How Do I Stop Hair from Growing on my Face?

Even though it is normal for women to have some amount of facial hair and peach fuzz, many women find it disturbing when there is excessive facial hair. This condition is called hirsutism and it is caused by factors such as stress, high levels of androgen, polycystic ovarian disease/syndrome, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, adrenal gland disorders, and obesity. Unwanted facial hair is cosmetically disturbing for a lot of women and they look for ways to get rid of facial hair, but how do you stop hair from growing on face? We will tell you about some ways in this post. Read on 🙂

Stop Hair from Growing on face

1. Spearmint tea: Androgen is a male hormone which is present in both men and women. In women, androgen levels should be low ideally; however, if this level goes up, women develop excessive facial hair. Drinking spearmint tea twice a day lowers body’s androgen level, which in turn reduces facial hair growth. Spearmint tea also lowers and regulates blood sugar levels which is beneficial to treat polycystic ovarian disease. Drink spearmint tea at least twice a day, once in the morning and once towards the end of the day. You can find spearmint tea bags easily online or in supermarkets. To make spearmint tea, boil spearmint in boiling water for a few minutes, strain it, and drink it after straining the leaves out.

2. Facial Waxing with Sugar and Lemon: Take 4 cups sugar, 2 cups lemon juice, and 1 cup honey and melt the mixture over medium heat until everything melts completely. Once it cools down to tolerable level, apply the wax on the face. Allow the wax to set on face and using wax strips, pull the wax off in swift motion, going against the direction of hair growth. This wax should be applied two times a week to considerably reduce the amount of facial hair growth.

3. Hormone management: One of the major factors leading to unwanted facial growth in women is stress. Relax and de-stress because stress increases the production of androgen in body which in turn triggers excessive facial hair. Keep calm, meditate, listen to soothing music and you will see a reduction in facial hair gradually.

4. Lose weight now: Obesity can change the way your body produces and processes hormones and this can lead to excess hair growth. Try to maintain a healthy weight by cutting down sugar, soda, carbohydrates, fat from your diet. Treat yourself with healthy fat, nuts, junk food to maintain a healthy balance. Include antioxidant-rich food like pomegranates, wheatgrass juice, pumpkin, seafood, eggplant, spinach, carrots in your diet. A healthy diet will automatically set and correct your hormones and you will see less facial hair.

5. Replace your regular tea with green tea: Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants and it can prevent damage to cells by attacking free radicals and clearing out toxins from your body. A toxin-free body will have hormones in balance and your PCOD will be in check.

6. Laser Hair Removal: Laser is more or less a permanent method to remove unwanted facial hair. Laser can reduce hair growth considerably. Laser treatment involves using concentrated light rays to target hair follicles which effectively delays and interrupts the hair growth cycle. The drawback of this treatment is that it takes multiple sessions and is an expensive way to get rid of hair.  But laser treatment undoubtedly is the best way to clear unwanted facial hair if it effects you too much.

7. Eflornithine/Vaniqa cream: This topical cream reduces hair growth and shows results in some months. However, it may cause skin irritation and rashes on women with sensitive skin. So, consult a dermatologist or a physician before applying the cream on your face.

8. Birth control pills: In most cases of PCOD, doctors usually prescribe birth control pills to regulate hormones. It is a good long-term solution, but it might take as long as six months to show effects. As always, seek suggestions from your doctor regarding birth control pills if you have PCOD.

9. Anti-androgen medications: Such medications available in steroidal and non-steroid form block androgen receptors in the body and reduce the production of such hormones in the body. This will lead to reduction in growth of excessive facial hair. As we always advise, consult with your doctor on what treatment would work best for your condition.

10. Turmeric and Gram Flour Mask: Turmeric is a natural ingredient to slow down hair growth. Make a face mask by mixing 1 tsp of turmeric and 1 tsp of gram flour and add in milk or water to make a paste. Apply this pack on face in circular motion and rinse off after 20 minutes. Apply this mask at least thrice a week to see visible results in a few months.

So, depending on the underlying cause for excess facial hair, choose a treatment and your body would respond well to the treatment.


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