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Now that summers are here, I am facing a very huge and embarassing problem. My feet sweats a lot and I wear footwear which is more than 80% closed type, my feet smells and I really really hate it. I have seen some foot deodorizing powders and creams in the market, but I am sceptical to pick them up.  I need inputs from all the beauties at IMBB.


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  1. Scholl products are really good. I would also reocmmend the VLCC footcare regime. besides these products, do remember to wash your feet once you get home, rub it with a pumice stone and apply the scholl foot cream and as an added measure it would be good to wear shoes/chappals which you can air your feet with..

    1. Thanks Aru.. i have this habit of cleaning my feet as much as i can. Washing my feet once i reach home is something which i just cant forget or avoid.. I am kind of obsessed about cleaning my feet. is there any product in scholl or vlcc that we can use before we wear closed footwear??

      1. Foot spray is one of the items in the kit..that should help with the problem slightly if not complete eliminate it..

  2. u can also use a powder named clotrimazole dusting powder.its from the ranbaxy croslands company.. its good.i use it too.u need to dust the inside of the shoes as well as on ur feet.. it helps.. but u need to apply it aftr mayb 2hrs… depends.i hope this helps

  3. Remember to put your shoes out in the sun regularly. also dusting shoes with antibacterial powders helps. and wear cotton socks

  4. Gurpreet
    try using vlcc pedicure kit or scholl products. use a medicated antibacterial powder and keep your shoes in the sun. if possible try strap shoes,which are kinda open

  5. Sukanya.. i am currently using the scholl refreshing soak and the scrub.. but not sure if there isanything to solve the smell issue too in scholl

  6. u can powder pumps/shoes with prickly heat talc
    then add ur fav perfumed essential oil on ur footwear 15 mins bfr u wear dem

    I have tried in on my cloth ballet footwear

    my foot started to smell good

    try it

  7. hmm.. my grandfather always advised me to use powders (any talcum powders) in my feet before wearing ANY closed type shoes.. with socks or without.. and it helped me a lot in reducing the sweat.. nowadays u can get specialized powders for feet. 🙂 i use gokul santhol powder 😛

  8. I agree with Zara. I have the same problem of sweaty feet in winter. And the solution is to dust your foot and socks/shoes with Abzorb powder, Ranbaxy. It has clotrimazole, an antifungal agent, and starch particles to absorb sweat.

  9. Dear Gurpreet,

    sometimes we sweat bcos our body has excessive heat in it. Avoid tea, coffee and caffeine related drinks, this could worsen the problem. Try to reduce body heat by taking aloe vera + amla juice in the morning daily. You can also try detox diet which throw out the toxins from the body. Intake of neem also helps. U can soak your feet in black tea’s water/ vinegar/ alum. Also weight loss also helps in reducing sweat.

    Hope this helps.

  10. hey Aru,
    5 mins before you wear shoes soak your feet in some water with some drops of eau de will get it at any medical store.and the price is pretty reasonable. this helps to cool your feet, i mean maintain the temperature, which reduces the sweating as well. you may also try some aroma essential oils in similar fashion. if you know that you are gonna sit at one place for long remove your shoes , let some air pass through your feet as well as shoes. you may also use antibacterial powders as mentioned by all. hope this helps.

  11. hey Gurpreet…. i also face the same issue of sweating feet n can totally understand ur position..

    i m presently using Scholl’s Anti-perspirant foot spray before setting out of home… this actually helps me to stay sweat free the whole day if i m indoors..

    i carry it around when i m travelling or tend to stay outdoors for long so that i feet dont get slippery..

    the spray has so far helped me for good & has not caused any damage/discoloration to my footwear as well…

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