Shiseido Pore Smoothing Corrector Review

Shiseido Pore Smoothing Corrector

Even, Refining Coverage.
・Long-lasting Matte Finish.

・Apply after skincare or makeup base. Take a small amount onto fingertip and lightly blend over areas of concern, then follow with foundation.

I was very eager to try this pore smoothing corrector from my favorite brand- Shiseido! I was happy when I received this product from them as honestly I just have two other primers and none for a pore corrector. Hence this tiny tube brought me a lot of happiness for an oily skin acne prone gal.Thankfully my acne are at bay and I love my skin as of now.I do have pore concerns and this helps me to make a barrier and a filling and blurring one at that when I wear my foundation makeup.
I love wearing foundations,current favorites are my Deborah foundations, but I like to wear some barrier and primer to fill the pores and also to make the foundation application smooth. This pore smoothing corrector is essentially a primer which works like filling pores and blurring the look of open pores.Then the potion is absorbed and the skin looks smoother touchabl-y smooth.. The feel is like that of a primer honestly and a silicone one at that ( I am guessing) but yes the skin feels smoother and the pores look filled up.
The foundation glides well and after the foundation honestly the pores look almost nil, you cannot make out that you have an open pores problem.On the flip side, I think this does not control oil or make foundation last long at all.If I don’t set the foundation with powder, I can easily see the oil resurfacing on my oily skin in 2-3 hours.
Also, though you need a little amount of product and focus on your pore problem area only, I get tempted to layer it up,so use it sparingly .Initially I was hoping this would work for light acne scars too but that is asking for too much from the product. The texture is very primer-like, very smooth to apply and works into the skin easily.
Overall it is a mild primer blurring the pore look by filling them up and after foundation almost nullifying them.Use less amount of the product and also do not expect it to hold on to your foundation for very long and keep oil at bay for long.No it works to blur pores essentially and makes skin matte and that is that.Oily skin that loves primers can give it a shot.

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  1. Nice review neha 🙂 just one question: After 2-3 hours when skin starts to become oily again do pores become visible again? or it still controls that part? *scared*

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