Revlon Colorstay One-Stroke Defining Eyeliner Review

Revlon Colorstay One-stroke Defining Eyeliner Review

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

Among the many make-up items, a perfect Jet-black Eyeliner pencil is a must have for majority of us am sure…How much ever we love to play around with coloured liners, the look we can achieve with an intense black eyeliner on eyes is something special. I have always wanted that perfect look which the black eyeliner imparts and thus kept on searching for my HG eye pencil which would be water-proof, long-lasting and at the same time safe for water line. Revlon Colorstay One-stroke Defining Eyeliner in Blackest Black is my latest buy in this category and I would like to share my experience with you all.

What the Product claims:
Revlon Original Technology that prevents Smearing, Smudging and Fading, the new eyeliner pencil glides on as easily on eyes, adding drama and definition to your eyes. The soft core and rich silky coloring Substance makes it extremely easy to apply even on the inner Rim of the eye for a dramatic and stunning look.
Price: Rs 490
Ingredients: Here

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

My Experience with Revlon Colorstay One-stroke Defining Eyeliner in Blackest Black.

As a result of getting inspired by many superb reviews about this Revlon eyeliner, I finally decided to buy this one, and I was way too optimistic about its quality and that this will not let me down. Got to know from the SA that this was a product which was re-launched due to overwhelming consumer demand and I was not surprised that the company hiked the price just for this reason. This seems to be a common marketing technique by most brands- hot selling products disappear from the market for sometime and its demand shoots up, one fine day the company will re-launch it without much difference in quality/looks but definitely with a hike in price!! Apart from this eyeliner, the Revlon Colorstay range also has a mechanical liner which is for Rs 420 and though I couldn’t find any major difference between both decided to buy the pencil itself.

With just one stroke I applied it on my upper eye lids as well as on water line, waited for sometime to set and was really happy with the finished look of rich, black, well defined eyes. I rubbed my eyes to see if the claim was correct and to my surprise it dint smudge a bit!! I was super excited, paid the bills and left the store. Though there was a slight tingling sensation I dint bother much but after around half an hour my eyes started burning. I realized with a shock that the culprit was some ingredient in most of the water proof eyeliners which makes my sensitive eyes sting, and Revlon was no different. I decided to give a try the next day with the fresh piece but the result was same!!!After that I have never used it on my waterline though I find this ok for lower lash line as well as upper lids.

I will not under-rate this Revlon eyeliner  just because it made my eyes sting, can never generalize because this works perfect for many whom I know. But if you have sensitive eyes it is always better to try it out and wait for the whole day and then only decide to buy. This can save money and not regret about the purchase later on.
What I like the most in Revlon Colorstay One-stroke Defining Eyeliner:

  • The eye pencil is super soft and creamy.
  • Very easy to apply on top or bottom of eyes without any tugging/pulling.
  • Color pay off is excellent, just one stroke is more than enough for the perfect black line on eyes.
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner
  • Water-proof and Smudge-proof-TRIED & TESTED. Once it is set (which takes approximately 20 sec) you are free of any tensions of bleeding or smudging.
  • Very long lasting- stays put whole day long, in fact until I remove it off. Colour does not fade away too.
  • Gets removed quite easily with olive oil.

What I dint like in Revlon Colorstay One-stroke Defining Eyeliner:

  • I was so disappointed to find that it stings a lot when I apply it on my waterline. Could be because my eyes are too sensitive; even the SA had assured me that this is perfect for water line, but how sad I turned out to be unlucky in this aspect. I have also tried the water proof eye pencil from Maxfactor (the mechanical one) and faced the same issue and thus reached the conclusion that water proof liners have some ingredient which is not suitable for my sensitive eyes.
  • The pencils are so soft and creamy that the tip becomes blunt very soon. Once you finish lining both the eyes, the tip becomes so blunt that next time if you want a not so thick line then you must sharpen it. Thus it is necessary to sharpen it often and if you are going to use it daily you will finish it off pretty fast.
  • Chances of tip breaking because of its super creamy texture.
  • I found the price quite high compared to other drug store brands.- I really wouldn’t have bothered too much about the price it if it dint sting my eyes☹

With this experience somehow I have convinced myself to put an end to my search for that perfect water-proof eye pencil which is safe to be used on water line. Am trying to be happy with my kajal and kohl which doesn’t irritate my eyes, though I might need touch-ups in between. After all eyes are precious and something which irritates eyes is a clear indication that it is not safe and hence it is risky to keep on experimenting, so better stay away from such products.

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47 thoughts on “Revlon Colorstay One-Stroke Defining Eyeliner Review

  1. Hi all,

    am new to tis blog and am absolutely luving it…learning so much…kuddos to u guys…

    i have used tis eyeliner too n it does sting wen i apply on my waterline…i was very disappointed coz i had roamed all over chennai to get tis one…tis prod was outta stock for a very long time in H&G stores.

    anyways since it dint work out on my waterline line i strtd using it as an eyeliner instead…

  2. Awesome, Shyna. I have just use done eyeliner from revlon – matte eye kohl and loved it completely. That’s the most gorgeous blue eyeliner i have ever used. 🙂

    I will give these a try. One can never have enough eye pencils. 🙂

    1. DO try it out Rati, btw this blue matte kohl i guess is not waterproof right?am very scared of the word “water-proof” in eye liners nowadays..waterproof=stinging eyes!!!

