6 Spices From your Kitchen That Can Boost Hair Growth

Spices are indispensable in Indian cuisine and kitchen. Can we ever imagine cooking our favourite dishes without some of the basic spices around? Be it cardamom, clove, cinnamon or turmeric, spices are what makes our food flavourful and delicious. But then, did you know that spices can be great for inducing hair growth, and also to make them stronger and healthier. So, spices are not only good for adding that wonderful flavour to the meals that you cook, but also for preparing some of the easiest recipes for hair growth. If you want to know which spices actually can give you the hair of your dreams, read on:

All Spices for hair growth

1. Cinnamon: A very commonly sweet spice used in powder form or sometimes whole, can be added to a variety of curries, desserts and drinks. The amazing thing is that just a bit of this spice not only adds loads of flavour to the dish, it has medicinal benefits as well. This wonder herb has started showing promises as a beauty product too! Though there may not be any concrete scientific evidence as to whether or not it is really an ultimate solution to hair problem, many women have been known to benefit from this popular spice as far as their hair problems are concerned. Cinnamon has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that heal scalp infections and prevent dandruff. Here are some easy recipes that you may try for your hair:

  • Combine just a bit of cinnamon powder and honey in equal quantities and add olive oil to form a smooth paste. Rub this mixture on scalp and leave on for an hour. Do it once every week before you shampoo your hair. This treatment ensures that you get healthy hair and scalp.
  • Alternatively, you may warm olive oil and add cinnamon to it. Apply this oil thoroughly on your scalp when still tepid.  Do it once in a week to promote growth of hair.
  • If you have oily scalp and you do not wish to use olive oil, try combining honey and cinnamon along with egg and apply the hair mask to get smooth and healthy hair.

However, if you are pregnant or if you are allergic, you must use cinnamon only after expert advice.

2. Cumin Seeds: Cumin, also known as “jeera” is an aromatic spice with a bitter yet warm flavour and is used extensively in Indian cuisines. Cumin seeds are available in three varieties – white, black and amber. Black cumin seeds contain vitamins and minerals which are extremely beneficial for hair. Here are some of the easiest recipes you can try out:

  • Mix cumin oil and olive oil in equal amounts and apply on scalp. It is known to treat bald patches, if any.
  • Boil two spoons of black cumin seeds in a cup of water for about ten minutes. Cool it down and filter out the liquid. Mix egg yolk to this solution and apply it on your scalp. Wait for thirty minutes and wash it off. This should be done at least two times in a month to get shiny and silky hair.
  • Cumin oil is great for treating dandruff. Apply it on the scalp once or twice a week.

3. Coriander Seeds: Coriander seeds or “dhaniya” too are extremely common and mostly, they are used as a powder to add a tang to the curries you cook. To make a recipe to arrest hair fall, add some powdered coriander seeds to your hair oil and use it for massaging your scalp. This is known to stimulate hair roots and aid the growth of hair. You can also apply
fresh coriander leaves in a paste form on the scalp and rinse off after 30 minutes to stimulate hair growth.

4. Kalonji/Nigella/Black Cumin: It’s the secret to many celeb’s lustrous mane. You can infuse kalonji seeds in coconut oil, keep the oil in a bottle for a few days. Kalonji seeds can also be used in a powdered along with fenugreek powder (take equal quantities of both seeds) and heated for half an hour in coconut oil. Transfer the oil into a glass bottle and apply twice a week on the scalp and hair ends.

5. Fenugreek Seeds: How can we not mention fenugreek in a hair growth article? Fenugreek is considered as a magic ingredient to treat a lot of haircare woes. Here are some homemade hair packs with fenugreek that you can make at home and also this fenugreek that also treats split ends.

6. Black Pepper: Black pepper improves blood circulates and stimulates new hair growth. And here’s how you can use black pepper for strong hair.

You can prepare a completely prepare herbal coconut oil at home for strong and healthy hair. Here’s how you prepare this oil:
1 litre of pure coconut oil.
50 gm of fenugreek seeds, coarsely grounded.
50 gm of amla fruit, chopped (Indian Gooseberry).
50 gm of aloe vera gel.
50 gm of green curry leaves.
50 gm of sesame seeds.
50 gm of black pepper, coarsely grounded.

Take the pan and pour around ¼ th of the coconut oil into it and let it get heated for some time. Put the sesame seeds and let them crackle for some time. Now, add the green curry leaves and stir the mixture. Please be careful as the leaves should not burn away. Keep the flame on low for this. Now, add the chopped amla and aloe vera gel and mix the contents well. Let, it simmer for some time. If the quantity of the oil seems to be less, add some more, so that it’s compatible for the contents we are adding. Now, add the coarsely grounded fenugreek seeds and black pepper corns. Mix well and let it heat for some time on low flame made. After 15 minutes or when the ingredients start turning black, mix the remaining oil in the pan and heat on low flame for about 1 hour. This will help the oil absorb all the goodness of the ingredients. After an hour, switch off the heat and let the mixture cool. Once the mixture has cooled down, strain the oil carefully into the jar and store it. It depends on you whether you want to keep the oil with the residue or you want to strain it out. The residue settles at the bottom of the jar and the oil comes up. Just take some amount necessary for massage every time, heat it on a low flame, and apply on the scalp and hair. This coconut oil with regular use will make your hair shiny and long. The continuous will clear up dandruff. Use it every alternate day before hitting the bed and shampoo the next day with regular shampoo.

The best part is that using these common spices can be hassle free and cheap too. Try these home remedies and surely, don’t forget to share your experiences!

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