How to Look Good in Pictures

How to look good in pictures

Who doesn’t like looking great in pictures? Have you ever felt that someone who is not really good looking turns out to look great in pictures? Or someone who is really pretty may not look so flattering in pictures? Ever felt jealous of a friend who comes out flawless in pictures? You are not alone.

Being photogenic comes naturally to some people while others have to work towards looking good in pictures. Of course a lot of it is in the hands of the photographer but there some things the subject can do to look better. It’s not magic. People who are photogenic usually like having their pictures taken and thus are relaxed while posing. People who do not come out looking good are usually tensed about the same.

A photograph is a two dimensional image from one angle. The bad thing is a picture doesn’t show all your physical attributes as a naked eye would see. But you can learn to hide the features that you dont like and in a way ‘trick the camera’. The good thing is that this is a skill that you can learn.

• Never look directly at the camera. Look just above the lens.

• Tilt up your head slightly to get rid of double chin. Also try placing your tongue against the roof of your mouth but behind your teeth.

• An erect straight posture makes you look attractive and confident. A slouch makes you look weak and lazy. You back should be straight and your bones should be stretched out. You can try wearing heels as they make you stand straight.

• Never stand straight facing the camera like you have been arrested. Instead, you can try what is commonly called ‘the model pose’. Turn your body 3/4th to the camera an shift your weight to one foot (preferably the leg that is away from the camera). This will not only make you look taller but will also make you look slimmer.

• Full body shots should be taken from your belly button level as it elongates your legs and improves your proportions.

• Always face the light while getting clicked. Facing away from the light can create shadows on your face which are usually unflattering. Natural light should be preferred.

• For events and occasions you know you will be clicked at, choose colours and fits that suit your body. Also consider your hair color while choosing what color or print to wear.

• Although I am no expert in makeup but I have seen that heavy foundation always shows in close ups. Orange in purplish lip colors give a yellowish tint to your teeth so avoid wearing them or smile with your lips closed for the picture.

• Learn to smile 3/4th. Big smiles look unnatural and the attention turns from your pretty face to your pink gums. Practice smiling in front of the mirror and you’ll see that your fake smile looks evidently fake and that’s what it will look like in the pictures. Practice till you find the most flattering smile.

• When in a seated group shot, instead of leaning in, sit up straight and relax.

• Confidence or the lack of it always shows up on our face. I have seen the most ordinary faces glow with beauty without makeup because of confidence.

Have you ever wondered why children almost always look amazing in pictures? It is because they are relaxed, playful, uninhibited and genuine in the feelings they express.

Bring out the child in you. Shed your inhibitions, relax and smile.

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  3. Awesome post Aashima! My friends always point out that I’m a poser in my pics when actually I’m just trying to hide my flaws..well I just overdo it I guess!! Your post should help me a lot :)) :)) :thanks:

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