Streax Refreshing Oriental Blossom Perfumed Body Mist Review

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I am glad to be back with a review of a scented product. Today’s review would be on ‘Oriental Blossom’, from ‘Streax’ perfumed body mist range. Read more to know if this oriental fragrance made me happy.

Streax Refreshing Oriental Blossom Perfumed Body Mist Review

INR 190 for 100 ml

Shelf Life:
2 years

Product Description:
Are you one of those easy going lovey-dovey girls driven by emotions and friendliness? Then the dreamy combination of Jasmines, Wild Vanilla and Spicy lemon zest is sire to sweep you off your feet. Get ready to bring out your sensual side with Oriental Blossom

My Experience with Streax Refreshing Oriental Blossom Perfumed Body Mist:

To begin with, I am someone who rarely goes for oriental fragrances. When boredom kicks in, I go for an oriental and that is how this oriental fragrance blossomed upon me, and now I am all about this oriental beauty. Like the flowery and fantastical description the mist claims to be, the performance is equally good. I am not exactly addicted to this fragrance, but this pleasant mist can make you want to use it more often than you might anticipate. And, with continual usage, it only gets better.

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Fragrance Description: A floriental fragrance containing delicate nuance notes of dew kissed jasmine, wild vanilla and spiced lemon zest leaving you to walk on clouds of sensuous delight. This dreamy, sensual fragrance for daytime cannot be overpowering to your senses. Even if you are not a huge fan of floral or oriental notes, you would see yourself be drawn to this rare balance of floral notes with a touch of spicy and fruity notes.

Even if you dislike sweet vanilla scent or the heavy scent of jasmines, this breezy feminine combination of both along with a touch of citrus note can leave you amazed, wanting more of this. ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’ would be apt for this perfumed mist, as nothing about this mist looks flattering.

Packaging: I love that the packaging gives an overall pleasant purple reflection. The perfumed mist comes in a cute, tiny, travel friendly, sturdy bottle with a sticker label carrying the product specifications and claims. I am glad that they have the notes specified. I see it as a huge advantage as fragrance notes specifications can always help you to explore or narrow down on fragrance notes of your choice. Although the packaging is simple, it is safe to carry around as the nozzle and the cap remain intact. I also love the looks of this mist as nothing is cheap about it.

Staying Power: I am happy with the staying power of these mists as much as I love purples. I must say that I am impressed with the traces of lilac (fragrance) in my closet. A spritz or two of this in morning or mid-morning would last until evening while the strength of the scent eventually fades, leaving traces of it until night. It is a soothing daytime wear that definitely needs reapplication especially under hot, humid weather conditions. This one can definitely make a great mist when you go on a beach stroll. It can last easily up to six plus hours with its best at the third hour.


The staying power of this mist is impressive while equally not bothersome to sensitive noses. It is definitely strong yet not overpowering. So if you have been on a hunt for a body mist that lasts long, which is not bothersome to your skin or nose, you must consider owning this one. Yet, if you are over sensitive in any sense, I would recommend you to test it or try a fresh piece as it is budget friendly.

Overall Performance: I am happy that this perfumed body mist is a winner in terms of everything – price, packaging, fragrance and staying power. A spritz or two of it to office, a party or a casual outing makes it a convenient all purpose perfume/mist. This perfumed mist comes to your rescue when you forget your perfume on a date, wedding or on any special occasion.

If I have to say a con about this just for the sake of it, maybe an over powering staying power, just cause it spells ‘perfumed mist ‘or a cuter packaging? Let me think harder! 😛 Honestly, keeping the humor aside, for the money you pay, you get all that you want from this mini bottle that smells volumes. To sum it up, this turned out to be a very happy, satisfying purchase and worth repurchasing.

Pros of Streax Refreshing Oriental Blossom Perfumed Body Mist:

• Packaging
• Fragrance – a pleasant floriental daytime scent
• Affordable
• Travel friendly
• Total value for money
• Easy re-application
• Very good staying power
• Does not stain clothes
• Not an overpowering scented mist

Cons of Streax Refreshing Oriental Blossom Perfumed Body Mist:

• The staying power is not exactly enough for me 😛

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Streax Refreshing Oriental Blossom Perfumed Body Mist?
This is my second one, and it is almost over. So yes, I would repurchase it. If you are fan of oriental fragrances, you must give this gentle mist a try. I highly recommend this if you like matures fragrances.

A floriental fragrance that you cannot help falling for!

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