How to Shape Calf Muscles

Well toned, long and lean legs can add so much to your personality. Not everyone of us is blessed with sexy looking legs but, we can sure try to raise the oomph factor of our legs by proper workout.

Beautiful thighs need equally pleasant calf muscles to make an impact on the onlooker. Apart from giving your legs cosmetic value, calf muscles also work together to raise your heel, support the knees and hips, and promote proper circulation of blood in the legs. Developed calves allow you to perform various activities like walking, jogging or standing for longer periods without much discomfort.

So what are you all waiting for? Put on your exercising gear and sweat it out. Listed below are some really easy and effective exercises that will help you to make a mark among beautiful legged ladies.

Some exercises to shape your calf muscles:

Standing dumbbell: Start this exercise by placing your foot at the edge of a step. Put your hand on a wall or some support to keep balance. Now, hold a heavy dumbbell in the other hand and then push up on the toe of your foot as high as you can.Hold for a second and then push your heel as low as you can to stretch your calf muscle.

Seated calf exercise: This exercise requires you to bend your knees. Sit and place the front half of your foot on a pad or other slightly elevated surface so your heels hang off the back. Place two dumbbells on your knees and you raise your heel as high as possible. Squeeze your calves for two seconds then lower your heel. Repeat this movement fifteen to twenty times in sets of three.

Weighted squats: Shape calves with weighted squats. Squats are a great exercise for the entire leg, but weighted squats in particular force the calves to work harder. Place weight on dip belt around waist or take some weight on your shoulders and then stand with your feet slightly apart. Now bend in a sitting position until your thighs are parallel to the floor. If you want you can keep your arms parallel to the floor too. Stay in this position for 30 seconds before returning to your starting point. Ten to fifteen repetitions of this simple exercise as part of your routine is great to tone your legs.

Just jump: Simple cardio exercises like jumping on your toes or skipping work great to tone your calf muscles. Try one foot skips, double skips, moving skips (move in the forward or backward direction) or doubling the pace of your skips to see the desired results.

What do you do to keep your legs looking sexy?

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