14 Pre Wedding Photoshoot Poses For Couples

The wedding season is going to start with full bang and all would-be couples are busy preparing for their pre-wedding photoshoots. Pre-wedding shoot pictures and videos are getting quite popular and couples are making that extra effort to make beautiful memories. It is not necessary to spend a lot on photoshoots, all you need is a bunch of good ideas! We have shared 14 pre wedding photoshoot poses for couples to include in their memories.

1. One of the best ideas for pre-wedding photoshoot if you are not that good with posing is to use party props with stuff written over it. “He asked, she said yes” is one super cute prop that a lot of couples have been using.

2. These hearts show your super cute romance and a lot of PDA as well. You can get these hearts printed from your personal printer. For that matter, get any text printed the way you like, hold them and click great snaps. “I stole her heart… so I will steal his surname” is one superb quote to try.

3. Hugging your partner and posing with a ring is a popular engagement pose, but for pre-wedding shoot, you can hug your partner and pose with this super cute heart made with hands, with your man posing in the front first followed by you.

4. The couple in the pic below has become famous on social media because they went out of the box and rather than an outdoor one, they went for an indoor shoot with their PJs on, sipping wine, and creating a chilled-out scene.

5. Pre-wedding photo-shoot is not just about romance, it is also about the fun, sugar and spice in your life. In this pose, the “to-be-wifey” lifted up her husband and the hubby had a placard in his hand stating – “Beware of the Wife.” She did not lift him up in real, he just jumped and the photographer captured the moment.

6. “My cook, My ATM” is a funny pose which everyone will surely love since it looks super cute! This shows the cool and easy-going relationship between the couple.

7. This mature couple took little slates in their hands, wore semi-formal clothes, and posed with love and simplicity. This is one great idea to opt for if you do not want to spend a lot on the shoot. Get those slates, write lovely things on it and click pictures in different poses.

8. Four poses in one picture is also a good pose to try. Rather than writing “Save the Date” on just one board, write one word on each slate picture and make such 4 pictures into a collage. And show off your best 4 and cutest poses!

9. Now come the uber romantic poses! These poses show the romance and affection between the couple. These poses denote fairytale romance giving the “prince and princess” vibes with the would-be wife holding her man’s finger and twirling around.

10. Get inspired from SRK-Kajol’s on-screen romance and make your partner lift you up and you can kiss his forehead, and that would be the most romantic pose ever.

11. This Facebook cut-out or Whatsapp chat cut-out are some out-of-the-box creative ideas to create the perfect snaps for this tech-savvy world. If you get a little conscious and not comfortable with romantic poses, then this is a great idea.

12. You can get clicked in this pose and send it across to your family, friends and closed ones. One slate with the guy and one with the girl is a perfect way to divide the text and make the picture look balanced.

13. These days, printed T-shirts with “His, Hers”, “Mr Right, Mrs Always Right”, “King, Queen” are easily available. Twinning with your partner will fetch you the best pictures.

14. Hahahaha, last but not the least, this is the funniest of all poses. All would-be grooms, be ready as it is going to be the end of your boyhood. The bride pulling the groom’s leg is such a funny pose to try.

Do let us know your favourite poses out of these! ☺


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