RevAyur Cleansing Lotion with Aloe – Review

RevAyur Cleansing Lotion with Aloe

Hello ladies..

Product for today’s review is RevAyur Cleansing lotion with Aloe. I’ve been using this lotion for a long time and so sharing my views.

Revayur Cleansing Lotion with Aloe
What the product claims:
Gently removes make up and dirt deep from face.
Aloe Vera restores the skin’s natural ability to hydrate and protect it while stying your and healthy.
Leaves skin feeling clean, pure and fresh.
Skin texture appears finer and clarified.
Leaves no oily residue or filmy feel.
Suitable for all skin types, ideal for oily skin
Key Ingredients:
Aloe Vera Juice. For the rest of the ingredients, please take a look at the picture.

Rs.155 for 130 ml
Shelf Life-

24 months

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My take on RevAyur Cleansing lotion with Aloe:

One main reason why I brought this lotion was because of the mindset I have(most of us might),that this brand produces herbal or natural products. But sadly, there are chemicals and preservatives.
Now , getting on to my experience, the product comes in a triangular shaped bottle made of sturdy plastic and a green colored pump dispenser. There is a cap to cover the dispenser, which I have lost. There is little difficulty in dispensing the product from the pump dispenser.

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The lotion is milky white and thick in consistency. The thickness makes it difficult to dispense thru the pump. Now I have stopped using the pump. Though the lotion is thick, it spreads easily on your skin and gets absorbed quickly.
I use this lotion to remove makeup from my face, once I’m back at home. I take just a coin size and spread it all over my face with a gentle massage and wipe it off with a face towel or cotton. The lotion removes every speck of makeup and dirt, leaving my skin fresh and smooth. It also keeps my skin hydrated.It didn’t give a greasy feel ,making my face look oily. I’m oily skinned and this suited me very well.
My hand swatches show how good this lotion is at removing makeup:

Revayur Cleansing Lotion with Aloe (7)
Last but not the least, speaking about the fragrance, it smells mildly of aloevera. Very herbal it is! Not a bothering point for sensitive noses.

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What I like about RevAyur Cleansing lotion with Aloe:

  • – Removes every Speck of makeup and dirt from your skin.
  • – Keeps your skin fresh and locks moisture.
  • – No greasy or oily look and feel.
  • – Suitable for oily skin.
  • – Reasonably Priced.
  • – A little amount of the product is enough for a cleanup.
  • – Mild herbal smell.

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What I do not like about RevAyur Cleansing lotion with Aloe:

The dispenser- it is difficult to dispense the product.

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Will I repurchase RevAyur Cleansing lotion with Aloe ?

IMBB Rating:


To sum up,I’m overall happy with this lotion. This helps me remove any dirt and makeup from my skin with a fresh and clean effect. This is true to its claims and comes for a decent price.
Thanks for reading and take care girls 🙂


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  1. Seems like a nice product. I’ll try it once I finish my stock of Cetaphil. 🙂
    Haven’t seen you on IMBB for sometime Rama.. How are you?

  2. thank u so much as i was looking for a new makeup remover.even if a product works for me i am always on the lookout of something new,something better.

  3. i absolutely love cleansing milks. They come in so handy all the time no. 🙂

    how was your vaccy? do share some piccys in one of your upcoming posts. :))

  4. wow.. its ideal for me it seems.. 🙂 thanx for reviewing it dear!! am searching it here lets try my luck to get it/.. 🙂

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