Some Beauties from Colorbar Soft Touch and Lakme Bridal Sutra

A reader was asking which colour lipstick would I use with Maybelline Chai Latte Quad.

If I am using a full quad, I would pick colours from browns, coppers, bronze or nudes.

Here are the two lipsticks that I have tried so far with Maybelline Chai Latte:

Colorbar Soft Touch Lipstick- Beautiful Bronze : For some reason I feel colorbar has the most beautiful range of browns among all brands in Indian makeup Market. You pick up anything from Colorbar lip liners to Colorbar  lipsticks to Colorbar eye shadows and the brand has just the most flattering browns. (Read Review Here)

Colorbar Beautiful Bronze (click to enlarge)
Colorbar Beautiful Bronze (click to enlarge)

Lakme Enrich Matte Lipstick NO. 126 from Bridal Sutra range:  I absolutely adore this colour. This is one lipstick that I wear the most. It goes nude on lips and flatters my overall look. Love love it!

Lakme Bridal Sutra 126 (clcik to enlarge)
Lakme Bridal Sutra 126 (clcik to enlarge)

I also like my lips to be glossy so I generally top my lipsticks with clear gloss from Maybelline.

Any Suggestion Ladies?


10 thoughts on “Some Beauties from Colorbar Soft Touch and Lakme Bridal Sutra

  1. Ya.. I agree..Colorbar has the most flattering shades ever..
    n I luv that Lakme shade too.. 🙂 I guess nudes started out only since Bridalsutra range..??

  2. I am not a big fan of Lakme lippies but birdal sutra range really surpized me. They are creamy lipsticks and I like the texture. 🙂

    Nudes were in from a long time now. Especially with smokey eyes were a rage this year most people prefered nudish lips. But yes in India, we adopted the trend pretty late.

  3. hehe .. yup , I agree too … colorbar really has a vast selection .. totally love da twig and irish rose (the nly COLORBAR lippiesn I own !)

  4. well i have only one lakme enrich matte lipstick and i found its quality to be disappointing, to say the least. the lipstick makes me lips flaky and after sometime the entire topmost skin peels off. i have used it over bare lips and also over a lip balm, but it made no difference. also, i find the taste to be quite unpleasant.

    the nine-to-five lipstick is waaay better and i dont think there can be a better long lasting lipstick out there. i have two of them, one in ‘apple crush’ and another in ‘mocha’. i apply these when i go to work and the colour stays put the whole six hours without a single touch up, that too when i have my lunch in between!

    my most favourite lipstick is from ysl – rouge volupte in ‘divine mahogany’. its only drawback is that it isnt very long lasting, but for someone like me who touches up her lips every now and then, it doesnt seem to be a problem! also, its sheer buttery texture puts me in the seventh heaven.

    another must have is from revlon. the one that has a black case with a transparent window on top. i have it in ‘coffee sip’. its my staple lipstick as i feel i can wear it for any occasion – to work, to party, even to a wedding! i will call it a must-have product for most girls out there. it has a hint of coral/orange but its nude-y at the same time.

    i must add that every person out there should have atleast one mac lipstick. try it out guys! this vanilla scented beauty reminds me of warm cakes taken right out from the oven! shell out those nine hundred or so odd bucks and trust me youll realize that whatever you had been using upto then was complete rubbish! it has various finishes and the first and only one i have upto now is a matte one called ‘taupe’. i actually wanted a shade called ‘twig’ (a satin finish) but the store i visited had the tester but didnt have it in stock.

    i hope whatever little i know about lipsticks has helped. i have recently started using them because i got quite tired of the slimy-ness of lip glosses.

  5. Oh! I have had no problems with this Lakme Lipstick. It keeps my lips creamy unlike the nine to five range. As mentioned before I always top my matte lippies with a gloss so I guess that might be the case that I never had any flaking problem. In fact, 216 is my staple color and I wear it with just any kind of makeup. My only problem is that it does not last very long but I don’t mind doing the touchups. Read my review here on Lakme Nine to Five : lol!! We are opposite ends on this one. 😀

    I have not tried YSL and Mac lippies. The price holds me back but your explanation about MAC lippies is making me want one. 😛 Do we get YSL in Delhi?

    Thanks for writing such an informative comment. Also, if you ever want to guest post here regarding makeup and beauty, please let me know. We will work something out. 🙂


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