How to Look Pretty Without Makeup

There are times, when we are too occupied to put on makeup while stepping out, but we cannot afford to look bad, so how to look gorgeous without makeup? If you want to know, then read on further for some interesting tips.

how to look pretty without makeup

1. First and foremost thing that can help you look beautiful is to take care of your skin inside out. Required intake of healthy food and 8-10 glasses of water improves the quality of skin and takes care of dark circles and puffiness around eyes.

Follow a proper cleansing routine, wash you face twice daily with a mild cleanser. Even a cold splash of water in the morning is enough to give fresh look. Urban life can leave our skin dull and grimy, so cleanse regularly to keep your skin looking fresh to give you a naturally beautiful skin.


2. Exfoliate your skin regularly. You don’t need to invest in expensive body scrubs; you can make them in your kitchen. Even white sugar mixed with lemon juice can make your skin smooth and help exfoliate dead skin cells.

3. Use of sunscreen is an essential for keeping skin healthy. Whenever you are stepping out, applying a good sunscreen as per your skin type is a must. It is also advisable to wear sunglasses in harsh sun to avoid wrinkles around eyes.

4. To look beautiful without makeup you need to enhance your natural facial features. Plucking your eyebrows to give them good shape is not a crime. You can do it regularly to give yourself a cleaner look. Your lips should be smooth and healthy looking. Avoid chapping and chewing/biting of lips, this makes them dry. Use Vaseline to give them soft and shiny feel.

how to look pretty without makeup 3

5. Get a nice haircut that suits your style and hair texture. Choose a style that compliments your facial features and enhances your natural beauty even without a trace of makeup.


6. To look beautiful without makeup you need to have a daily dose of your beauty sleep. Eight hours of sound sleep will give a natural glow to your skin and keep you rejuvenated.

7. Exercise daily. Looking good is not only about nice clothes and makeup, its about staying healthy and feeling good about yourself.

8. Always wear a confident smile on your face. Remember love yourself no matter how you look. Makeup is not the key to look beautiful, follow these tips and conquer the world. 🙂

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33 thoughts on “How to Look Pretty Without Makeup

  1. omg! such a wonderful read shilpi! 🙂 i generally go out without makeup most of the days and i really follow all the steps u have mentioned! 🙂 thanks for compiling all the wonderful tips, am sure this will help many 🙂

  2. It really feels good when you know you’ll look good even without makeup. 😀 Very good reminder to eveyone. =)

  3. It really feels good when you know you’ll look good even without makeup. 😀 Very good reminder to everyone. =)

  4. 100% right sis.. If u dnt luv urself nobdy in the world cn make u look beautiful.. Being confident is essential too.

  5. this sounds so much like my routine,shilpi. i love makeup but i prefer not to do it every day.i like my skin to breathe and look narurally fresh:)

  6. ohhh dear.. this is such a wonderful article.. applying sunscreen is something i need to follow.. rest i eat healthy, walk everyday and do everything i can…

  7. Excellent points. I cannot even imagine stepping out without makeup. I wish there comes a day soon when i can do that. 🙂

  8. I absolutely agree that we don’t have to wear make-up everyday.Just use your sunscreen and take good care of your skin..that’s my motto. Nice tips Shilpi! 🙂

  9. Well compiled. Yu really need to think the amount of chemicals we slather our face with every day. Sunscreen i guess cannot be escaped.

  10. Hi Shilpi! Nice article i truly agree with u nd i already follow al dis thing. but one thing dat give me pain, i cant use sunscreen on my facial skin..though i use it daily upon my rest of body parts. Pls help !!!!!!!!!!!!

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