It’s Skin Babyface Petit Mascara Review

This is the first mascara that I own from the It’s Skin. Based on my previous reviews, one can guess that I love to hoard mascaras and lip balms. I love to flaunt lush, long, beautiful lashes. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with the same, so I seek solace in volumizing mascaras. This post is the review of one such mascara that I bought in such a hope and it’s also part of my recent Korean skin care and makeup haul.

Its Skin Babyface Petit Mascara tube

Product Description:
Containing Black Food Complex and Acetylated Peptides: Mild to sensitive eyes around skin and Nutrition to eyelashes. Long-lasting. Non-Smudging. 
Net Volume: #01~#02 = 7.5 g / #03 = 9 g

My Experience with It’s Skin Babyface Petit Mascara:

The only other product that I have tried from this brand is a face wash, which I am currently trying out and will review soon. So far, it has not disappointed me, so in future I might explore this brand more. Meanwhile, let me elaborate further on my experience with this mascara which comes in a unique packaging.

Its Skin Babyface Petit Mascara packaging

The product comes in a tube packaging. The long lid of the tube holds a curvaceous wand. The curve to the mascara brush is meant to make application easier and also add an upward lift to the lashes. It might work for some, but to me it is not very ergonomically favorable. I always get ready in a rush, so uniquely-shaped wand tends to poke me, makes my eye watery, and ruins  my makeup.

Its Skin Babyface Petit Mascara

The main feature of Korean makeup is to keep the whole look subtle and natural. They do not like dramatic look or over-exaggerated features. Their products work, but within the limits of natural beauty and appearance – these products are not for people who love to make a dramatic statement with their makeup. That is why Korean skin care is famous in USA but makeup not so much. This mascara by It’s Skin is also fashioned along these lines and although it does add thickness and volume to my lashes but not enough drama as I desire, so I have to further layer it with a thickening mascara.

Its Skin Babyface Petit Mascara

It has a thick consistency and helps add some color and definition to the lashes. The curve of the wand helps hold the curl in place (if applied with care and patience). It does require multiple coats to add more drama to lashes but that is true for any mascara (I personally layer it with my trusted Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara). It has no fragrance, it is opaque black in color, it does not clump lashes and as no fall out.

Its Skin Babyface Petit Mascara eye swatch

Pros of It’s Skin Babyface Petit Mascara:

  • This was my first experience with this brand, and so far, it has not let me down (not too fascinated either but it is too soon to form an opinion about it).
  • It is affordable and worth a try.
  • It adds definition to lashes and is perfect for those who like to layer at least two different kind of mascaras.
  • The wand is curvaceous and adds lift to lashes (it applied with care and patience).

Cons of It’s Skin Babyface Petit Mascara:

  • Availability can be an issue for some but some Korean websites do ship to India as well.
  • For someone like me, who has sparse lashes, this mascara might not suffice alone and might need to be further layered with another thickening mascara.
  • I would not use it when in rush or the wand would certainly poke my eyes.
  • I have to layer it a thickening mascara to add the desired length to my lashes.

It is not too expensive and is definitely worth a try. I recommend it to those who love to try new products and are blesses with thick, long lashes other like me can skip it.

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