How To Shape Eyebrows

How To Shape Eyebrows

Wondering how you should get beautiful and shapely eyebrows? Well, this article is surely going to help. With many an easy option, getting the perfect shape for your eyebrows is not at all to be a difficult task! Read on to get a comprehensive idea on how to shape your eyebrows.

How To Shape Eyebrows With Professional Help?

Eyebrow Threading – Well, the best option is that you pay a quick visit to your nearest beauty salon and avail the most common and inexpensive beauty treatment which definitely has to be an eyebrow threading exercise. Threads are used tactfully by your beauty expert to shape the eyebrows by taking out excess hair.

How To Shape Eyebrows

This helps in removing the eyebrow hair follicles and thus, keeps the hair from growing back for at least two weeks.

Eyebrow Waxing – This again has to be one of the well-loved methods of eyebrow shaping, which in due course, thwarts the growing back of hair. Often, a combination of cold and hot waxes is used for hair removal.  A fast way to form shapely eyebrow that it is, it is recommended that you seek the help of an experienced professional for this treatment. Moreover, it might not be suitable for you if you have a very sensitive skin.

Eyebrow waxing

Electrolysis Method – This is often referred to as a permanent way to do away with excess hair to keep your brows in great shape.


There can be quite a few electrolysis options to choose from. Galvanic electrolysis damages hair follicles while another method, thermolysis overheats hair follicles thus preventing hair growth. There is also unique combination of the above said methods and makes use of electrolysis needle for extracting hair on the skin.

How To Shape Eyebrows At Home?

Eyebrow Plucking – This is a popular method especially because it allows you to shape eyebrows all by yourself at home. In this hair removal method, tweezers are normally used, but the process can be tedious if you have heavy growth, but perfectly fine if you have only a few tiny stray hairs that have to be done away with.

Eyebrow plucking

Using Eyebrow Pencil – Use of eyebrow pencils can help you get a perfect outline for the shape of your eyebrows. An eyebrow color pencil further helps to fill the vacant areas with color so that your eyebrows look in great shape!

eyebrow pencil

This is a good way to shape your brows if you have scarce growth of hair in your eyebrow area or you need to camouflage a flaw in eyebrow shape.

How To Shape Eyebrows:  A Basic Guide To DIY Steps Involved:

• Get the starting point right –  Look at the mirror and find out the natural shape that your eyebrows has. After that, decide the point where you desire your brow to start. Use a pencil along the side-line of your nose and the inner corner of your eye; the adjoining point on the eyebrow should be the point of starting.

Eyebrow shaping

• Tweeze any excess hair in between- After you have marked the spots for both your brows, see if you have hair growing between these two initiating points and in case you have them, tweeze them with the help of tweezers.


• Get the arch right- You have to decide on the uppermost point of your eyebrow arch. For this purpose, take the pencil along the side of your nose and put it vertically across to reach the iris on the outside edge. That is going to be the peak point of your eyebrow. If you have any excess hair below that area, you need to tweeze them.

Shape eyebrows

• Get the ending point right- Now you need to know how you should get that wonderful ending for your brow. Take the pencil along the corner of your nose to outmost periphery of your eye. This is the point where your eyebrow should end. Any excess hair need to be done away with (with tweezers or even threads, anything which is convenient for you).

Eyebrow tweezing

• Brush your brows – Now that you have almost shaped your eye brows, it is time to give a few final touches to get that perfect shape. At this point of time, your eyebrows have to be trimmed properly. Your eyebrows must therefore be brushed in your hairline direction.

Eyebrow combing

• Trim your brows- Find out the long hairs which stand out of the normal thickness of your brows. It is however better to begin from the eyebrow ends and then work your way to the start point of your eyebrow.

How To Shape Eyebrows:  Tips

perfect eyebrows

• Do not use a razor.
• Be careful while plucking so that you don’t make your eyebrow look too thin.
• Do not overdo the trimming part.
• Be careful to make both the brows have the right symmetry.

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