The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothening Pumice Foot Scrub Review

Peppermint Smoothening Pumice Foot Scrub
Hello ladies,
And hello to all the “The Body Shop” lovers here. Needless to say I am also one of you (I mean who doesn’t love TBS) I’ve been using this peppermint smoothening pumice foot scrub since 6 months now and I must say this is my one of my favorites.


One funny thing I noticed though. Just check the text on the cap. : D Its written “smoothing” where as in the TBS site it is mentioned as ‘smoothening’ (he he…good to know TBS does mistakes too 😉 )
OK. Enough of fun now. Let’s move straight to the topic.
The review
Price: 495.00 for 100 ml.

Expiry: use before 36 months from date of manufacture.
What it claims:
Prepare to bare! (Not my words, I swear 😉 got it from the TBS web site 😀 )
Intensely exfoliating volcanic rock granules help to slough away rough patches of hardened skin, to leave feet femininely soft, smooth and freshly fragrant. Perfectly prepared for those strappy summer sandals!!!
I could not find the ingredients list on the tub. Got this from the web site
Community Trade peppermint oil – To fight odour-causing bacteria, and promote a cooling sensation on the skin to leave feet feeling refreshed.

Pumice granules – From intensely exfoliating volcanic rock to smooth and soften even the roughest skin.
Directions for use
Massage in circular movements over wet feet and wash off with warm water. Use after peppermint reviving foot soak for best results. (I love this even without the soak ;): D )

Do not use on face or broken skin. If product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water.
yes!!! Be careful .The minty smell is so good I get temped to use it on my face each time I use this. To tell you the truth I did once 😀 😀 could not stop myself…..and you know what the granules are so rough for the soft skin of face that I got rashes all over   (I know!!! Serves me right  ) I learned my lesson.

My experience:
It comes in a round blue tub. (Well it’s the usual TBS scrub pack u people already know). The texture is like any other scrub, just a bit coarse. It contains volcanic pumice stone to gently exfoliate away rough, dry skin along with peppermint oil to invigorate and refresh tired feet. And as you can see in the picture unlike other scrubs it comes with a gel base.


Yes. It foams too. (I was not expecting this the first time, but somehow I like it  ) I use it twice a week. (Would love to use it every day, but then it’ll be over in no time)
Pros of The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothening Pumice Foot Scrub:
1. smells awesome and fresh.
2. Works great on the feet. Smoothens & softens the dry skin there.
3. Easily available at all body shop stores.
4. Sometimes I use it on my legs too.
5. Does not moisturize but doesn’t dry either.
6. Like all TBS stuff, not tested on animals.

Cons of The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothening Pumice Foot Scrub:
1. Could not find the full ingredients list.
2. The smell disappears in a very short time.
3. Comes in a tub. The contents tend to dry inside the tub after some time, due to exposure. And it’s not hygienic also.
4. Expensive. But that is the thing with all TBS products.
My rating 4 out of 5
Will I repurchase????
I love this scrub because it works. My feet are always smoother and softer when I use it. Also because of how it makes my feet FEEL, which is cool and refreshed. The peppermint oil also smells clean, which is wonderful. So it’s a YES for me.

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16 thoughts on “The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothening Pumice Foot Scrub Review

  1. In the first pic, scrub looks like soaked rice ! :tongue: You used the foot scrub on face???? Aiyoo ye kya kiya tumne !! 😀 Very nice review !

  2. Nice review…i like this foot scrub 2 🙂 I always use the TBS peppermint gel after that…its so cool and refreshing 🙂

  3. @ taps: :thanks: yup i did that 😀 my face was so red :chewnails everybody was asking me , ye kya hogaya face ko…..n icudn’t even tell them maine kya kiya hai :headbang: :headbang: u like my nail paint. :puchhi: mum toh tell me every day laga raha hai u’ve got jaundice…bt i just luv it :toothygrin:
    @ shanaiia: i shud try it then. added to my list of must hvs now :yahoo:
    @debleens: then you shud go for it….even m waiting for d sale nw 😀

    1. @jyo…and when i applied neon yellow npolish…my husband asked me if that was haldi on my nails :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

  4. Hi Jyo,
    Loved your review.It was like a friend telling me about this scrub.
    You can find full ingredient list on TBS USA website.They have so many products compared to TBS India.
    I have same yellow nail polish and my brother keeps teasin me that I have got jaundice…lol :laugh:
    Thanks for the review.I bought peppermint foot spray for my dad.He loves it.Will definitely try this scrub after reading this :)) :))

  5. he he looks like its really difficult for people to accept this colour 😀
    :thanks: glad my review is useful :balle: :balle:

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