Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick Lilac Champagne Review

Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick- Lilac Champagne Review

Hi IMBBians,
Wow!!! I am super duper excited as this is my first post EVER!!! I have been an avid and silent reader of IMBB since last 2 years and thought million times (literally) to share my thoughts and reviews in IMBB but always chickened out. But as say better late than never so here I am writing my first review. Your feedbacks will be highly appreciated.

revlon lipstick lilac champagne
Anyways moving forward, today I am going to review Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick “Lilac Champagne” (it was a gift to me). Since I love Smokey eyes makeup I normally use light shades of lipsticks so this was a total surprise for me. I got really excited to try this new shade. So please tie your seat belts and let the review begin.

Product Description:

A Revlon classic! Condition your lips with creamy moon Drops Lipstick. Helps keep your lips soft and supple with beautiful flattering color.


revlon lipstick lilac champagne

The lipstick case is an emerald green color with a Golden band in between imprinted with Revlon. The top of the tube is plastic and you can see the lipstick shade clearly. The bottom of the tube has the shade name and number on it.

8.99$ (Got the information from internet)

My Experience with the Revlon Moon Drops- Lilac Champagne Lipstick:

First of all I am not sure why the shade is called Lilac Champagne as it does not look like one because it’s a hot pink color. Although when I tried to capture the color of this lipstick in Flash light it did look light purple but in natural light it’s a bright pink color.

So I remember watching Desi Boyz song (“Subah hone na de”) where Bruna Abdullah sported hot pink color lipstick. The color looked really hot and beautiful on her. So I was really ecstatic when this lipstick was gifted to me and even though I like soft colors I was glad that I got this one. But my happiness was short lived as this color did nothing for my face and it made me look pale and washed out. I don’t think I am audacious enough to wear this color outside as it is too bright for me. But I wore it at home for review purpose. After applying the lipstick it stayed on my lips for 5-6 hours and even after I removed it, it left a light pink stain on my lips. So I have decided not to give up on this product and find ways to tone down the color for me and see how that works.
Coming to the quality of the lipstick, it is opaque, super creamy and moisturizing. Makes your lips feel soft and silky. I do not have pigmented lips so not sure how it will look on pigmented lips.


revlon lipstick lilac champagne swatch
Turn off points in this lipstick would be its smell and the tube quality. The lipstick has a weird mild chemical fragrance which might give headache to some people; however the smell goes away after some time. Also the cover of the lipstick is quite fragile and does not lock in properly so it can easily break if not handled properly.

1. Soft and silky.
2. Creamy and hydrating.
3. Bold and bright colors selection in this range.

1. Flimsy tube cover.
2. Weird scent not everyone will like it.
3. Availability in India.

Lip Swatch:

Overall I feel that this range offers really nice summery colors which are bright and bold. Also the lipstick is creamy without being heavy on your lips. Those who like to wear bold colors will definitely like this range and also the color will suit fair complexioned people.

This color didn’t work for me and so will not purchase if given a chance. Also in this price range we have lots of other options available in the market.

Farewell for now and hope you guys enjoyed my review ride.

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  1. luvd the shade .. and ur 1st review is like 1st sixer .. keep it up :)) though rly doubt abt finding the shade here .. thats wot pisses me :/

  2. Thanks to all of you for your feedbacks…sorry for late response as i have been travelling alot these days ..Yes that’s a real tattoo made by my hubby 🙂

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