Amway Attitude Cleanser for Oily skin Review

Review – Amway Attitude Cleanser for Oily skin

Hi all pretty women,

I know I am away from very long time, not posted any article from very long. The schedule is super jam packed in office as well as at home and so was not able to write much but still I have not given up writing… 🙁

So gals I am back with cleanser review. Till date I have used so many cleanser.My problem is that I have very oily skin and not all product and cleanser suit the oily skin.. so I was continuously switching the products.. I know that effects very badly to the skin but I had to do it till I find best suitable cleanser.. the cleanser which I used till date are: Loreal, Ayur, Neutrogena, VLCC, Nivea, Biotique, Clean and Clear, Olay… my last product was biotique before I switched to Amway’s cleanser.

My mum is Amway’s member from last 5 years.. One day I was arranging my makeup and cosmetics cupboard and my mum was seating there and helping me.. Suddenly from nowhere she asked why don’t you try my Amway’s cleanser and she started her all marketing language.. And I said ok let me finish my recent product den I will try.. so when I finished Biotique’s cleanser mum was all ready with her Amway’s cleanser..

Amway Cleanser
Amway Cleanser

Amway’s word for Attitude Cleanser for Oily skin:
Product Description: Attitude cleansers contain Rosemary Extract which is a natural astringent, which cleanses the skin by removing the excess surface oil & also stimulates the skin. Attitude Cleansers are of two kinds. For Dry Skin & for Oily skin

All Attitude products contain Skin Vitalizing Complex.

  • • Gentle, Non Drying Formula
  • • Deep Pore Cleansing Lotion
  • • Effectively removes make up, dirt & excess oil
  • • Leaves skin feeling soft, fresh & clean
  • Use Instruction:
  • • Saturate cotton pad with cleanser 7 smooth gently over face & neck
  • • Rinse with water
  • • Follow with Attitude Toner & Moisturiser
  • • To be used twice daily

Here are the photos of cleanser

Amway Cleanser

Amway Cleanser
Amway Cleanser

To open the pump, rotate it in anti clock wise direction and to lock it rotate in clock wise direction. When using the product for the first time, pump needs to be pressed 5-6 times, however for further usage dispense pump once or twice for the optimum quantity.

Amway Cleanser on cotton
Amway Cleanser on cotton

Cleanser on cotton pad.. texture is like thick liquid and of sky blue color.

Amway Cleanser on hand
Amway Cleanser on hand

Cleanser on my hand…
WOW factors of Attitude cleanser:

  • • I have used many cleansers till date and compare to all of them this cleanser is very mild and gentle and doesn’t irritate my skin.
  • • After using I feel m skin motorized and wet but not at all oily.. I think it contains very huge amount of water..
  • • It removes all my makeup, dirt and oil and leaves my skin soft and cleaned
  • • Dermatologically tested
  • • Contains mango seed butter, coconut water and rosemary extract which not only controls the surface oil but also acts as moisture magnets within the top layer of skin.
  • • I have very oily skin but it removes all the oil from my face..
  • • No breakout problem..
  • • Just small amount of product cleanses the whole face.
  • • The price is also decent and affordable.. I had loreal’s cleanser which was of 500..

What I don’t like about Attitude cleanser:

  • I have no complains against the product the only problem is its not easily available.. You can get the product only from the member on Amway.

Final Verdict: I definitely recommend this cleanser who have oily and sensitive skin (they have diff product for dry skin also) because its very gentle and removes all the oil from the skin and doesn’t cause any breakout problem.

My score for Attitude Cleanser (Out of 5): 5
Lots of love,


35 thoughts on “Amway Attitude Cleanser for Oily skin Review

          1. lol…I did the same thing after grabbing the inglot blush in today’s sale!! he he he…liked the review you did!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 me soooper excited about it now! :fingersxd: :fingersxd: :fingersxd: :fingersxd:

  1. Hey Ami,
    Nice review. I have been using Amway Dry skin cleanser but its too oily n hurts my eyes too.. Will definitely try this one for oily/sensitive skin. Its for Rs. 329 /-

    1. Thanks Shruti 🙂
      thanks for sharing the price also.. i forget to mention the price in the blog.. 🙁
      i had used it once to wipe my eye makeup as I was running out of my eye makeup remover but it didnt hurt my eyes

  2. i actually thot the price too steep for this
    but since now i have read this …i am sure of the qaulity
    they have great eye pencils too….super

  3. All amway products are of a very high quality… anyone tried their nail paint? my mum has one and it does not chip for about 10 days!!! can u beat that?

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