Skin: Boroline Suthol Multipurpose Antiseptic Liquid- REVIEW

Suthol Multipurpose Antiseptic Liquid- REVIEW

At my home we all are very particular about our personal hygiene. We take care of brushing our teeth twice a day, using clean and separate towels, using antiseptic face creams and so on. Specially during these hot summers, it becomes important for all of us to make sure that our skin is healthy and infection-free not only externally but also internally. In my quest to find an antiseptic product, I came across Boroline Suthol multipurpose liquid.

For me Boroline is a trusted name and I believe that no other brand can be so convincing to me as this one. My grandma used it for herself, she gave it to my mom and my mom forwarded the same to me. I am  very satisfied with the product. I have a mild sensitive skin but I am never bothered by its side effects. I got attracted to the green colored bottle and when I saw it was from Boroline, I thought of giving it a try. Suthol What Suthols claims? Suthol antiseptic liquid is manufactured by G.D.Pharmaceuticals which takes care of skin irritations, itches and infections. The Uses of Suthol are: Suthol can be used directly on

  • On cuts
  • On prickly heat
  • After shave on skin rashes & itches
  • After bath
  • On insect bites

Its price: Rs 25/- for 100 ml Suthol Its Main Constituents:

  • Cetrimide- It is a quaternary ammonium disinfectant and cationic surfactant. It has bactericidal activity against gram positive and at a higher concentration, against some gram negative organisms.
  • Chlorhexidine – Is an antiseptic that is active against gram positive and gram negative organisms. It disrupts the plasma membrane of the bacterial cell, and the bacterial cellular contents are lost.
  • Chlorhexidine solutions leave a residue on the skin which gives a persistent anti bacterial effect lasting 1 or 2 days.

The antiseptic liquid comes in a green transparent bottle and the color of the liquid is also cute green. The liquid itself is green in color and has a mild fragrance. It is best suited for summers and is recommended  for all skin types. It generally gets  absorbed easily on my skin leaving it smooth, healthy and protected. I have used it on my skin several times. My skin is sensitive so whenever my skin feels dry or itchy I don’t hesitate to use this liquid, since I don’t have to worry about any side effects. Suthol How I use suthol:

  • I directly apply suthol on affected skin. Either pour drop by drop on my palm and then apply with finger tips or wet a cotton ball for application.
  • I always make sure to add some drops of it into the bucket for bathing.
  • Sometimes I use it as an after bath body conditioner to remain fresh
  • My skin is sensitive so whenever my skin feels dry or itchy after waxing/shaving, I just rub that area with suthol and my problem gets sorted out.
  • Remember those napkin rashes…it aids in healing minor rashes…now I don’t worry any more during my special days.

Suthol Pros:

  • I like that the smell of this antiseptic liquid, is a great one. Can u believe that although it is an antiseptic but it doesn’t smell of medicine at all? Its smell gives a feeling as if it is made to protect.
  • Suthol has a preventive effect on skin eruptions and infections
  • Although I do not suffer from prickly heat, but have noticed applying suthol on the area makes the eruption vanish or less frequent than usual.
  • I personally feel refreshed for long hours after having a suthol bath. Maybe I am addicted to it. But it is in a way good to be addicted to this liquid as it provides protection to the skin and body for hours after use.
  • It has helped me get rid of my skin rashes and itchiness.
  • I have also seen lesser or truly no skin infections in my family members since the use of this.
  • It is very common to get a cut while working in kitchen and at that time I can just remember of Suthol Antiseptic liquid . I wash the part of the hurt first with the normal temperature water and wipe it with the clean cotton and I apply little amount of Suthol antiseptic liquid, After that I let the wound dry which gets cured just in few days. I feel it is very good if everyone can have the bottle of Suthol antiseptic liquid in their house.
  • Unlike many antiseptic liquid, it doesn’t give any burning sensation.
  • The cost of this product is reasonable and I love to buy the bottle again & again
  • Overall it has become a basic necessity for me


  • Ok let me think hard… sorry I couldn’t find any drawbacks in this liquid.

My Rating: :-* :-*:-*:-*

Bottom line: Overall I find Suthol as a protection that comes affordable in cost and effective results. I think a great antiseptic liquid has been launched in highly economical price, putting it to everyone’s reach. Everyone should start using it for healthy days ahead. I feel it is very good if everyone can have the bottle of Suthol antiseptic liquid in their house.

