Budget Friendly Pre-Wedding Skin Care Regime

By Soni Mishra

This is my first post at IMBB and I feel very excited to share my personal tips with you all. I am waiting for my dream wedding to be held. In the recent years, I have done so much of exploration on skin care and finally have come up with one that works for me.

My Skin Type: I have been blessed with a good skin, so I like taking good care of it by following a proper skin care regime. My skin type is sensitive which is normal to dry. Mainly, I evade products with too many harsh chemicals, since I have a sensitive skin. Also I am fond of herbal products and home-made stuffs and also try to avoid spending heavily on products.

Basic Daily Skin Care: The good old mantra cleansing-toning-moisturising is the superlative gift you can give your skin every day. Stick to it twice a day without fail. Use the products which suits your skin best. In case you are a fresher to the skin care arena, experiment with small samples or sachets available before buying the products.

Budget Friendly Pre Wedding Skin Care Regime 1

Here’s What I Do Every Single Day, Morning and Evening:

Morning Skin Care Routine:

Cleansing: I recently switched to Delicca Powder Face Wash and am very happy with the face wash, as it is very delicate on my sensitive skin. You can make your own powder face wash at home by just mixing equal quantity of milk powder, besan , powdered dried rose petals and 1/4th amount of turmeric. Use it with few drops of water every morning.

Toning: Currently I am using Jovees Cucumber Toner. You can use Dabur or Fab India Rose Water for glowing skin. I like to keep my toner in refrigerator and use it with cotton pads. It feels sooooo good. I also like to keep rose water dipped cotton pads on my eyes for few minutes. You can make your own rose toner by boiling few crushed rose petals with water and keeping them in airtight container in refrigerator. I have done it many times and it last for decent number of days.

Moisturising: The most important part of any skin care regime is moisturising your skin. This is where I do not mind spending any extra amount to get the right item. Frankly I still haven’t found my best moisturiser yet. Currently, I am using VLCC honey moisturiser to suit my normal to dry skin. Normal to oily skin people may find it a bit oily. I like oil free moisturisers and have used Neutrogena one which is also good. I also like to use Olay Light Moisturising Cream during summers.

Eye Cream: Eye creams are equally important on daily basis to get rid of wrinkles and puffiness. I am in love with VLCC’s Almond Under Eye Cream. I have also tried Fabindia Alovera Gel, Garnier, Aroma Magic, Olay and Biotic. But nothing suits me better than VLCC.

Budget Friendly Pre Wedding Skin Care Regime 2

Evening Skin Care Routine:

In the evening I like to use Garnier Gentle Cleaning Milk whenever I apply makeup. Normally I don’t wear much makeup on regular basis other than Kajal, Mascara, Eyeliner And Lipstick. I make sure I remove my Kajal using cleaning milk dipped ear buds. After cleaning, I stick to toning, under eye cream and moisturising part. Also in the night time I like to apply VLCC Hydrating Night Cream all over my face and neck area before sleeping. My skin feels supple and soft in the morning. Also I apply Biotic Lip Therapy on my lips to keep them soft and yummy 😉 .

Weekend At Home Clean-Up:

This what I do every weekend:

Cleansing: I like to use oats for cleaning my face on weekend. Just take a handful of oats and soak them with warm water for few seconds and then use the same all over face. Keep it for a minute and wash off with warm water.

Steaming: I take steam on my face to open my pores before scrubbing. I add few green tea leaves in the steam water to make it more beneficial.

Scrubbing: I scrub my face twice a week. I am currently using VLCC Gold Polishing scrub; it is very gentle and can be used every alternate day. After am done with scrubbing , I like to work on my blackheads using blackhead remover over my nose areas.

Face Pack: I keep switching between many face packs. Also my favourite one is the good old haldi, besan ubtan one my mom makes. You can make it my mixing besan, malai, pinch of turmeric. I also like to add rose water and powdered oats to the same. But in the busy days it becomes way hectic to make homemade packs so when in hurry I choose from VLCC, Khadi, Biotic, Joy, Garnier, Everyouth packs etc. I like to buy those small sachets of face packs to experiment different types.

Toning and Moisturizing: After the face pack I like to use toner and let my skin breath for few minutes before layering with moisturiser. Also sometimes I do facial massage using almond oil. This helps in firming the face.

Hair Care: I like to use Bio Musk Root Hair Pack mixed with curd. It makes my hair soft and shiny and I love that feel. Also mashed banana with aloe vera can be applied to hair as a hair pack. Also after every wash I use Livon ‘I Love My Hair’ Serum. I avoid heating my hair on regular basis and make sure I use some heat protectant before styling them with heating tools.

Budget Friendly Pre Wedding Skin Care Regime 3

Some More Tips: 🙂

  • Intake of liquids in any form like fruit juices, coconut water, milk shakes etc. is very beneficial for skin and hair. Try to avoid cold-drinks and hard drinks consumption on daily basis.
  • Hit the Salon once every few days to feel pampered. I like having my manicures and pedicures there, as I feel too lazy to do them at home.
  • Switch to healthy diet and avoid processed food.
  • Regular workout gives you the inner glow. If you are not strict workout type, try yoga classes.
  • Get you dose of beauty sleep for 8 hours every day. You don’t want to have those dark circles under your beautiful eyes.
  • Use some good body cream after shower and before dozing off. I use Nivea Body Milk. Also I have used Dove Body Silk which is an excellent product to invest in for giving your body that silky feel.
  • Swear by good Sun Screen Lotion before going out in sun. I feel minimum SPF 30 is required for Indian weather.
  • Incorporate aloe vera gel in your skin care kit. Use it the way you like. You can apply it all over your face and neck and leave overnight. Regular use helps in removing pigmentation. You can use it in your face packs and hair packs.

Stick to the above regime and you may also consult some professionals for bridal packages three months before the wedding. Make sure you don’t experiment with anything new, one month before your wedding. Give your skin sufficient time to adjust to any new regime you start.

Stay beautiful..Everyday.. 🙂


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  1. Wooooww thanku so much dear .. i am also getting marride in nov and trust me its very help full for me …i am doing manicure pedcure every sunday .. home made scrubing and pack n all .. but was not following ctm routien but i will do that pakka …
    Thanku so much ..

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