10 Best Shapewear to Hide Tummy and Love Handles

If you want to get rid of that body flab, love handles, paunch, extra fat in a jiffy, shapewear is the only way out. Only extra flab can come in the way of you and your favorite dress. With the correct shapewear and all extra curves held in their right places, you can step out with confidence and feel fabulous about yourself all over again. Spanx or spandex is the most popular one that would find in the market. Tummy tuckers, waist cinchers, thigh shaper, butt shaper, shaping camis, tanks, slips, bodysuits, full body shapewear are just a few variants that are hugely popular. In this post, we are going to tell you guys 12 Best Shapewear to Hide Tummy and Love Handles. They are the best way to look slim without losing weight.


What are Tummy Fat and Love Handles?

Love handles are excess fat that bulges out from a person’s waist. Love handles are also called muffin top in colloquial language. Hormonal imbalance, belly fat and lack of physical activity contribute heavily in the formation of love handles.  To avoid love handles, engage in physical activity, cut down on sugar, salt, high-calorie diets. Likewise, tummy fat can come up due to hormonal balance, post-pregnancy fat accumulation, excess sugar, salt, and high-calorie diet.

How To Get Rid of Love Handles and Tummy Fat Naturally?

1. Reduce sugar intake.
2. Get yourself checked for hormonal imbalance.
3. Recue salt intake.
4. Drink green tea.
5. Consume apple cider vinegar with half a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of cinnamon powder in lukewarm water.

6. Devote some time for physical activity, join a gym, or you can start with brisk walking for half an hour a day.

7. Practice yoga or meditation to reduce stress.

What is a Shapewear?

Shapewear help you look slimmer and sleeker by cinching and compressing body fat in places where you want to. They also help with body sculpting and in smoothing out your silhouette. Shapewear should not feel uncomfortable at all, they should not feel tacky under your dress. They should give you immense confidence. There are many types of shapewears that you can find tummy tuckers, waist cinchers, corsets, thigh shaper, butt shaper, shaping camis, tanks, slips, bodysuits, smoothing, sculpting, compressing body suits, full body shapewear and a lot more. But which one would suit your body type, read on to find more tips that would help you out.

How To Find The Perfect Shapewear For Your Body?

1. Don’t pick smaller-sized ones. Measure yourself and pick the right size, not a smaller size because that would not only make you uncomfortable, it would highlight your bulges even more.
2. To hide tummy fat and love handles, rather than opting for high-waist panty shapewear or waist cinchers, opt for corset-style shapewear or full-body compression shapewear to distribute bulge evenly without it jutting out from different sides.
3. When looking for shapewear, search specifically for “no rolling down” tag. It means that it would not ride down your waist after a few minutes. Also look for silicon grips in high-waist and waist-cinching shapewear. Silicon grips prevent it from rolling down.
4. If you are picking up a high-waist shapewear, pick something that would go all way up to your torso so that the extra bulge would not spill over from the edges.
5. Pick full body suit to smooth out all the bulges evenly.
6. Look for spandex material with cotton blended in rather than polyester or nylon blended ones because cotton would feel more comfortable on the skin and you would be able to wear it for longer duration.
7. Invest in good-quality one, do not compromise on low-quality when it comes to shapewear.

Types of Shapewear to Hide Tummy and Love Handles:

  • Body suits.
  • Tummy tucker panties.
  • Camisoles/tank tops.
  • Waist cincher.
  • Thigh, butt, and tummy slimmer.


12 Best Shapewears to Hide Tummy and Love Handles:

1. Triumph Solid High Rise Shapewear: This is a polyester-blend bodysuit shapewear that compresses muffin top and excess tummy fat to a good extent.

2. Maidenform Flexees Women’s Fat Free Dressing Hi-Waist Boyshort: This is a 70% nylon, 30% elastane with 100% cotton lining that has targeted firm control that flattens tummy and also defines waist. This is a high-waist boy short so it creates sleekness from your waist to upper thighs. The fabric is such that it keeps you cool and dry for long hours.

3. Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Waist Nipper Firm Control: This is a 79% nylon and 21% elastane that comes with a hook and eye closure. This jacquered fabric smoothes out muffin top and helps minimize waistline and midriff.

4. Spanx Two-Timing Open Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit: This is a reversible bodysuit with two colors in one body suit. This has 57% nylon, 43% spandex, with 100% cotton gusset.

5. Spanx Waist Cincher: This waist slimming shapewear fits comfortably while targeting the tummy area. It is made of 41% Nylon, 49% Spandex/Elastane. Lining: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex elastane.

6. Enamor BS07 Torso Slimmer:  This torso slimmer smoothes down curves and firms up the waist, back, butt, and tummy.

7. Enamor WC06 Tummy Slimmer:  This is a polyamide waist cincher that starts right below the bust, covers the tummy, and slims up the hips. It claims to impart a flattering silhouette to women.

8. Marks and Spencer Firm Control Magicwear Geometric Waist and Thigh Cincher: This sculpting shapewear flattens tummy and smooth out hips with geometric panels that frame midriff for a flattering appearance.

9. Naomi and Nicole Women’s Unbelievable Comfort Step in Torsette: This shapewear offer firm control to flatten tummy and waistline. It cinches waist, tummy, torso and back.

10. Ann Chery 2046 Metallic Edition 3Hooks Women Latex Cincher Workout Waist Trainer: This workout latex cincher comfortably adjusts to your body and provides you with a high level of compression. This comes with 3 hook and eye levels to close the latex girdle with the compression that you want. The latex workout band in this shapewear increases thermal activity which makes it ideal for maximizing gym results.

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