        1. Rati..when u say u set the blue eyeliner with eyeshadow…how do you do it….am asking because i hv the blue liner tooo and though i love smudges very badly…

          1. Just apply the blue liner on your upper lash line and right in the outer corner of the eye. Don’t worry about getting it perfect because you would have to smudge it with the eye shadow. Pick up some blue eye shadow on a pencil brush and lightly go over the eye liner. Keep moving your brush left right left right as if you are rubbing a pencil. you’d get a soft smudged look and your eye pencil would also set.

            I do this with almost every eye pencil. 🙂

  3. thanks a ton for the review shyna..i usually don’t use eyeliners but now will probably buy n try it..nice review..btw i m using the body shop’s carbon black eye pencil which is dermatologically and opthalmalogically tested :heart: doesnt sting my eyes

    1. Akansha, as Rati said,One can never have enough eye pencils…the body shop one you mentioned is longlasting or does it fade out soon?i have never faced any prob with the regular kohls but they either smudge/fade out.

  4. LOL – totally true – one can never have enough eye pencils !!!

    Shyna – Have you tried the MAC eye pencils, the eye pencil and the power point eye pencil are pretty good ? Waterproof, smudgeproof etc ….

    Ratidooooo – I sent you email :laugh:

    1. Jhanvi, actually am very keen at trying out MAC esp the fluidline..but now am kind of scared to try out anything which they say is water proof n safe for waterline…

        1. Rati, am really scared since i have super sensitive eyes!!and the prob is we dont have a MAC store at my place so that i can try it n then buy!!! 🙁

          1. Go to a MAC store when you travel then – or eyes shut go for the MAC eye kohls and eye pencils – opthamalogist tested :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

            no sting no burn – but never the less – try them before u buy them

    1. Very True Appu, eyes burn even after you remove it off…so am not the only one who had this bad experience!!am trying hard to figure out wat would be that ingredient in tbese eyeliners which makes eyes sting like this!!

        1. Dia, i dont think you will face any such issues with this eyepencil..the formula is real heavy n strong that once set it doesnt smudge/fade.better you try this at the store n see…

  5. It blurrs my lens when I use on my waterline….:(
    it forms a thick coating on my lens….
    I really loved the dark water-proof formula….but does not work for waterline *tsk
    So I use only for defining upper lash line…

          1. ahhh….ok….thanx dear!!
            will be mailing you another review soon! 😀
            plus I will be getting a new digicam on my b’day this week….. :dance: :dance:
            then I can have more tuts for IMBB girls…. :chic:

    1. Monika i have not tried any eyepencils from lakme yet..though lakme instaliner is my ever fav liquid liner…lakme perfect definition is their old range no?will check out

  6. I have the one in navy blue colour and I love it! the colour payoff is worth it! Revlon pencils are expensive, yes, but I Love ’em!

  7. omg Shyna…I just purchased one usually I do look for reviews here before buying stuff..nd I was gonna buy colobar eye pencil but skipped it as my friend told me it smudges after an hour or so…and when I saw this Revlon one it didnt smudge a bit I was already drooling over it and was tempted to buy it..I got it from a wholesale beauty store and hence it cost me Rs.416….I have one more eye pencil from Ikonic ( you dont get this brand’s very rare) which was quite cheap for Rs.180 but my friend got the same one for Rs.325 from some retail store and even this one doesnt smudge n is waterproof but stings like hell as if you’d go blind..I used it on the lash line and it sings even on the lash line…eyes feel a lot heavier when you apply it….

    I am scared now after reading this review…

    God please help me and let the Revlon one not sting…

    1. hy m tanvi…. i use ikonic gel eyeliner and its amazing…. my frnd gifted me 3 pencils n its out of stock with it n yes its very rare to find…can u plz tell me where do we get it..plz reply.. 🙂

  8. and there it goes..I tried it today…way too dissappointed it stings a lot….feeling like banging the SA’s head cuz she told me that it doesnt sting on the waterline at all….

  9. hi, i’m new here. ws reading up the reviews for maybelline lasting drama gel liner nd this one. i was partial to maybelline until i got to the counter and tried a swatch…it just did not look pigmented enough and i had difficulty applying the gel to my lid in a thin line, the sa claimed it ws bcoz the brush was getting old.. but i wasn’t impressed.. So i moved on to revlon and tried both the liquid and pencil. the swatch really bowled me over , it was the blackest black i’v seen. but when i tried to smudge it, the pencil remained intact and the liquid came off in flakes, nd i decide to buy pencil ..
    here’s what i found:
    1. pigment: blackest black ever (expt maybe vlcc kohl which smudges lik crazy..practcly debilitating)
    2. application: glides easy, cn get a very thin line -if u hav a pointed tip, 3. matte finish (les dramatic than pen/liquid)
    4. waterline ok (i did nt experience any prblms)
    5. smudge resistant – infact i fell asleep in it and the lid line was intact..waterline had smudged

    1. tip gets blunt fast lasts only for one line to get the exact same shape on the other u may have to resharpen
    2. cost :rs 512 a bit too much considering it’s nt gonna last long
    i don’t know if i’ll buy this again…liquid liner is a first love i’m havin diffclty getting over

  10. Hi, My sincere advise to ladies who are planning to buy Revlon one stroke liner. It sucks big time. Pls dont buy it. It spoiled my eyes and i had to go c an eye specialist. the moment i applied the liner on my water line, my eyes started watering and had a burning sensation. i still repent for buying this product. pls pls pls dont ever suggest or buy this product and dont spoil your eyes…….

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