Rose Hip Seed Oil-Uses and Review

Hey Everyone! It’s no secret that the current craze in the beauty industry is Argan Oil. It seems that all major cosmetics manufactures are scrambling to include it in their beauty products in order to successfully cash in on the “Moroccan Oil” craze. Rose Hip Seed Oil, on the other hand, has been neglected by large scale manufacturers and consumers. While the versatile and effective oil is popular among natural-product junkies, it hasn’t gained widespread appeal like Argan oil. So today, I wanted to share with you some uses of Rose Hip Oil and what beauty needs it fulfills and/or fails to address.

rose hip seed oil
Product Background and Description:
I buy my Rose Hip Seed Oil from NOW Foods, but this review is applicable to all 100% Rose Hip Oil products. Rose Hip Seed Oil, as the name suggests, is extracted by pressing the seeds of rose bushes native to Chile and Argentina. The oil is widely used in Chile, where the women swear by its anti-aging and healing properties. The oil contains essential fatty acids, Vitamin A (retinol) and Vitamin C (antioxidant) – all elixirs for glowing and healthy skin!
Now solutions rosehip seed oil
The oil has a barely noticeable yellow tinge to it and smells faintly like play dough to me. It’s described as “dry oil,” because it gets absorbed by the skin rather quickly. It is safe to use on the face, although some aestheticians suggest mixing it in with another oil or moisturizer when doing so. Rose Hip Seed Oil is known to deal with a number of skin issues such as wrinkles, acne, dry skin, scarring, stretch marks and dark circles. The oil is also used to treat hair loss and make dry hair smooth and shiny.
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I paid $6.99 (Roughly Rs. 350) for a 1 oz. bottle on

My Experience with Rose Hip Seed Oil:

I have combination, acne-prone skin, in other words I’m prone to whatever skin woes one can imagine! I bought this oil to treat acne, but ended up using it for the area around my eyes, a burn scar on my arm, dry elbows and knees and on my hair.
As a moisturizer for sensitive, thin skin: I apply this oil directly on the area around my eyes. It doesn’t burn, itch and make my eyes water. I try to not do this during the day, since it makes my makeup smudge, but by leaving the oil on overnight I wake up to softer skin and no dry patches around the eyes. I haven’t noticed any change in my dark circles; they’re neither lighter nor darker with the use of this oil.
rose hip seed oil
As moisturizer for thick skin: In my opinion, the best use of this oil is for elbows and knees. This leaves me with soft elbows and knees and with continued use has lightened them (perhaps because they’re now properly moisturized). I usually rub this on and then follow it with a petroleum-based product to seal the oil in and so far this has worked really well.
As a scar treatment:

I have a couple of scars one forearm from burning myself on the grill, so I decided to experiment. I used lemon on one scar, Rose Hip Seed Oil on another and keep alternating between other oils for the third. The Rose Hip Seed Oil scar has lightened significantly, the lemon one remains, the third is in the process of lightening!
For Hair:

I put this on sometimes before I swim, because it’s light and won’t let my cap glide off. It’s hasn’t really done anything to prevent chlorine damage. I also wear it on my hair after a wash if I don’t plan on leaving my hair down or styling it. My hair feels sticky if I leave it down after putting this on; however, it does a good job of smoothing frizzies and sealing the ends. For hair, it works best as a pre-treatment to washing. Massage hair with the oil, leave it on for about an hour, then shampoo (no conditioner) and it leaves my hair soft!
Rose hip seed oil


Pros of Rose Hip Seed Oil:

– Contains ingredients that are important for skin health.
– Works well on the skin and hair.
– Is a “dry oil” which makes the skin and hair absorb is rather quickly.
– As far as “pure oils” go, this one is on the cheaper side.
– No strong smell, like coconut and olive oil.
– No harmful ingredients that are often found in cosmetics.

Rose hip seed oil

Cons of Rose Hip Seed Oil:

– Really nothing, but I feel this requires experimentation on the user’s part. It takes a while to figure out where this will work for you and where it won’t.
Bottom Line:
It takes some patience to work this natural oil into your skin and hair care routine, but the results make the effort well worth it. Get your hands on 100% Rose Hip Seed Oil, you won’t be disappointed  🙂
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13 thoughts on “Rose Hip Seed Oil-Uses and Review

  1. I have used rosehip oil on my face couple of times for my acne scars..but was too scared it will break me finished up the bottle using it as a moisturizer, its def non sticky n absorbs quickly!

    1. I decided to skip it for acne-related uses, too. Maybe later I’ll work it into another oil and use it for scars 🙂

  2. I have been using this during winter …. however only a small amount should be used ,when ever I use more it broke my skin out

    1. @ Supriya…how much do you use? At some point I do want to use this for my whole face. Do you mix it with another oil?

      @ Neha… Thanks 🙂

  3. i giggled at the name of the oil. 😛 Not sure if I’f pick it up but I the knee and elbow moisturizing tip is really good. I become so lazy in winters but need to prep myself up for the summers… Goddd!!! again 2 bottles. hihihih

  4. Nice post. The article has enticed me to use it. Since its a concentrated oil could you please share how do you use it. Also will it be appropriate to use on acne marks if I have oily and sensitive skin. aLso could you suggest some online website where i can buy it from. Thanks

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