RevAyur Saffron Beautifying Gel

RevAyur Saffron Beautifying Gel

Hi Sweeties!

Today, I am going to review one of the products that I won in one of the contests organized by an online commercial website.  There are summers and then there are horrible summers and unfortunately, Delhi happens to have the latter! So, finding a product that actually suits you and shows results is a tricky thing. But fortunately, I got this as a virtue and I am happy!

RevAyur Saffron Beautifying Gel


  • Saffron.
  • Aloe Vera Juice.

Saffron Gel


  • With Saffron that makes skin glow.
  • Light and Grease Less Formula.
  • Suitable for all skin types. Ideal for Oily Skin.


Rs. 215 for a net content of 120 g.

My Experience with RevAyur Saffron Beautifying Gel:

It is a medium-sized jar which is orange in color. The composition of the product is in orange gel with moderate consistency.  You need to apply just enough of it to massage your complete face and neck. As it is structured for oily skin, it is a good thing! The moment you massage it, your skin almost absorbs it instantly. Not only this, it makes your skin looks refreshed and you actually happen to feel it. This gel does not leave patches and does not make you sweat after some time as most other products do. My skin type is combination and is really sensitive. I usually develop skin flakes post application of most products but this was a treat. I did not observe any such after effect.

Saffron Gel

To add more, if used regularly, it makes your skin supple and a little more even. I guess much better than the over-hyped BB Creams!!

However, I wish it had some SPF too or anti-pigmentation formula to counter black patches that develop after a sun tan. I have already used more than half of it!  Soon, I am going to review other products from the RevAyur Range!

Saffron Gel

Pros of RevAyur Saffron Beautifying Gel:

  • Herbal formula.
  • Does not grease really.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Makes skin soft and supple.
  • Makes skin refreshed, evens out to some extent.

Cons of RevAyur Saffron Beautifying Gel:

  • No SPF or anti-tan properties.
  • No other as such.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase RevAyur Saffron Beautifying Gel?

Yes, I will.

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14 thoughts on “RevAyur Saffron Beautifying Gel

  1. Nice review Kria..I have a similar saffron gel from Banjaras..I dint find anything great other than the cooling effect on my skin..

  2. Yes, Niesha,
    I have super sensitive skin, I develop break outs whenever I apply cosmetics. Any of Garnier products for that matter. But this did not do a bit!!

  3. Interesting will look out for this when I go shopping. Right now am using the aloe vera gel by Brihans but as a night cream since there is no SPF. Love the cool feeling it provides and its non-greasy for this horrible Bangalore summer.

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