9 Signs That your Body is Burning Fat

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn your body into a fat-burning machine that would torch up all the extra calories, fat, and flab and give you the desired weight and shape that you had always dreamt about. Body mass index (BMI) which is widely used to calculate one’s ideal body weight by taking into consideration one’s height and weight ratio, is often not the perfect measure to calculate the level of perfect health and is actually an inaccurate method to determine if one is overweight or in a bad shape. On the other hand, calculating the body fat percentage is more important since BMI can be misleading because muscle can weigh more than fat and lean body muscle makes you look lean and more toned. Also, more muscle would result in burning of more calories. Coming back to the topic, it’s easy to get discouraged when you do not see the weighing scale moving in your favour even after sticking to the weight-loss diet and slogging out in the gym. Before you get discouraged and consider getting down from the weight loss wagon because you aren’t seeing any drop in weighing scale or change in BMI, do look out for these signs of fat burning that your body is showing. In this post, we would list down 10 Signs That your Body is Burning Fat so that you don’t get demotivated when the weighing scale just refuses to move further down.

Signs That your Body is Burning Fat

How Fat Burning/Lipolysis Takes Place?

“Fat burning” is also called lipolysis and it’s the mechanism where the body breaks down dietary fat or stored fat into absorbable form to be used as energy by the cells. It’s a mechanism that takes place inside the body where fat is broken down into an energy form. When fat gets broken down into an energy form, it is oxidized or burned inside energy factories of the body (mitochondria), where fat oxidation happens. But before that, they get converted into fatty free acids and then get utilized as fuel by body cells. This entire process is called lipolysis. There are two types of lipolysis – gastrointestinal lipolysis that happens during digestion, and adipocyte lipolysis, where stored fat is tapped into, and that’s the time we get to drop weight and lose extra fat. Lipolysis occurs when the body needs energy and there is calorie deficit, and there’s not enough glucose available through the diet. In such a situation, where there is increased physical activity also, the brain triggers the release of stored fat from adipocytes (which are the cells that store fat). These fatty acids are then are oxidized in mitochondrial cells and released as energy. It goes without saying, to burn fat stored in adipose tissue and to slim down, you need to create a calorie deficit and exercise to make the body reach out to extra stored fat deposits to get energy.

9 Signs That your Body is Burning Fat:

1. You Do Not Wake up “Hangry” in the Morning:  You would be surprised that after some days after following a healthy diet (Rati Beauty weight loss diet), the body would get into the fat-burning mode, and you no longer would wake up feeling irritated because of low blood sugar, looking for ways to bring back glucose into the body. When the body is in a fat-burning mode, it switches to using fat as an alternative source for energy and does not rely on food sources to replenish blood glucose, as a result, you wake up in a better mood, full of energy, and totally refreshed.

2. You do not crave for Sugary things through the day: Since we are in the fat-burning mode, we are no longer dependant on sugary delights to give that boost of energy. Since the body is steadily burning fat, we get continuous supply of energy without the need for sugar.

3. You can Workout on an Empty Stomach: Yes, pre-workout meal is not a necessity anymore and you can do even high-intensity exercises on an empty stomach and tap into the fat reserves much more easily.

4. You are not Falling Sick that Often: Sugar raises inflammation in the body and acts as a trigger for various metabolic disorders and diseases. In the fat-burning mode, the level of inflammation comes down, and as a result, you would not be getting sick as often.

5. Lesser Mood Swings: Since your blood sugars are stable through the day, all major hormones, including insulin are in balance, and as a result, there are lesser mood swings.

6. You have become Lighter: Don’t go by the weighing scale, have you noticed how you have started feeling lighter, with better stamina.

7. Clothes Have Become Loose: If those pesky pounds are not coming off on the scale, do try your old clothes to find out if they have become loose or fit better now?

8. More Energy: Since the blood sugar remains stable in a fat-burning mode, there is no slump in energy level and as a result, you would not feel fatigued in the later part of the day.

9. Exercise Does not Feel like a Punishment anymore: When the body turns into a fat-burning machine, exercise does not feel like a task or a punishment anymore. You would start to enjoy the whole process and in fact, look forward to working out everyday.

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