Revayur Anti-Blemish Facial Pack Review

Revayur Anti-Blemish Facial Pack Review

Hello Sunshines,

Today, I will be sharing a review on Revayur Anti-Blemish Face Pack. This is my first purchase from this brand. Read on to know more about this product.


Key Ingredients:

Manjistha extract, Sariva extract, Mulethi extract, Neem extract, Hirda extract, Orange Peel extract, Kaolin, Bentonite, Vitamin E.

Specialities: Ready to use clarifying and moisturizing treatment. High amount of actives and mineral clay removes dead cells, debris and strips away excess oil. Opens blocked pores, improves skin texture leaving it velvety, smooth, fair and radiant. Ideal for oily and blemished skin.

Acne Face Pack 2

How To Use:

Directly apply the required amount over face and neck area in an upward direction. Avoid eye area. Allow to dry and then rinse off with water.


INR 45 for 25 gm.

My Experience with Revayur Anti-Blemish Facial Pack:

I really wanted to try an anti-blemish product for a long time. I do not have any prominent marks on my face, but I do get some minor tiny marks left by acne some times. So, I thought of giving this face mask a try. It contains the extracts of manjishtha, neem and mulethi with the base of Fuller’s Earth, which are good for removing scars and treating acne. Fuller’s Earth is considered as a boon for oily–skinned people. So, this was an instant buy considering it would work efficiently on my face.

Acne Face Pack 3

The mask is of dark brown color and looks like mud mask. The mask has a bit of drying texture; it is not as smooth as wet face packs. Anyhow that can be ignored, but it smells kind of weird, like some ayurvedic concoction. I have been using this pack for 2 weeks now. It is very effective in removing sebum based plugs. It removes the oil from the skin leaving it to breathe. It totally works on the acne but regarding the marks, I have seen some fading but not to a great extent. I feel even my normal multani mitti (fuller’s earth) pack can do that job.

Acne Face Pack 4

Pros of Revayur Anti-Blemish Facial Pack:

  • Contains extracts of neem and mulethi.
  • Works efficiently on acne.
  • Removes oil and sebum from skin.
  • Leaves skin soft.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Revayur Anti-Blemish Facial Pack:

  • Texture is a bit drying.
  • Weird smelling.
  • Not very effective on acne marks.
  • Contains a lot of chemicals.

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6 thoughts on “Revayur Anti-Blemish Facial Pack Review

  1. *thankyou* *thankyou* soo much… glad i dint order it *hifive* *happy dance* was very attracted to that anti-blemish claim *headbang*


    its a worst face pack.. it made my face full of acne marks.. and too vanish them was a pain.. *ghost* *headbang*

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