Sleep Styler- Dry and Style Your Hair While You Sleep!

Did you know the average woman spends and hour a day on her hair? What could you do with an extra 7 hours a week?

Now with The Sleep Styler you can dry and style your hair while you sleep! Before bed, simply divide damp hair into sections and wind around the rollers for curly styles, or hold flat and parallel to the rollers for straight. When you wake up, just shake out of your soft, bouncy curls, and go!


The patented rollers are made with absorbent yoga towel material that wicks moisture away from the hair while remaining dry to the touch. Inside is soft laser-cut memory foam that conforms to your head while you sleep.




If you thought your hair was too frizzy, coarse or textured to air dry and still have smooth beachy waves, think again! The suede-like microfiber polishes the hair smooth and will not cause breakage the way terry can. Plus, hair becomes softer and shinier once you lose those damaging hot tools.

Sleep Styler - Dry and Style Your Hair While You Sleep in hair




Our unique shape ensures maximum airflow around each lock of hair while creating the perfect bombshell wave.
For the cost of one blowout you can have effortlessly styled and healthy hair every day with The Sleep Styler.
The Sleep Styler is available exclusively at You can check out their facebook page here – Sleepstyler.



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