10 Tips To Make Fragrance Last All Day Long

By Anjana Muralidharan

10 Tips To Make Fragrance Last All Day Long

We all love to smell good. It gives us confidence, makes us feel good and gives a general feeling of cheerfulness. The saddest part comes when we spend tons of money on different fragrances only to realize that they last for barely an hour! Here are some tips to make your fragrance last all day long.

1. Heat It Up

10 Tips To Make Fragrance Last All Day Long

Spray the fragrance on areas where heat is produced the most. The heat will dissipate the fragrance into air.
Such areas are – wrist, inner elbow, back of knee, behind ears, neck, junction between the hair and the back of the neck, cleavage, toes (ya, even toes!), and even your hair (as long as your fragrance is less on alcohol. You can spray it onto your hairbrush and then brush your hair with it).

2. Below The Belt

As fragrances are light, they evaporate and rise up and so it is great idea to spray fragrances onto your lower body.

3. Let’s Layer It Up


Use the technique of layering. Almost all brands have multiple products of the same fragrance line so you can wash with the shower gel/cream, apply their body butter/lotion, spray their body mist liberally all over your body and finish it off with their perfume on your heat points.

If your fragrance line doesn’t have a body lotion, use an unscented one as moisture dissolves and retains scent molecules.

4. Soak It In

Spray the fragrance right after your shower as your pores are open and the fragrance can sink into them.

5. Concentrate

The concentration of the fragrance also determines how long it will last. In descending order of concentration of essential oils contained, it is Eau De Parfum stays for the longest time. After that, comes Eau De Toilette and Body Mists stay for the shortest time (The same reason for the descending order of their prices *chuckle*).

6. No Knead

10 Tips To Make Fragrance Last All Day Long

Do not rub the fragrance on your skin assuming that you are rubbing it into the deep layers. The light fragrant molecules will break and this will destroy the top note.

7. Wear Thy Fragrance

10 Tips To Make Fragrance Last All Day Long

Spray your fragrance onto your clothes. It gives new dynamics to the smell.

8. Use Your Lady Charm

Soak a cotton ball with your fragrance and tuck it in your bra. The ball will emit scent notes throughout the day.

9. Hide It

Store your fragrances tucked away in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.


10. You Before Air

Spraying & then walking into a cloud of fragrance is not a very good idea, since more than half of the product is lost into air.

Do you have more tips to make your fragrance last longer? Do share 🙂

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