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40 thoughts on “Skin: Boroline Suthol Multipurpose Antiseptic Liquid- REVIEW

    1. Hi Jyoti,

      At which email ID have you emailed? I shall check and reply. Also, your computer’s IP is coming to be the same as of a regular commenter on IMBB. Are you two the same person?

    1. hi radhika…. u should go for it… its a gr8 product.its from the makers of boroline so i guess will be easily available at ur place.. :-))

  1. nice review Sush…Frankly i wasnt even aware that such a product is available in the market!! havnt seen it in stores as such so wondering if it is easily available??

    1. hello HD…..

      glad u liked it…its esily available in departmental store at my place… just like boroline.. Bt if u cant get there den i beleive u shud check with the chemict & drugist shop… 🙂
      N for the prod.. its indeed a superb one… :yes: :yes: i especially like its soothing part when applied after waxing/threading…

  2. ok in that case u hv to pour the entire content of the bottle into ur water tank…. he he…. :laugh: 😀

    Just joking darling… 🙂 u can just use it as a moisturizer after bath.. the effects r the same both ways..

      1. really……..rima, r u planning to kill us through sm computer virus…

        ne ways HD b ware…. 😎 remember our life is precious… 😉

  3. Boroline is really a trusted brand.I think most households have at least one tube of Boroline.I use Suthol on a regular basis.Its very very mild.I use it in my bath water regularly and for other purposes.It gives a fresh feeling and its really cheap.I have heard that Suthol can be used after waxing also though I have not tried it myself and don’t have any idea about whether this can can be used on your skin post-waxing.

    1. hi rs,ok at last i hv found a user of suthol… u no i hv become an addict of sevlon, its such a trustworthy product..
      ya, it cud be used directly on the skin afer waxing/ shaving…
      the red bumps sm ppl get after waxing, it helps to heal that… n also the itchiness dat i often face, it aids to get rid of that too…

      also i love its cooling effect…

  4. Hey Sush, you know what, this liquid was prescribed to me by my gynecologist when I complained to her about itchy skin over my enlarged tummy. When the skin around the tummy stretches during pregnancy, it tends to itch a lot, the doctor immediately prescribed me Suthol and I have used it for many months to relieve itching. The thing with this solution is that it does not burn and sting like other antiseptics and does relieve itching 🙂

    1. Hi jomol… u liked it too… great :yes: u know it also helps in soothing prickly heat..
      yeah it doesn’t sting at all…like dettol… 😉

    1. hi poo.. check this out i bet u’ll forget both dettol n sevlon…
      n regarding fragrance, it has a unique one..sure u’ll like it… :-))

  5. I used a cotton pad dipped in suthon on my 14 yrs. old daughter’s wound on forehead and kept it for nightlong. In the morning, I saw the total area covered buy the cotton has dark red rashes, it looks the area has burnt…. I don’t know how this has happened?? Instead of healing now she has itching sensation… Is this happened for overdose ?? Pls. suggest what to do?????

  6. I give my Grand daughter, 18months old, Suthol mixed water wash everyday. Infact, her mother during every diaper change, wipes with Suthol directly and puts on a new Diaper. this is our practice since her birth.
    In your case, probably it was wrong to keep cotton soaked in Suthol, which may have caused overdose.
    I would suggest, apply a thin layer of Boroline and I am sure in few days it will heal and new skin will generate fast, as Boroline facilitates natural growth of tissues at all age.
    Hope your son is well soon. God Bless.

    1. welcome to IMBb Ranadeb. 🙂

      I agree on the boroline part.I have been using bororline since childhood and it heals all kinds of rashes, burns etc.

  7. I have been using boroline and suthol for the last 9 months and i must agree that both are great products.I use boroline as a s night cream and this 20 ruppes cream has worked for me and my skin glows naturally.I use suthol as a refreshner during bath time and it has really worked out.BOROLINE IS A STAPLE DIET FOR ME. :thanks:

  8. I have used suthol on my skin for long and its really a wonder product. But I have an itchy scalp accompanied wit hairloss. Would want to know if it is safe to use it on scalp (I mean will it cause more hairfall?). Any ideas?

  9. Please suggest is it safe to use suthol during pregnancy as my emlarged tummy itch like hell…m up whole night coz of this itching…tried so many creams but plz suggest if this suthol is helpful

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