Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Rosy Nude Review, Photos, Swatch

My first review on IMBB!!! Thanks Rati for giving me an opportunity. So here goes my review of

Revlon Colorburst Rosy Nude (No.65)

Being a working mother of a toddler, I am always on the lookout for simple and non-fussy makeup that can be applied in a jiffy and does not make me look ‘decked-up’. One such cosmetic that fits the bill is a nude shade of lipstick – just right for everyday wear to work. However, all the nudes that I have tried ended up looking either too pasty (not the right color) or felt too dry (not the right texture). So it was with no great expectations that I picked up yet another nude – Revlon Colorburst in Rosy Nude (No. 65) -on a recent shopping trip. But wow – am I impressed with it or what?!

revlon colorburst lipstick rosy nude

The color swatch looked just perfect and the attractive packaging sealed the deal. The black matte tube with criss-cross patterns on it gives it a very sophisticated look. The inner stick of colour has ‘REVLON’ engraved on it which makes it look ‘posh’ (for lack of a better word!). Though I was a bit skeptical about dishing out Rs550 for a basic shade of lip color, I was in a mood to splurge that day! Thankfully it turned out to be a wise investment.

The first impression of the lipstick I had was that it is so easy to apply and glides on the lips like a dream. I have tried it with just one swipe as well as 2-3 swipes and every time, the shade looks just right for my skin tone (wheatish with yellow tones) and I’m sure it will suit most Indian complexions. One swipe gives a fresh and mild rosy hue and another couple of swipes gives a deeper rosy color to the lips. It has the right amount of pinkish tint to take me through a regular day at work– unlike most of the other nudes I have tried that have either been too pink (giving a goody-goody girly look) or too brown (looks too severe).

Swatch : One and Two Swipes

Swatch : One and Two Swipes

And now coming to the real test of strength (:P). This lipcolor does not dry out my lips – even at the end of the day I am able to feel the creamy texture when I smack my lips. The shade does fade after about 3-4 hours to a mild rosy tint and may require a touchup then. However, there have been several occasions where I have managed without one and I was still happy with what remained on my lips.
I would definitely buy this color again since I am so happy I found my perfect nude!

Revlon rosy nude on lipsRevlon rosy nude on lips

Pros of Revlon Colorburst Rosy Nude (No.65)

1] Suits most Indian complexions
2] Matte finish but does not dry the lips and does not feel flaky
3] Very smooth application
4] Likely to last long – one swipe is usually enough for a subtle hint of colour; 2-3 swipes gives a deeper shade

Cons of Revlon Colorburst Rosy Nude (No.65)

1] Needs touchups though not too many. On an average 8 hour working day, I usually touch up once, even though I have applied the lipcolour with 2 swipes in the morning. However, there have been days when I have managed without a touchup since the colour fades to leave a mild stain on the lips, which isn’t too bad.
2] The price is a bit steep.

Final verdict
This is a great shade of nude for everyday wear not to mention the lovely texture. Despite the price, I think it’s a worthy investment since the tube is likely to last for quite some time.

My Rating: 4/5 (one point less for the pricing)

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32 thoughts on “Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Rosy Nude Review, Photos, Swatch

  1. nice shade Nidhi 🙂 I have not tried colorburst yet.. would love to try this shade 🙂 good review :waytogo: n btw nice smile 🙂

  2. It looks so creamy and looks good enough to eat (the shade reminds me of chocolate though it’s not exactly brown). :heh: It looks really natural on your lips too Nidhi, nice review. :)) :))

  3. I am using this and I LOVVEE it…. 😀
    Nice review Nidhi! I want to try out other shades too from this range.. :))

  4. You wont believe but I was eyeing this particular shade for a long time @ due to it price I didnt buy it till now, may think of it now 4 sure ! :thumbsup: :thanks:

  5. nice smile nidhi 🙂
    this looks very good…. the perfect shade between pink and brown…. :inlove: :inlove:

  6. hey same here tapaswini!!i liked this shade but kind of pulling me back frm buying it :sarcasm: :sarcasm: as its quite costly!! :((
    but this shade is really awesome,and i like your smile nidhi!! :love: :love:

  7. Thanks for the review Nidhi. I’ve been looking for nude shades and also thought of buying a Revlon Colorburst since I’ve heard good reviews about it. Both in one makes me so very happy. :thanks:

  8. I just have one colorburst lipstick and I totally love it. I agree it is on the expensive side but so worth it. I mean I can buy so many shades without even giving it a second thought. 🙂 This is a nice shade very similar to the bobbi brown lipstick i recently purchased.

    good review and welcome to IMBB. 🙂

  9. This is such a pretty shade . I always wanted a colorburst one but couldnt find a nice shade 🙁 I think this one is definitely worth getting :teddy: :teddy: :teddy:

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