Spinz Perfumed Deo Enchante Review

Spinz Perfumed Deo Enchante

I love to try out different varieties of deodorants and body sprays and Spinz has been one of my favourite brands so far. More so, because of the fresh fragrance and the variety that it comes up with every time at such affordable prices! Today I am going to review a spinz perfumed deo which I have been using for over a month this summer.
spinz perfumed deo
Product being reviewed: Spinz Perfumed Deo Enchante (a product of CavinKare)

Here is something that the CavinKare website has to say about their range of deo:
“A new fragrant. Pick from our five irresistible international fragrances, sourced from the finest perfumery houses across the world-Exotic, Enchante, Hip-Hop, Samba, Rock’n’Roll and Tango, packed in 75ml and 150ml.

Exotic and Enchante are fragrances that are sure to awaken that sexy and peppy side of you from dawn to dusk. When a new beat kick starts your day and you’ve got your groove on, Hip-Hop is in the air-with a spunky-sporty fragrance that wires you with energy! Let your hips do the talking with Samba, a feisty citrus blended aroma that keeps you alive 24/7. Dance, kick and shout with Rock’n’ Roll, a musky aroma that’s ready to set you in a swinging mood. Let your hair down, and dance like the rain with the cool aqua fragrance of Tango.”
Spinz Perfumed Deo Enchante- Details
New Spinz Enchante deo comes with a strong lavender based floral fragrance, sourced from the finest international perfumery houses across the world. It contains Triclosan, which fights odour causing bacteria to help you stay fresh and fragrant for a longer time. Try some today and discover the easy way to enjoy life non-stop!
deo bottle
Directions for Use
Gently shake container. Hold container 15 cm from your underarm and spray.

Price: Rs 150 for 150ml

Shelf life: 2 years

List of Ingredients:
Ethyl Alcohol (95% v/v) 45% w/w, Butane, Isobutene, Propane, Perfume, Diethylphthalate 1% W/W, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan.

My experiences with Spinz Perfumed Deo Enchante

It comes in a long purple colored peppy bottle with splashes of white here and there, and a purple colored flip-open cap. Its top-press button is convenient to use and the content comes out evenly. Initially I was a bit doubtful since it promises a ‘floral’ fragrance and I am not so much of a ‘floral fragrance’ lover when it comes to perfumes and deodorants. However, all my doubts dispersed the moment I inhaled it for the first time. Indeed, I like the smell of lavender and here is a bottle that gives you a unique sense of freshness along with a cool lavender fragrance.

Although I know, that love for a fragrance is something which might vary from person to person and its preference is a relative concept, I am enjoying this fragrance and I am sure most of its prospective users will love it too! It is effective in controlling body odour for a long time.

Spinz Perfumed Deo Enchante: Pros

• It has a fresh fragrance which lingers for a long time.
• The fragrance stays for a long time.
• It controls body odour, easily for 7 to 8 hours even on days of scorching heat and sweat and long hours of working.
• I didn’t get any rashes, irritation or burning sensation.
• It contains Triclosan, which is referred to as ‘a chlorinated aromatic compound with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties’ by Wikipedia. Hence, its claim that it ‘fights odour causing bacteria’ is justified.
• It comes at an affordable price.
• This variety of Spinz deo is widely available.
• Words of caution are clearly printed on the bottle.

Spinz Perfumed Deo Enchante: Cons

• Triclosan is also known to cause allergies.
• Although it does control body odour, I didn’t find it much effective in controlling sweating of underarm area.

Final Verdict-
All in all, Spinz Enchante is a very nice deo from the house of CavinKare. With fresh fragrance and effective body odour control formula at a reasonable price of Rs 150 for 150 ml, you should try it once at least.

IMBB Rating- 4/5

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20 thoughts on “Spinz Perfumed Deo Enchante Review

  1. I had almost bought it when i visited a store but changed my mind n got yardley lavender instead, definitely getting it next time

    1. oh,,,…is it???????? i dint get it at all!!! in fact, last time for the cool splash variant, i had a burning sensation, this time, dat too wasnt there! r u allergic? may be becoz of Triclosan or something????

  2. I love to use the Eva deos… they are alcohol free. so when I have shaven/waxed my underarms… these non-alcoholic deos dont sting… but I too have tried a lot of deos and love to vary
    Also, Somreeta, since this is just a deo and not an anti-perspirant.. it will control odour but not the perspiration… for tat you might try nivea/dove/sure anti-perspirants for some occassions…

      1. thanx Ashu….i tried eva bt somehow they dont last long…. 🙁 so, its nt for me!! o havent tried sure yet….wil try it next time 🙂 …esp in summers!

  3. ohh i hav used this wen my gal-frens n i ws in washroom lol…i tired it and ws quite surprised tht it ws have gud expensive sort of fragrance…then i liked it..i used to think tht it might have cheap sort of smell so i never bother to look at it…i think tht one ws purple one like this bottle…….
    i rarely use deos cz i stay fresh naturally…lol….ppl have said tht…
    great write up dear….

    1. hi Sanghati…ya, im from kolkata (howrah) 🙂 waiting for my b.ed results and then i wil start hunting for jobs….hw abt u? u too from kol?

  4. Woww… Spinz enchante.. This is one of my evertime favourite deos Somreeta.. 🙂 🙂 I buy a new pack of it the next day it gets over 😀 Btw, nice review Somreeta!! 🙂

  5. Yaa me too from Kolkata ..I stay very close to E.M Bypass ….just completed my grads this year.. will be doing an MBA after this…then me to will hunt for jobs and jobs…. 😀 😀
    so r u in fb ?

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