Plastic Surgery Meets Reality TV in Korea

Plastic Surgery Meets Reality TV in Korea

It’s quite common knowledge these days that Seoul is regarded as the plastic surgery capital of the world. It is also one of the most popular destinations in the medical tourism industry, where people travel outside of their country to receive treatments from surgeons for unique procedures. The domestic popularity of cosmetic enhancements has spawned all types of content ranging from educational to much more popular talk shows. The most popular one is called “Let Me In” which is a show that focuses on individuals who undergo a complete transformation. It is basically a ‘Pimp My Ride’ for your face where all surgical costs are paid for and candidates are selected based on their story – with some people having severe deformed facial features while some having personality disorders due to bullying caused by their looks.

The show starts off with a short video introduction for a candidate that is shown to a live audience along with the shows hosts. There is a lot of emotion shown during the episodes as a lot of the candidates have extremely sad stories and life experiences. Then each candidate is assigned a plastic surgeon who believes they can enhance their looks. These aren’t your average local plastic surgeons, they are the absolute best in their field that Korea has to offer. Among the surgeons, the ones who viewers rated as having the best results for Let Me In candidates is Dr. Myung June Oh.

Dr. Myung June Oh is widely regarded as one of the best surgeons in Korea, especially in procedures revolving around the jaw reduction (two-jaw, double jaw) and facial contouring (V-line, Zygoma) procedures. He has been invited to global conferences attended by the top plastic surgeons in the world giving lectures on procedures involving the cutting of the jaw bone. Although Dr. Oh was hugely popular before the airing of Let Me In, the show has escalated his popularity worldwide attracting patients from all over the world to travel to Korea to get work done by him specifically. Here is short summary of his resume.

Regen Chief Plastic Surgeon Myung June Oh Resume

Due to the immense popularity of the show, the producers and hosts of the show must go through an intense screening process for the thousands of applicants. Each candidate must showcase a unique story and show a greater desire for change than others to have a better chance.

One of the most popular candidates of the show, Yura Shim from New York, captured the hearts of many in Let Me In’s season 3 show.

Yura Shim transformation

Yura Shim and her family moved to the U.S. when she was four due to their family’s financial struggles after a failed business. She was diagnosed with congenital heart disease at an early age which affected her breathing. She constantly breathed with her mouth open in an awkward way which affected her jaw development during adolescence. This defect has dramatically affected her appearance and has endured constant bullying and insults during her adolescent years and also affected her employment eligibility in her adult years.

She came on “Let Me In” and shared her heart-breaking story with the audience and hosts, and at one point, bent down on her knees, begging the hosts and producers to change her life while drying away her tears. It undoubtedly one of the most emotionally intense moments in the history of the show.

When she was unanimously chosen as one of the candidates on Let Me In, Season 3, it was Regen’s Chief Surgeon, Dr. Myung June Oh who adamantly demanded the task of being her surgeon.

After her initial consultation with Dr. Oh, Yura underwent a total of five major procedures that took over a month to complete. After most of the treatment had been completed, she once again appeared on “Let Me In” to showcase her incredible transformation that shocked all the viewers. She had a remarkable makeover that drew tears from the hosts and comparing Yura’s attitude from her first time on the show to her last, every one clearly saw that she had a new confidence instilled in her that would give her a chance at a new life.

Check out Yura’s transformation history below:

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Before Yura Shim appearance on Let Me In

Presurgery consultation with regen chief surgeon

Yura Shim after her transformation

Yura Shim photoshoot

Yura Shim Treatment



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