Effective Ways to Remove Perfume Smell from Clothes

It is often said that people enjoy the fragrance of their perfumes lingering on their clothes even when the next time they wear it. But, what happens to those who don’t? Sometimes, we just stop liking a fragrance, run out of it or just want to try out a new one – either way, it is important to have your clothes devoid of the perfume fragrance that you had used on your clothes the last time!

Adapt these quick steps to reduce and get rid of fragrances from your clothes.

Effective Ways to Remove Perfume Smell from Clothes


Effective Ways to Remove Perfume Smell from Clothes

White Vinegar, a pretty familiar name in the kitchen. Isn’t it? Adding some to your washing machine along with your detergent shall help reduce the fragrance.

Shots Shots Shots!

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Yes, it’s Vodka I am talking about. Mix half part vanilla vodka and water into a spraying bottle and spritz the clothing article gently and air dry it. This mixture will absorb the fragrance of your perfume and leave you with an odourless piece of clothing.

Baking Soda

Effective Ways to Remove Perfume Smell from Clothes

Another great way to tackle this issue is to sprinkle some baking soda on the garment that needs attention. And, tada! Fragrance free garments – all ready for you.

Soak It

You can soak your clothes in vinegar, baking soda or gin overnight. This will, again, absorb all the perfume fragrance and help you get rid of the smell you dread.

Make sure you make use of one of these tips and let me know what you think and do share your own home remedies too!

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