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Sital S Asks

I really need help. I am a woman in mid 20’s and my feet are always very dry and rough. I can feel the roughness when I go to bed or walk on a rug. I really need your help to smoothen my feet. Please help.


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  1. Hey Sital

    You need to take care of few things and it will be sorted out :yahoo:
    Soak you feet in warm water (1/2 tsp shampoo & 2 spoon salt) for 3-5 min before bed time, after wiping this remove the dead & rough skin using pumice stone or an foot scruber. Now clean with water and apply Krack cream and get it absorbed and don’t forget to wear cotton socks after this and within few days it will be fine.
    You can also try pedicure with parrafin wax (for cracked & rough heels) twice in a month at a good salon. :preen:

      1. can i give advice as a doctor?? clean and scrub your feet the way you want then apply either Moisturx , Cotaryl or lac-tam- lac… they have keratolytic, emollient and humactant properties..

  2. hi sital first of all everyday before going to bed clean ur feet and moisturizer it with nice foot creme
    take a pedicure at parlor bt u can do at home also in once week
    and ya you can use this home remedies take a glycerin , lemon juice and rose water equally mixed it pour in bottle and everyday use twice on ur feet its really work for my hand and leg roughness. :yahoo:

  3. I am using Oriflame’s foot cream and its awesome, you can also try cotaryl cream..its fab for dry skin! also you can also massage your foot with oils like olive/almond/coconut..hope this helps

  4. I have a tried and true method.

    Make a thick foot scrub of coarse salt and baby oil (I use johnson’s). Use the scrub every other day on the cracked skin, massaging it in, and then washing it off. Switch over to once a week once your skin is better.

    Second part of this is to cover the feet at all times. If you are in a dusty area, this makes the problem worse, so it is important not to go around in bare feet – wear ankle socks at home, and when you are out, cover the cracked skin with full-coverage shoes! :toothygrin:

    I find these two things (or moving to a less dusty place 😆 ) will do the trick. HTH!

  5. Hey Aruna

    Thanks for the info on Home made scrub. Any other foot scrub available in market or any home remedy to remove tanning on my feet. :puchhi: 🙂 :dance:

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