Secret Temptation Spray Perfume – Romance

Secret Temptation Spray Perfume – Romance

While searching for some body spray on an e-commerce site, I came across this perfume. I have earlier used body sprays/ deo from Secret Temptation and I liked them for they were quite long lasting. When I saw a perfume from Secret Temptation at too at the price of a deodorant, I just bought it (shopaholic me) 😉


Rs. 225

Secret Temptation Spray Perfume Romance


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What the Company Says:

Secret Temptation Romance Perfume is made to appeal to the romantic in you. It is alluring, innocent and has the naughty essence of femininity. This fragrance contains notes of orange blossom, peach apricot, ylang, tuberose, gardenia, jasmine woody, patchouli and vanilla.


Well.. packing is good. It comes in a sturdy, unique shaped glass bottle with a lotus shaped cap and a golden press to spray button.

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My Take on Secret Temptation Spray Perfume Romance:

The perfume seem to have top notes of jasmine and patchouli that are too much. This is not at all soothing/ relaxing or attractive infact it is repulsive. The deodorant of same variant is far better that is on its softer side. Coming to the heart notes (middle notes) of the perfume, it smells of jasmine oil after about half an hour of application. Slowly when the perfume settles down that is after 3-4 hours of applicaton, it gives a nice powdery fragrance very similar to Yardley talc. The base notes seem to have vanilla,ylang,etc. it feels a little better at the end of the day.

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What I do is I spray it in my room while going to college and when I come back after 6 hours, I find my room smelling powdery + incense . This is the only way I found to finish it. But yeah my bestie loved the fragrance when it settles down, that powdery feel I mentioned . And I just hate top and middle notes, feels like I took a bath in jasmine oil.

Staying Power:

It stays for 3-4 days on cloths. I didn’t use it on the skin for the alcohol contents so, cant say how long it stays on direct skin.

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Nice Sillage but what to do of sillage when fragrance is not good.

What I liked about Secret Temptation Romance Perfume:

  • Cheap.
  • Packing.
  • Long lasting.
  • Good Sillage.

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What I dislike about Secret Temptation Romance Perfume:


Final Verdict:

Don’t buy, its just waste of money.

I shall never buy it again, nor shall I recommend it to anyone.


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