8 Spices That Help Burn Belly Fat

Indian spices, particularly the ones that we use on a daily basis in our cooking, contribute a deal in the fat-burning process, apart from adding immense flavour and taste to the dishes. In the battle against the paunch and the bulge, you could take some help from spices which work in multiple ways to not only burn belly fat, but help to reduce overall weight as well. When consumed in the correct way, they improve metabolism, curb appetite, increase thermogenesis, burn more calories, and reduce inflammation. What’s more, all of them are rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and neutralize toxins. These spices also regulate blood sugar and help in preventing the body from storing calories as fat, but the biggest factor with regards to weight loss is that these spices induce thermogenesis – where the body actually burns more calories to breakdown such food, converting these calories to heat form. So, thermogenic factor in the spices raise your body temperature and more calories get burnt to digest and process them and these 8 spices help burn belly fat as well. So, there are multiple reasons to include spices in your daily routine, and to use them the right way, check out the Rati Beauty weight loss diet on the Rati Beauty app.

Spices That Help Burn Belly Fat

1. Dry Red Chillies: The capsaicin compound found in dry red chillies turns up the metabolism by activating brown fat. These chillies also induce thermogenesis, where the body burns fat into heat form, resulting in reduction of overall weight and belly fat.
2. Cinnamon: This sweet spice fights the bulge by regulating blood sugar, suppressing appetite, increasing metabolism, and the cinnamaldehyde compound present in cinnamon burns belly fat effectively.
3. Turmeric: With its amazing anti-inflammatory properties, this popular Indian spice, extremely essential in Indian cooking, induces thermogenesis, boosts metabolism, and improves insulin sensitivity. In fact, drinking turmeric tea is one of the best ways to boost weight loss and fight belly bulge.
4. Black Pepper: Contains capsaicin which induces thermogenesis. It also contains piperine, a compound, that prevents fat accumulation.
5. Ginger: Widely used in Indian cuisine, ginger suppresses appetite, induces thermogenesis, regulates blood sugar, and has anti-inflammatory properties – all of these properties combined make ginger a good weight-loss boosting ingredient.
6. Cumin: Jeera or cumin that comes from the plant “Cuminum cyminum” is one of the most popular spices used not only in Indian cooking, but the world over to add flavour to various dishes. Cumin in water or more popularly jeera water has been found to boost weight loss by improving digestion, stabilizing blood sugar, raising metabolism, along with having detoxifying properties. Read how “Jeera Water Help You Lose Weight” in this post here.

7. Nutmeg: Also called “jaiphal,” it boosts metabolism, burns more calories, suppresses appetite, and has detoxifying effect.
8. Oregano: The spice that’s a must-have for pizza seasoning has a compound called carvacrol that has been found to greatly help to reduce visceral fat, i.e., tummy fat.

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