10 Skincare Secrets Every Model Knows About

It’s no more a hidden secret models on magazine spreads and pictures are give glossy and porcelain skin through photoshop and their images go through heavy processing. Also, layers of makeup also helps a great deal. It is good to aspire to look like them and admire how flawless their skin looks, but do remember have a team of highly professional experts behind their seemingly unattainable impeccability. Some models might be blessed with perfect skin or have lustrous locks which we can’t stop drooling over, but they do have their fare share of frizzy and bad hair days, parched skin issues, dark circles or under-eye bags, freckles, spots and a hoard of other concerns which we all suffer from. Models have to take extra care of their skin and hair because they do back-to-back shows and shoots, apply layers of makeup, and barely manage to catch up on their beauty sleep. In the process of looking fabulous, they end up battering their skin and hair. Having said that, taking care of hair and skin is part of their job, and they do invest time and effort to look super good! Taking inspiration from them, there are innumerable ways to look model-icious as each model as well as beauty professional will swear by these tips we list down below. So on that note, let’s find out skincare secrets every model knows about!

Skincare Secrets Every Model Knows About

1. Most models swear by the effectiveness of honey in soothing, moisturizing, and making their skin radiant. They claim raw honey soothes skin after a long day under harsh light and layers of makeup. Mixing honey with sugar and lemon juice makes a good homemade peel for the lips as well. Some models also mix in a little bit of olive oil with honey just before shower to moisturize skin deeply.

2. To dry out pimples faster, they look for zinc content in ointments. Check this amazing lacto calamine face mask to dry out pimples faster.
3. They swear by face masks made by combining banana, avocado, egg yolk, powdered oats, milk, apple, and lemon, in different combinations. Here’s such an avocado mask.
4. To treat sunburn, mix yogurt with honey, keep for 20 minutes, and rinse off.

5. They eat healthy, never compromise on clean eating – also they include a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables in their diet.

6. Almost all of them swear by yoga, to relieve stress, improve blood circulation, and to get a well-look toned.

7. They workout regularly to stay lean and fit.

8. Some of them say mixing carrot juice, olive oil, lemon, and honey together – it’s a perfect anti-ageing mask.

9. They always keep their skin moisturized, use gentle cleansers only.

10. They go to bed after making sure there’s no speck of makeup left on the face, most of them double cleanse. Here’s the complete method to double cleanse your skin.

Korean Double Cleanse Technique
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