Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color PK 302 Magnolia

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color PK 302 Magnolia

A lightweight cream eye shadow with a radiant, lustrous finish that maintains a just-applied fresh look for 16 hours without smudging or creasing. Applies easily with your fingertip for a smooth, even finish. Hydrates skin with Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE.

Price: Rs. 1850/- for 6 gms


This is a very pretty shimmer pink cream shadow that was sent to me for review purpose. This is a picture perfect shadow to look at but this did not turn out very practical for me. I would personally never wear a pink shimmer shadow on my eyes.Plus I do think such doll pinks are not meant for Indian skin tones. We love our neutrals too much. Take a look at this doll pink shimmering cream shadow from my current favorite brand “Shisiedo”. 🙂

Rashmita has reviewed a nice neutral cream shadow from the same range HERE.The tub comes in a simple curvy plastic and the cap kind of screws back in place. This looks very handy no doubt like a lip balm tub or something. The color is mousse like and it is filled upto the brim. It looks very tender at a glance. You can see it will be super soft and souffle like and blends into nothing. I was right.



The color is soft powdery mousse and once you apply it by patting on, it gets more subtle and soft. If you blend it you will be left with nothing but shimmer. I tried to see how much color I could build by patting it on but it was a lost cause. It got more cakey and then dried to slight powder but the color was still very subtle.The shimmer is kind of suited to evening wear only. You cannot wear this during the day as the shimmer twinkles.

Shiseido_shimmering_cream_eye_color_PK_302_magnolia__1_ Shiseido_shimmering_cream_eye_color_PK_302_magnolia__2_

I tried using my fingers to pat it on and believe me it works best like this. The brush kind of eats the product up and you will be left with shimmer only.The shimmer is not gritty but yes it is not fine, it is on the glittery side.The base is pink and the shimmer is silvery so you can imagine how silver shimmer would be on the eyes.


I also tried using it on a primer but then the primer kind of overshadowed the pink, in making it even more subtle. I do not think this sets to a smudge proof finish at all. It gets powdery but if you swipe a finger over the set shadow, you will get half off it, in the powdery form. It also melts on me after 4 hours hence I am sure this does not set to a smudge proof finish which it could have. In that case I would have used it like a base to other shadows as well.The pot packaging would not be a fav with many.


Overall not my fav because application is a problem, patting or blending either way the impact is not for me. Secondly it could set to a really smudge proof finish but it sets somewhere in between.The color is not for me either as this would be too shimmery for warm skin tones. But if you are fond of a light wash of color of pink and you are younger, you could wear this to parties as the color really brightens the eyes.

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  1. I have not used any cream shadows till date *nababana* …oily skin fears *scared* but this luks nice on u *clap*

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