is really pulled out of the roots. These bumps are caused because of the irritation of the follicles.
So here are the advantages of this epilator – –

  • The only epilator with patented ceramic head, Satinelle Ice Premium pulls up to 95% of hairs in the first stroke.
  • The rapidly rotating epilating discs catch even the shortest hairs and pull them out by the roots.
  • The patented ice cooler soothes the skin reducing the unpleasant feeling of epilation. Its pivoting head follows every curve of your body for optimal cooling and less pain.
  • Satinelle Ice Premium ceramic head can perform up to 1,000 pulling actions per second. Added to the skin cooler, the vibration produced by the sonic massage helps minimize the pulling sensation, making epilation even more comfortable.
  • 2 speed settings allow you to slow down rotation for more sensitive body parts, like underarms.
  • This epilator is also rechargeable. You need to charge the batteries for at least 16 hours before you use the appliance for cordless operating time of upto 20 minutes.

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23 thoughts on “Philips Satinelle Ice Rechargeable Epilator HP6503/10 Review

  1. OMG Rids!!! Poor baby.. Your skin looks really irritated… Oh the tortures we endure in the name of Hair removal…

    But at least, epilator would give you the liberty to do it to yourself.. I would have lived like a yeti if my skin was soo sensitive!!!

    But really.. The review was gr8 and balanced..

  2. Intense…the bumps look painful! It is sometimes such a pain to have uber sensitive skin! 😛 Great review…I have always been afraid to try epilators! 🙁

  3. It’s ok girls…epilators are not that bad for people who have a little okiesh skin…wouldn’t hurt …and I am talking out of experience… 🙂

  4. Rids sweety i :tremble: to see that pic of your arm :-(( :-(( :-(( so sorry…

    I also very extremely sensitive skin so no epilators for me :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly:

    i would get the set though, give the machine to some friend and keep the pretty purple bag :cute: :cute: :cute: :cute:

  5. even my arms r sensitive n i face d same problem…n need to apply a gud astringent or i wud feel itchy for 2 days and dos bumps wont go… :-((
    m nt sure wud ever hav d guts to epilate…

  6. its a gud product bt sumhow i am still more inclined to OMG ur arm pic really made me so scared.. 😯 :pain: u do hav super sensitive skin Rids n u r brave enugh still to go for hair removal.. if i used to get sumthing like tht after epilating /waxing, i wud rather not use anything.. wud roam around wis all the hair.. 😛 :struggle:

  7. Where did you buy it from? I want to buy one online. I can’t an ice epilator from Philips. I searched on ebay, amazon. This product is available only in UK websites. Please help. If possible please mail me the URL… :waaa:

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